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  1. It's good to be back! I'm deeply grateful for the support you showed me the last two weeks. You are by far the most intelligent and positive audience I've seen in the YouTube fitness space. Thank you!

  2. Hey Radu,
    good to see a new video of you in my subbox !:)
    Didnt watch it yet,
    anyways Greets from Germany !:)

  3. hey antoniu, great video! im in my cutting phase, do you think 30 minutes of running per day is good along with the diet? i want to do some physical activities but dont want to overdo
    thanks in advice 🙂

  4. Hey! I Always feel super tired and sleepy after a workout, are there any tips you could give me to help prevent that?

  5. Its great having you back and knowing you are doing a lot better. Love your videos man I've watched most of them, you inspire me to improve myself.
    Quick question, can you showcase the meals you have more often on your videos so we can have more ideas on tasty recepies that are full of macro nutrients?

  6. im happy your back on the scene, u tube needs u.Your one of the realest nigga out in the fitness world.always sincere.from the big apple N.Y.C your fan

  7. Let us know how when your .pdf will be available and what the price is! I don't care if it's U$1,000, we owe you for all the amazing free content you've been giving us all this time! If everything goes well on your results, are you SUPERBULKING? 2000cals SURPLUS a day? lol

  8. wow your channel is blowing up! I start following you just a few months ago when you had 8 thousand subs. 👍

  9. Best channel atm about dieting and fitness life, you're a true master on the subject. Question: i can't fast 'till lunch, because at that time i train. What would be a good snack or meal to eat before workout and not interrupt to much the fasting state? I feel very slugish and hungry if don't eat nothing trough the morning. When you say, to fast 4-5 hours after waking up, your dinner had to be at 9 pm of yesterday? Thanks

  10. Glad that you're back Radu! Hope you start training soon and get back to those amazing results!! Cheers from Portugal!

  11. Hey radu, I'm Muslim. I am fasting from sun rise to sunset. I don't really know what my meal plans should be. I really need your help man thanks

  12. Good to see you back Radu! Get well soon. Your videos are one of the best things that happened to me. Can't thank you enough man!

  13. Damn that shows what a bitch fitness can be. You can't pay her attention for some time and she lets you pay very hard.
    Keep on fighting man,come back stronger!

  14. Get well soon Radu!

    You video that adresses incline bench plateus works wonders! Thank you for that!

  15. you're lucky, if contents from your appendix or intestinal tract leaked into your abdominal tract, you could have ended up with a life threatening sceptic infection.

  16. When I heard the news that you need to get surgery because of that inflammation (lump) my mind went immediately ":food" , I do not know if food had, in fact, played any role in the development or triggering of that lump formation but I do not think it is unreasonable to argue that your diet might have indeed played a role in that, as far as I am concerned I would presume that this might be the number one reason but I do not have evidence to back this up.

    It is not unknown that the type of diet you are consuming and in fact pretty much every bodybuilding diet out there is linked to all sort of tissue inflammations and oxidative stress. This was one of my biggest concerns when considering a bodybuilding diet: that in the long run it could cause me health problems. I do not believe bodybuilding diets are optimal for health…granted they are optimal for muscle building but not health since you need to eat larger amounts of food than your body is naturally used to eating and digesting it is no wonder that the body would have a harder time processing that food and eliminating the toxins, especially if you consume lots of meat and diary.

    It is not a surprise for me that as people get older it is recommended to consume smaller quantities of food…the reason is simple, the less food you eat the fewer toxins your digestive system would have to deal with and eliminate.

    I do not know how well substantiated my claims regarding this topic are but this is the way I see this issue, I might as well be wrong all along.

  17. Radi, will your book also contain new workout routines as well? I like using your routines. They made me advance even after years of training.

  18. so glad to see you back and looking well. I hope the tests go well and you're back happier and eventually stronger than ever. thanks again for another great video. 😁💟🌼

  19. Good luck with your recovery.Dont worry about muscle loss,I've lost and regained 20 lbs of muscle numerous times at this point in my life.

  20. Great to have you back mate, as long as your health is back too, you'll be in top shape in no time. Keep it up!

  21. hey Radu, do a video on calves and other "lagging" body parts! great work that your doing man! saltute you from Brazil!

  22. Hi Radu.! Hm i have a question. How can we emphasize in specific muscle groups when we bulk, while maintening the others.? I think Greg talked about something similar in his program

  23. Hey Radu,

    I am following you and i am happy with the results. Just a question i am working out mon to friday (45 minutes) and taking 2 rest days. Am i doing anything wrong or is it fine?

  24. Downside: You lost all your muscle
    Upside: Your gains will feel a lot faster than they were before and to be honest that's the one of the best feelings

  25. RADU, I can not find the Free Preview material you talked about getting. I just found you on Youtube. Glad you recovered. You seem to have worthy insight that Greg does not address.

  26. This is by far the best and most informative youtube fitness page I've seen, keep up the great work Radu

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