– Let me tell you guys.
– I’m tryna tell y’all– – How stupid these teens are. They thought, they thought. They thought they were this. (“Someone That You
Love” by Jarreau Vandal) – Good morning, Haunties and Huncles. I’m still, yeah, I don’t wanna say that I’m S-I-C-K. You know what I’m saying. I’m gonna keep a positive mindset today. I am feeling well, y’all. I’m healthy and I’m feeling great. Anyways, Samia is upstairs
with her bestie, Cali. They’re shooting a video, and
they’re playing with Barbies. It’s the cutest thing
ever, so let’s go upstairs and see how they’re doing. Vibes. Hey Bianca.
– Hey. – [LaToya] Hey Amira. Hey Gubs. Okay, so what are you guys doing now? Samia, what are you doing? – I’m making my dolly’s hair. – [LaToya] Samia, is
Cali your best friend? – Yeah. – [LaToya] Cali, why is
Samia your best friend? – Because I love playing
with this Barbie house. – [LaToya] Okay, ’cause
you play with her toys? You get to play with her toys?
– Yeah. – [LaToya] That’s why
she’s your best friend? That’s awesome. And Samia, why is Cali your best friend? – Because.
– ‘Cause what? – Because her my best friend. – [LaToya] And you guys play together? What do you play? – We play. Water. – [LaToya] Water? Okay. – Hey, I want that. It pulls it out. – Oh gosh. What are these two doing right now? Bianca, where did Cali get
all her personality from? She has so much personality. – Okay, Cali’s like me. Amira’s like her father. – Yeah. Okay, so how is her father? – Like, quiet, timid. – Amira’s quiet? – Yeah, she is.
– She is? – She’s, like, her own self. Locks up herself in her room, on the computer, stuff like that. Cali’s like, “let’s go
here, let’s go there.” – Yeah, she’s so outgoing. She’s so fun. She just knows how to
play improv, you know? She knows how to play pretend. – Yeah. – The only thing is, following direction. And Samia too. I’m like, oh my gosh, they just wanna do their own thing. – [Bianca] Well, they’re
close in age, so, you know? – Right. I love how this is entertaining them. I love it. Instead of being on the iPad,
you know what I’m saying? I just, 24/7. Mom, the iPad? Mom, can you get the iPad? No! Go play with your toys! Go read a book! Sing your A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s! Hello! Do you like your iPad or your toys more? – I like my iPad. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. What about you, Cali? – I love the, I love the iPad. – [LaToya] So, I just
went swimming in the pool, got my hair wet. Now I have a ‘fro. Does your hair look like
that when you wash it, Cali? – Yes. – [LaToya] And yours too, Samia? – Yeah.
– Woohoo! Yeah for the ‘fro. Thumbs up for the ‘fro. Hello, honey. (children mumbling) So, Amira feels left out. Isn’t that right? Look at her sad face. (dramatic music) (LaToya laughing) Wait, hold on. Are you being serious? Oh my gosh, you are an actress, Amira! – Amira, are you being serious? (LaToya laughing) Look at me for a second? Your eyes are really watery, Amira. – [LaToya] Oh, I thought she was joking! – [Bianca] Stop. – [LaToya] Oh, she’s
so cute and sensitive. Come give me a hug. – [Bianca] Oh, you’re so sensitive. – [LaToya] You see what you guys did? – [Bianca] I told you. – Oh, my gosh (babbling). You’re such a cutie. Okay, go play with them. They’re three, you wanna
play with three-year-olds? Please! Wouldn’t you rather play Barbies with me? – Um.
– Oh, man. She wants to play Barbies with them! Guess I’m too old.
– There’s no space. – [LaToya] Oh, yes there
is space for Amira too! And Jasmine.
– Stop it. – Stop it, stop it! Don’t crush the–
– Amira! What’s good, Haunties and Huncles. I’m in the car right now. Booty under construction. Yes. I created this masterpiece here. Y’all can cop one over
at shestough.com/shop and add this hat to your
fitness gal workout and ting. Yo, I went to the gym in Atlanta, and this guy, he approaches me, he’s like, “Booty under construction, eh?” Yeah, so it does, you
know, draw attention. Even when we’re going through security, sorry guys, even when we’re going through
security at the airport, one of the security guys, he was like, “Booty under construction?”, “I don’t know what that
means, but it’s funny!” I’m like, “Yeah, my booty’s
under construction.” I’m working on my glutes and stuff, ’cause I wanna, you know, nice rumper. You know, a nice derriere
for the summer, okay? And it is growing. So, yeah, this hat motivates me to keep on growing these glutes. Anyways, I’m heading over
to Uncle Jackie’s house to deliver his gift from all of us. On the little card, there, I put: “To Uncle Jackie from
Haunties and Huncles.” Okay, you guys. I’m at Uncle Jackie’s house. (doorbell ringing) (dog barking) Drew! Hush my boy! Drew! Hey, Uncle Jackie! – What happened to you ringing
the doorbell like a lunatic? – [LaToya] Why do have
paint on your shirt? – Come in the house, girl.
– Oh my God! The sock! – Oh my God! Wow! – [Uncle Jackie] You know I
wear socks with holes in it. I ain’t rich! – [LaToya] Oh my God! Hold on, hold on. Here’s a gift from the
haunties and huncles. – What? Ha! Socks! Oh my God, socks, more?
– Oh my God. Do we need to get you shirts too, bro? – Oh yeah, that’s a different story. Yeah, wow, Really? – [LaToya] Yeah, from
the haunties and huncles. Can you take that dang
thing out of your mouth? – Oh, that’s another thing. I don’t go to the dentist. So I use these. (LaToya laughs) – [LaToya] Any orthodontists
out there, dentists out there, comment below. Uncle Jackie needs a hookup.
– I don’t, I don’t. Those things are too expensive to go to. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. – Those people sent me socks? – [LaToya] Those people? Haunties and huncles! Get it right! – Oh, my goodness. Thank you, uh, Haunties and Huncles? – [LaToya] Yes. – What kinda word, how
do you spell huncles? – [LaToya] Huncles, Uncles
with an H in front of it. – They sent me these socks? – [LaToya] Yes. – [Uncle Jackie] Oh my goodness. Well, I’m gonna pay it forward. I’m gonna take two socks out of each bag, and then I’m gonna go to the homeless, and I’m gonna give them some socks. Would that be insulting your people? – [LaToya] Not at all. That’s so nice! Pay it forward!
– You wanna go do it now? – [LaToya] Let’s go do it. Because we do have a few
homeless people in this area. – No, not these guys. They look like they have it too good. We’ll go downtown. (LaToya laughing) – [LaToya] They look like
they have it too good. (yelling) Please, hold on, hold on, hold on. Do we need to get you lotion too? – Girl, don’t! Don’t, don’t.
– Damn! – Why are you taping my foot?
– That foot, bro? Lotion. – [Uncle Jackie] I put it
on my foot this morning. – [LaToya] No you didn’t. – [Uncle Jackie] And then, I did! – [LaToya] Just put the sock on. – This is a working man’s foot. – [LaToya] Put on the sock. – This ain’t no goddamn vlogger or oh! It feels so good. I think I should wear one of each. – [LaToya] The cool grays. – Oh my goodness, they feel so good. – [LaToya] The cool grays,
y’all got the cool grays! – They really sent me some socks. Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. – [LaToya] No, I mean we paid for it. But it’s from them. My account paid for it. – Oh, it’s good though. – But it’s from the
haunties and the huncles. – Oh, that’s so nice. Well, I wonder if the
hunkies, the hunties? The hunkles? – [LaToya] Yeah. – Could buy me a Corvette. (LaToya laughs) You know how long I’ve
been saving for a Corvette? – [LaToya] How long? – You want me go show you my change jar? – [LaToya] Yes, I do. – My Corvette fund. – [LaToya] His Corvette fund? Okay. Wait, are you gonna put on the other sock? – [Uncle Jackie] Yeah yeah. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. There he is. – Here is my Corvette fund.
– Wow. – I’ve been saving this for 50 years. No, so let me see, um (mumbling) 35 years. – [LaToya] Oh wow. And you only saved $10, bro? – Yeah, because I have to go into it to buy things all the time. Well, I don’t have to buy socks anymore because of your wonderful
haunties and huncles. – [LaToya] Yes. No more socks. – They’re good people. – [LaToya] They are. – When the world is such
a shitbag right now, you’ve got good people like your viewers. – [LaToya] Right? They’re so sweet. But, yeah, that shirt. – You know, come to think of it, I ain’t giving no goddamn bum
my socks, (squeaking) them. I’m gonna keep it. I’m gonna have to take this one over. – [LaToya] But what about
the shirt, though, man? Can you throw out that shirt? – No, this shirt I’ve had
for about six years now. – [LaToya] Oh, you’re a hoarder then. – No, I’m not a hoarder. You see any hoarding in this house? – [LaToya] Well, damn! I mean when it comes to your clothes. – I go like this, right? So, this is on my shirt. And I go like this. Then I go like this. – [LaToya] So that’s you’re undershirt. – Yeah, nobody knows. They can see the top, the top’s nice. – [LaToya] Yeah. – But nobody sees the bottom. They say, “Hey, look at Uncle Jackie”. “He’s styling with Under Armour”. – [LaToya] Yeah, but little do they know. – Yeah, little do they know. Well, they know now. Yes, this is really nice of these people. – Yes.
– But if the rest of you, not the three people
who sent me these socks, want to send me a Corvette,
I have no problem with that. – [LaToya] You should start a GoFundMe. – I can’t do that. There’s too much sadness in the world. – Right?
– Yeah, well that’s good. I’m glad, that’s really nice. And I’m really flattered.
– Yes. Thank you, Haunties and Huncles. – [Uncle Jackie] I may cry in bed tonight. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh, you’re so dramatic. Just like your mother. (relaxed hip-hop music) Hey, Haunties and Huncles. I just beat my face. You know, Adam and I are about
to shoot a reaction video. We’re reacting to our
very first video we posted on YouTube together. So, yup, Adam, come here. Come here. – It’s gonna be cringy.
– It is. It is cringy. I haven’t watched that video in so long. Thumbs up if you’ve
seen that video before. And if you haven’t, should we link it? It’d be funny. – ‘Sup everybody. Haunties, Huncles. What’s goody? ‘Bout to get this video going. – [LaToya] Okay, let’s
boost up your energy levels. – I’ve been working in the dark. You feel me laser focused. – There we go. There we go. Yes, so a lot of our haunties
and huncles have been asking for an update on the whole,
the kids stealing our packages. – Let me tell you guys–
– I’m trying to tell y’all but–
– How stupid these teens are. – [LaToya] Okay. – They thought, they thought, they thought they were this, you feel me? They thought they had this.
– Right. – So, as you guys recall in the footage that we showed you
guys, they were walking, holding a package that they
took from another house first. – Yup. – That house also had footage as well. And it turns out that the
item that they got there was a bit more, you
know, more value in it. I don’t want to mention what it is, but there was a lot more value in that compared to
what they took from us. – Bro, I would be pissed! I would be ringing up
everybody’s flippin, like, doors. I would be going off on every kid. I would go to the schools. – [Adam] We get it, let
me finish the story. – I would go to the schools, bro. – I understand that. Anyway, so turns out, the man of that household was
really upset the next morning and started driving around,
sort of like what we did, tryna figure out, you know, what’s good. So, couple of doors away from us, he’s seen the package of his box. – He saw the box. – Yeah, in the recycle bin,
because the next day was, what’s it called, garbage collection day. – Right, recycling, right? – So, he’s seen his box there. I’m gonna assume our
Amazon box was there too. – No, they showed us the picture. ‘Cause they took pictures
of the recycling bin, and it looked like the Amazon box. – It did.
– It did. – But I was not there so I can’t say, “100% that is mine,” right? – I don’t care. It looked like yours. – I’m gonna give him the
benefit of the doubt. Whatever. It don’t matter. Y’all got toothbrushes. Anyway.
– And green tea. – And green tea. He takes a picture of his box, sees his name, everything on it. So we approach the teen
from that household. While I’m talking to him, he looks like he wants to shit his pants. You know what I’m saying? – The other kid turned
bright red tomato face. He looked so nervous.
– Long story short, the cops are fully aware of everything, and it’s just, you know,
it’s all in their hand now. It is what it is. – So, whatever happens, happens. But just–
– They thought they were clever enough, but bro. – They’re just so stupid, like, how do you put the boxes in
your recycling for garbage day? Like, are you dumb? So, now I’ll never look at
any of these kids the same. On this street, in that
house, like I’m just so, I’m not cool with any of you guys, because you guys are thieves. – So yeah, that’s the update– – That’s the update. And if you see me on the street, don’t look at me. I mean I will look at me right now. You know, we’re on my show right now. We’re about to shoot this video reacting to– – Can I look at you?
– Not even you, bye.
– Geez! You a actual diva. (“Pretty Brown Eyes” by 11:11) ♪ Ah yeah baby ♪ ♪ Pretty brown eyes ♪ ♪ I’m falling in love ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪

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