Update Show: 2017 Reebok CrossFit Invitational Recap

Hello, welcome inside the Update Studio,
everyone, for our special Invitational recap show. I’m Tommy Marquez, joined at
the desk by Pat Sherwood, and because of the timing of the old Invitational down
in Australia, we’re gonna recap the whole event for you guys, we’re gonna jump
right into it starting with event number one. Event 1 was a chipper of rope
climbs, rowing, Assault bike and cleans with the Worm, and early on it was the
USA that jumped into the lead behind some blazing fast legless rope climbs
from Panchik, Ohlsen and Pearce. They would be the first team to the Assault bike and
rower but that’s where their lead disappeared. The Canadians jumped to the
front during the final row-bike combo and would be the first team to
transition to the final 30 Worm cleans. Not to be outdone, the Pacific team,
perhaps pacing themselves for the final movement, pulled ahead with faster more
efficient movement on the Worm implement, and they would take the event and six
points to kick off the competition on their home turf. Pat, Pacific
obviously starting with a win was a huge development for them but what really
stood out to you in event number one? I think just the improper pacing from the
USA team. This was one of the frontrunners we had going in and the USA
was the first done with everything that awarded you no points whatsoever.
Unfortunately, you have to get across the finish line to earn some points, it all
fell apart there, Pacific started off strong and I was so impressed right from
the get-go with Pacific. This is a team that had to deal with a little bit of
turmoil, Newbury was going to be their coach, last second he realizes, hey, guess
what? You’re gonna be an athlete, hope you’ve been training, and how how would
that be? Would it be seamless? And they looked like that had been the plan the
entire time, cool, calm and collected. It definitely showed on that event number
one, unfortunately for the US, they would settle for last place in that event and
they would be in last place starting event number two, and perhaps that would
be the motivating factor for them. Event number two was a handstand-walk
course and from the get-go Team USA looked like it was on a mission.
Noah Ohlsen kicked it off for the men, he would be the only athlete to do the
entire course for the men unbroken, he would give US a lead, and
there each athlete on the USA team would go on to win their respective heats. Keri
Pearce would win her heat, Scott Panchik would win his heat, and even Tennil Reed
would win her heat taking methodical breaks at each checkpoint along the way.
USA would walk away with the win in the event, and Pat, this is a pretty cool
event that we saw announced to the teams, the first time we’re seeing a handstand-walk course, these athletes are proficient on their hands. Is there
anything that stood out to you from this event in particular? Well first of all I
loved the twist because yeah we’ve seen the handstand walk so many different
ways but never with the little obstacle course, absolutely loved it. Director of
the Games Dave Castro said that we will see more so athletes should be training
that. When Noah Ohlsen took off, first of all USA had to make up some
ground, when Noah Ohlsen took off and I saw Pat Vellner whois a former gymnast,
kick down and Ohlsen didn’t, I was like that risk is not gonna pay off,
Olsen’s gonna crash and burn, you know the kid’s just getting a little outside
the box, but man he held on, set the tone. I think the next three athletes for USA
kind of fed off that, they crushed it, they were clawing their way back, that’s
positive then on the negative side of that event, I was shocked how much
Pichelli and Sara Sigmundsdottir struggled. And Sarah Sigmundsdottir was
very vocal in the Cool-Down Show and vocal on her own social-media pages that
she doesn’t know what she got, showing up to Australia, got some sort of
a bug, was feeling terrible, nauseous, dizzy. Half the time I think when
athletes say that it’s BS, it’s not true. It’s a convenient excuse for a performance
that didn’t go well, but I 100% believe Sara, she was not herself and that’s a
huge impact on Europe. I’m with you there, things clearly not right for the
reigning Invitational champions in Europe. Standings after two events going
into event number three, Pacific, another strong performance, sits in first place
overall with 10 points, Canada and US tied for second in points, US getting
a much needed six-point boost from that event win in event number two, and Europe
in last place in fourth with just two points going into event number three. And
event three was a couplet, a six-round couplet of synchronized bar muscle-ups
as well as some synchronized hang power snatches and from the get-go it was
pretty much a two-horse race in this event. Canada and Pacific transitioning
together side by side from each round to the next and it seemed like it was going
to come down to the final round and the final hang snatches, but during the transition
from the bar muscle-up, you can see Brent Fikowski signaling to his crew that they
would have to break it up into three sets on the final snatches, and that
would be just enough for the Pacific Team, who used superior communication and pacing once again to walk away with their second event win out of three
events. Canada would get beat to the finish line by the US who came charging
at the end, who would take second place in that event, another strong performance
from the US, and Canada would settle for third in that event. Another event win, Pat, from the Pacific Team, this is the same roster as last
year, but clearly performance wise this is not the same team that we saw. We say
this frequently with regards to the Invitational: Just because you have
a group of incredible individual athletes, that doesn’t mean they’re gonna
gel in a very short period of time and be this cohesive beautiful synchronized
unit out there in the floor, but the Pacific Team looked like they trained
together year-round, it was ridiculous, and in that loud environment with so
many moving parts, watch all the other teams, there has to be a team leader out
there shouting commands making sure everyone’s exactly where they need to be
for the synchronization to count. Pacific was somehow pulling that off with
complicated movements with no verbal communication whatsoever. I’ve never seen anything like it and then at the end when Rory McKernan interviewed Kara Webb, she said yeah there’s more to communication than just words and
they’ve got some sort of Jedi Mind Tricks going on but they were in the
zone. It was certainly working after three
events, specific holding on to first place with 16 points overall, another
strong finish from the US moves them into second with 10 points, Canada two
points back in third, and Europe still struggling in fourth with just two
points going into the fourth event for the evening. And the fourth event was a
little twist on an implement we’ve seen in the past with the heavy tire. It would be
two minutes of max flips, the men would go first and then the women. For the men,
Patrick Vellner and Brent Fikowski showcasing that podium-level fitness for
the guys, they would pull ahead very early on and kind of cruise to a victory there, all they had to do was get the baton to the Canadian women
despite Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault struggling in the past with this type of implement,
Alessandra Pichelli basically stole the show in this event, not just doing once
or twice, but three flips in a row at times when her teammates needed it. Each athlete out on that floor is a beast, they are incredible, they’re the best that we
have, which is why they’re at the Invitational, so when you see one of them
look like they’re you know struggling picking up their tire that’s because
that tire is so miserable. Then you watch Alessandra Pichelli flipping that thing
like it’s full of helium or I don’t know what was going on like we said, we’ve
watched a lot of CrossFit, it takes a lot these days to stop me in my tracks but I
saw that happen, the cup of coffee went down, I just stared at the screen, rewound
it to make sure I saw it again, she absolutely crushed those tire flips and
that’s why leading up to the Invitational, we said the addition of Alessandra
Pichelli for Canada cannot be understated, it’s a big deal. It was certainly a big
deal in terms of points, the win for Canada moves them into a little bit
tighter points race with first place Pacific. After four events going into the
finale, Pacific is still in first with 18 points, Canada leapfrogs USA into second with 14 by another last -place finish for United States team
leaves them in third place at 10 points, a far cry away, but an actual decent
performance from Europe gives them a little bit of boost points
wise but still in fourth heading into the finale. And the finale was a little
bit of an announcement from Dave Castro, we’re bringing back out the Worm, a
classic CrossFit rep scheme 21-15-9 of Worm thrusters and synchronized burpees
over the Worm. Early on it looked like Canada might give the Pacific team a
push, they would be the first team to complete the 21 thrusters and move on to
the synchronized burpees, but in the round of 21 burpees the Pacific Team
once again showcasing superior pacing and superior communication would pull
ahead of the Canada Team and for the rest of the workout it was basically
basically a victory lap. Pacific Team would hold on to their lead throughout
the rest of the workout, they would win the event, secure themselves a win for
the 2017 CrossFit Invitational. Canada would settle for second and
once again USA Team would finish a distant fourth in this event. Pat, we saw
this with this workout in particular, that Worm, getting some no reps at any
point in this workout can prove costly and there’s no real nice way to get a no
rep on the Worm. And and that’s why we see the Worm so frequently in the
team competitions, it just has this unique ability to be a massive monkey
wrench, it forces communication, it forces teamwork and if you have any holes in
that game it will expose them to the entire crowd. The Worm fails are dramatic,
they’re frustrating, everybody can see them and then you get a little
snippy with whoever was out of sync and cause the warm Worm to fall down, so it
really is a unique implement that serves very very well out there on the floor.
Your final standings for the 2017 invitational, the Pacific Team gets the
monkey off their back and doesn’t just break into the top two but they win the
event first place with 26 points overall. Another strong performance from Canada
in the event, they can walk away with their heads held high, second place and 19
points. USA, disappointing performance for them, I’m sure in third place with 10
points and Europe despite a couple of issues with some of their members being
sick, fourth place with eight points after winning the whole entire event
last year. Looking at these final results Pat, what really stands out to you in
terms of performance? I just have to celebrate Pacific, first place on their
home turf I mean, I can’t even imagine the pride their team has, the whole country has, I
mean just well done and this is—the Pacific has never finished within the
top three at any of the Invitationals, now they take the whole thing on their home
turf. Canada, what a comeback after last year, you know we gave them some grief as
to how their performance in 2016 was, they should be very proud, hold your head
high with that second-place finish. USA, disappointed understandably so, move
forward focus on 2018, and Europe the winners from last year, no one expected
them to take fourth, but you’ve only got four members on the team so if somebody
as capable as Sara Sigmundsdottir is not performing at one-hundred percent,
you’re down 25 percent of your team, that’s a huge deal, so I kind of discard
what happened. It’s a new Europe next year as far as
I’m concerned. Yeah clearly it was too much to overcome for her having a sick
athlete on your team. One cool part about the Invitational seeing the
celebration at the end was the Aussies put their own spin on celebrating the
win. We saw them pull out not a cup but a shoe for them to enjoy a little bit of
champagne. We heard Jeremy Austin calling it a “shooie,” leave it to the
Aussies to bring in a new type of celebration to this particular format.
But beyond the competition, that wasn’t the only exciting thing happening. During
the Cool-Down Show, after Director of the Games Dave Castro made some very
important announcements concerning the 2018 season, and specifically the
Regional format. We’ve broken them down here for you guys in one graphic. In
2018 for the Regionals, Affiliate Cup teams will drop from six athletes to
just four athletes competing, the West and California Regionals will combine into
one big Western Regional, Europe will split into two Regionals, they’ll have a
North that will get five spots and a South that will get four spots to the
Games, that includes Africa. Latin America will now get its own Regional, being able
to send one athlete guaranteed to the Games. Pat, some big changes on the
horizon for 2018, what are your thoughts? Man, it’s still a lot for me to
wrap my head around but, Europe, they deserve more spots for the Games, no
doubt about it, there’s so many tremendous athletes out there, they
needed a bigger representation the Games, they’re gonna get it, that Regional that’s
gonna combine all of California and the Old West, oh man, there’s a ton of
talent competing for those spots and then I’m just very happy for Latin
America, I mean you know that one man and one woman is gonna represent that entire
region of the world and go to the Games, and I’ve spent a lot of time down there
everyone is fired up and pro-CrossFit, so I just can’t imagine representing all
those fired up CrossFitters, they’re gonna bring it at the Games. Oh man, they
are gonna bring the heat no doubt and I love upping the ante competition-wise
with just four athletes competing on the team. That’s gonna do it for us today,
we hope you guys enjoyed the Invitational. Up next we have the
CrossFit Liiftoff, powered by a Rogue. For Pat Sherwood, I’m Tommy Marquez, we’ll see you guys next time.

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  2. Team USA sucked this year! It's why they came in third. Next time get Froning, Fraser or Smith and USA might have a chance reclaiming the podium!

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