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Today on the “CrossFit Games Update Show,” two of Australia’s fittest women have their sights on the top of the podium in Carson, but what will it take for them to get there? The youngest female competitor in the field is set for her first taste of CrossFit Games action, and a pair of veterans look to take the next step on the men’s side. We take a closer look at the qualifiers from the Pacific Regional next. Hi, everybody, welcome to today’s edition of the “CrossFit Games Update Show,” I’m Sean Woodland with Annie Sakamoto and Pat Sherwood, turning our attention to the individuals at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games, we’re going to start with the individuals out of the Pacific Regional and on the women’s side, two women who certainly have the potential to, not only finish on the podium, but maybe win, in Kara Webb and Tia Toomey. If you’re a fan of the sport, you want to see Kara Webb back 100 percent, she did incredible last year operating at a fraction of her capacity. Here are the five women who are going to the CrossFit Games out of the Pacific Regional, we have two women who won five of the seven events sitting on top of the leaderboard, that’s Kara Webb, and Tia Toomey, three vets and two individual rookies coming to the CrossFit Games from the Pacific Regional. Now, Kara Webb last year finishes fifth despite the fact that she looked like she was going to die on Murph. She has never been on the podium, she always comes in with a lot of expectations, is this the year that finally happens for her? I would like to think it is the year that it finally happens, like you said, she got fifth place after being carted out on a stretcher after Murph, came right back, did the snatch ladder, finished the whole weekend, I think if Kara can stay healthy through the weekend, she definitely has a shot, not only at the podium but at winning the CrossFit Games. She dominated the Pacific Regional, she got four first places, two thirds and one fourth. She finished third in the worldwide Open, we know her strength, capacity, she should dominate. Right behind her is Tia Toomey, she debuts in second place last year at the CrossFit Games, so to improve on that, she’s gonna have to win, but that’s going to be a pretty tall order, correct? It’s going to be a very tall order. Tia-Clair Toomey’s such a talented athlete, to improve upon what she did in 2015, yeah, she’d have to have a gold medal around her neck, I don’t see that happening for her, and that’s no discredit to her whatsoever, but just the other women are so capable, as well, Tia is amazing, I mean, at regionals, she was second to Kara, that makes sense, though, by 30 little points, she had a first, she had seconds, thirds and a fifth, she did incredible, I think what Tia needs to do, go back to the Games, definitely try to get yourself into the top 10, top 5 would be ideal, get another year under your belt, lessons learned, come back for her third year, and really make a shot once again. The other veteran in the mix from the Pacific Regional on the women’s side is Alethea Boon, she showed up to the Games last year as a rookie and finished in 20th, great finish for a rookie, what does she have to do in 2016 to improve on that? Well last year at the Games she definitely see-sawed, we would see some real good finishes and then some real poor finishes, so she kind of went up and down all weekend, she had five finishes that were 29th or lower so she needs to actually take a page out of Tia-Clair Toomey’s book and be a little bit ore consistent all weekend. She stood out to me, though, last year and showed the potential to definitely be in that top 15, so if she can be a little more consistent throughout the whole weekend, I see her doing well. Two rookies coming from the Pacific Regional, one is Justine Beath, the other is Madeline Sturt who’s going to be the youngest woman competing in the individual competition at the Games, she’s 19 years old, so realistically, what can we expect from these two? Oh man, what to expect. You know there’s a reason why it’s tough for me to give a lot of hope to rookies, again it’s nothing against them but every year when I talk to athletes who are returning for their second or third time, they’re like oh man, I wish I knew this as a rookie. There’s just some things you have to learn by actually going. So they need to show up, poor their heart into every event, keep their eyes and ears open, learn from it, come back better than that. Justine Beath really did exceptional at regionals, I think, given the caliber of women that she was competing against, and she put 119 points between herself and fifth-placed Sturt but like you said, Sturt’s 19 years old, she’s been doing this since she was 13, she’s got Pip Malone who’s a Games veteran in her corner helping her, so I think for those two women it’s a big learning year. Over on the men’s side, we have a couple veterans on top and then we have some Games rookies there, as well. It’s Rob Forte, who once again leads the way in the Pacific Regional, Khan Porter got in on that final event where he ended up winning Event Number 7, and you have three rookies in there although Mitchell Sinnamon has been to the Games before on a team. For Rob Forte and Khan Porter, they’re guys who, I think, if they got into the top 10, you’d consider that a pretty successful year for them, can they make that happen this year? I think Forte has the better chance. This will be Forte’s sixth consecutive trip to the CrossFit Games, that’s so incredible, he’s such a well-rounded athlete, his performance at regionals was very solid, he had a couple event wins as well, he really can do it all, he just needs to get his average finish at the Games just a little bit better to push in there. Khan Porter, he’s going to the Games for the third time, I mean, that’s an amazing achievement as well, but if you think back to regionals, Khan had that very dramatic Event 7 win to get himself into a qualifying spot. In my mind, if we’re talking about somebody that has top 10 fittest person in the world potential, it shouldn’t have to be dramatic to go to the Games. Bring the drama once you’re there, so I think Khan has a little more development. The three rookies who are there are Zeke Grove, James Newbury and Mitchell Sinnamon, out of that group who do you see doing the best? Well like you said, Sinnamon has a little bit of experience but it’s on a team, that being on a team and being an individual at the Games is quite different. Newbury did great, he had four finishes inside the top 10 and nothing under 15th, but actually I’m looking at Zeke Grove. So he was only 10 points out from Newbury and he finished 19th on Event 4 but that was probably at the expense of finishing first on Event 3. We saw a lot of people finish first on one and really pay for it n the other. So if you disregard that finish, he only had one finish outside the top 10. That was a pretty consistent weekend for Zeke Grove so I think he’s got a great chance. That’s a look at the Pacific Regional and all the women and men who are coming to the CrossFit Games from that area, we will break down the South Regional tomorrow. Remember, tickets to the CrossFit Games are still available, the Tennis tickets are sold out, but plenty of tickets left in the Soccer Stadium and you will be able to watch all the action that goes down at the StubHub Center for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. That’s going to do it for us for today. For Annie Sakamoto and Pat Sherwood, I’m Sean Woodland, we’ll see you with the South Regional tomorrow.

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  1. man you gus really keep discrediting home girl. she won 2nd place. froning came back from second place to 1st place the first time he won the games. plus this lady has been competing in oly lifts before.

  2. So I'm not usually one to criticize judging, I know it's tough to get every call right that quickly, but Jeff Evans misses out going to the games for grabbing the rope before he brings his hand back, and at 6:19 here Zeke Grove BLATANTLY grabs the rope with his legs before he even makes the touch.

  3. I don't understand why Toomey seems to be so under-rated by Crossfit HQ. She finished SECOND at the 2015 Games and performed better at the 2016 regionals than she did in 2015. Why shouldn't she be a contender for a podium this year?

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