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Hi everybody! Welcome back inside the
CrossFit Update Studio! I’m Sean Woodland with Rory McKernan and Pat Sherwood continuing to get you set for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games season. Taking a look at the South Regional and the two regions that will feed into it. Basically the South Regional is going to be the same this year. The only change is that we have removed Latin America from the mix. They now have their own Regional. Now both the South West and the South Central will send 20 athletes, each, to the Regional and five Men, Women, and Teams will be advancing to the CrossFit Games. I think the happiest people about this
are the event organizers. -And the media!
-That’s true. I usually get to travel during the Regionals, but I know I’ve called back home after a while and everything’s done on the West Coast, but you still got two more heats going. Not to mention, Dave Castro! Like you programmed for competitions before. Programming for six heats as opposed to four heats–
everything’s better about this. Let’s look at the women’s side first. Last year we saw a great battle between Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Tennil Reed. Is there anybody that you’re keeping an eye on during the Open? -Who might be able to get into that mix?
-Super curious to see how Bethany Shadburne does. Last year she competed as Bethany Branham. Made it to the Games as a rookie where she took 22nd coming out of 4th place at Regionals. She did fantastic! I’m always more excited how somebody like that does in year number two. Now that we’re talking about her, we know who she is, she has some expectations and some pressure. But to circle back to your question of can anyone give Tennil and Camille a run for their money? I think the answer to that is, “No.” I’m super excited to see what Tennil can do. Whatever that “It Factor” is–I think she’s got that fire, that drive, that passion. This is her time. Not to say that Camille doesn’t, but I mean Camille–she’s like an industry, you know. She’s got 1.2 million Instagram followers, sponsorships, businesses. She’s got a lot
going on on top of training. Where I see Tennil being more like that Rocky Balboa in the dungeon training each day to let everyone know, “Hey what happened last year. That wasn’t a fluke.” And really the first adversity that Camille’s faced in terms of coming back from an injury. That’ll be interesting to see how she does that. But would she look Kurtis Bowler in the eye? And give him a hard time? Which I know that Bethanie did as a rookie. -She’s got some spark there.
-Got some spark, so we’ll see. Over on the men’s side, the great thing about the South Regional is how chaotic and just unpredictable it’s been down there. Over the past few years there’s only been one guy who qualified all three years from the South Regional, and that’s Travis Williams.
As we head into the Open now, who are some people we’re going to be watching as far as names that might be able to now get themselves into the mix to get to the CrossFit Games? I will speak on behalf of our other very opinionated analyst, Tommy Marquez, who couldn’t be here today. Tommy’s a huge Sean Sweeny fan. He would cut my head off if I didn’t mention it here. He just barely missed qualification last year and took 6th place. I shouldn’t say barely. He took 6th, but was 51 points out, so it wasn’t super tight. Did make it to the Games the year before, where he took 30th but I mean I tell you what, if you want to make an impact at the Games, getting to the Games shouldn’t be an issue and Sean Sweeny’s been there once before, so I think this year’s going to be very telling. I’ll throw one in the mix. Just being at the Liftoff and seeing Tommy Vishas. He was more associated with the barbell than anything else, but I think he’s got the work capacity to make a splash because he’s a young kid. He’s exciting. -He was exciting at the Liftoff.
-Oh my god. All of them were, but he was literally doing the chest bump. They were all singing to the rap music and he’s got fire. I like watching him compete so I hope he does well.
-Do you sing to rap music or do you rap? I don’t know what it’s called. Those are some names that we already know, but of course the great thing about the Open is that there will be some names that emerge here that I’m sure we are going to be talking about in a couple of weeks, as far as men and women who are getting into the mix there in both the South West and South Central regions. Still time to sign up! Head to
games.crossfit.com to sign up for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. That’s it for us today. For Pat Sherwood and Rory McKernan, I’m Sean. We’ll see you next time.

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