Update Studio: Catching Up With Patty Failla

Welcome back inside the CrossFit Games Update Show. Tommy Marquez here bringing you guys some coverage of the Masters competition. This year, history was made by Patty Failla in the Age Group Online Qualifier for the
60+ Women’s division. Setting the record for the lowest point total ever in that stage of competition. Failla is the reigning and defending champion in her division and she joins me now via Skype. Patty, thanks so much for chatting with me today. Thanks for having me. You’ve qualified for the Games now 6 times now. Your most success, at least competitively, has come in the last couple years. what do you think has really been the key for your success the last two years? Okay. I think that moving up in my age group was certainly one thing that helped me have success last year. But it wasn’t without all the history in that 55-59 age group that prepared me for that. Because working every year as the older competitor, as everybody came in new, younger than I, I really felt like I had to stay on top of my game the best that I could possibly stay on top. So that I could hold the position with the gals that were getting younger every year and I was getting older. So I really think that that conditioned me and helped me pursue into that next category. Then as I got into the 60+ I felt really prepared. And you were definitely prepared last year when you aged up into the 60+. You won your first CrossFit Games title. What did winning last year really do for your confidence moving forward
into this season? You know, it really–it was fun. It was great. It felt great to be able to come out with that podium finish. But really it just gave me the confidence to continue to train and to train hard the way I had in the past. Just to pursue and refine the skills and try to keep my strength. All in a balance, also to stay uninjured. Because I’m older. I just got to really be careful. With that balance in mind. Definitely. Balance is totally key. Now you come into this season as the front-runner and the favorite now, since you’ve won. Do you feel any sort of pressure from there? Maybe some weight of expectations from your own expectations coming into this season different than last season? Yeah, I do. There are expectations, and that weighs heavy sometimes but really I love to train, so that part’s easy. The training part is easy. And then it’s just putting it into play when it’s game time. And for the reason of wanting to be out there inspiring others. That’s what makes that part easy as well. So now as a CrossFit Games champion what would you say is your big motivating factor to train every day? You said you got to stay healthy as well but what really puts the fire in your belly? You know, it is that I coach others. We own an affiliate here in Omaha. I really just want to be that example for people that are aging that it’s really okay to work your body the way that they are intended to be worked. I want others to know that it’s possible. If you take care of your body–because it’s the only one you’re going to get– you can do good things and you can–I guess just try to eat well, try to stay healthy, move your body. Have faith that you can do things that you
didn’t think that you can do. -You are a shining example of that for sure. But now maybe reflecting back upon your CrossFit Games career so far to date, outside of winning, what would you say is maybe one of your favorite memories from being an athlete at the CrossFit Games? The most fun is meeting the other women that are in your age group or even close
to that age group. That are the fittest in their age group as well. It’s really fun to meet all the other competitors and to establish relationships. And relationships that you can have for a lifetime. -I have to say, last year at the Games I think you guys passed by one of our desk segments and talked to you guys a little bit. The camaraderie that I felt just from your age group was fantastic. It definitely stood out to me as well, so it’s great to hear you say that. One last fun one before we go: Now that we’re going to the Games once again, if you had to custom-build a CrossFit Games workout, we’ll call it the Patty Failla, what would that workout consist of? That’s tough. But I do–last year when one of the final workouts was announced it was deadlifts and handstand push-ups and those are both movements that I felt confident in and I think I looked over at my coach when that was announced last year and I was like, “Yes!” Because it really felt like that was a workout that I could go into that feeling confident about. So it would probably have something to do with deadlifts and handstand push-ups. Well I know Dave Castro and the programming powers that be absolutely love that combo. So hopefully we’ll see it in Madison once again. Patty, I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and hopefully see you in Madison soon. Best of luck along the way. Thank you, Tommy. The Games kick off in a little bit more than a month. Tickets are still available, so head on over to games.crossfit.com
to check those out. If you still need to get some accommodations you can check that out as well at crossfithotels.com. Hope you guys planned your trip to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Hope to see you guys in Madison.

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