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– Good afternoon gentlemen, I’m Ollie. Here we are, where are we? We’re in the gym of course, ya wally. So today’s video is a fitness
video, and specifically we are gonna be working
on the upper chest region. Some techniques which I like, to smash my upper chest to shreds. I’ve always found that my upper chest is, by far, the hardest
part of my chest to grow and probably the weakest
area of my whole body. But this has helped me
a lot, to develop it and grow some mass on it
over the years, right? So, we’re gonna go downstairs
to where the magic happens, the weight room, and show
you a few hidden techers to help build that clavicular
region, a.k.a the shoulder coming into the upper chest. Alright boys, lets go. Alright gentlemen so,
as I mentioned upstairs, this is our upper chest blast, right? If you really wanna build
your upper chest more and your chest in general,
I find, because to me I know a lot of guys, clients
of mine, the most stubborn area of growth for them
when it comes to chest, is the upper chest. The name of the game, right? Do this exercise first, leave
your heavier presser for later and go for this first, when
you’ve got most energy. I find I’ve had great
results for myself anyway. For this we’re gonna
use the Smith machine. We have the bench in position here, but first, I’m gonna
get it out and show you the exact angle and
inclination we want it on. Alright guys so as you can see, this is the angle we want, okay? Your traditional incline chest press, no matter if you’re using
dumbbells, the Smith machine, barbell, is usually here. So it’s half way a 5 degree angle. We’re gonna go right up to the top, it’s way higher. If we click it one more time. So that’s gonna be working your shoulders. Be careful not to go too
high and work your shoulders. It’s one click back, we’re
looking at this angle here. Again, that is gonna get
your shoulders involved a little bit, but it’s again,
gonna be hitting this region up here, upper chest. So it’s at this angle when,
yes you are gonna be getting your shoulders involved
a little bit but that’s part of building your upper chest because obviously they’re very close,
it’s hitting this whole clavicular region up
here, a.k.a upper chest. The name of this video right? So lets put that back into
the Smith machine and show you how we’re gonna actually
perform the chest press. Alright guys so obviously
we know the incline we’re going for now we’ve showed you that. I also find it helps a lot
to put this right up here, that stops me from sliding
down, if I slide down my shoulders are gonna be too used. That stops me from sliding down the bench. Again, if I slide down too
much I’m gonna be using my shoulders more and I
really wanting to keep the pressure up here, upper chest. I’m gonna say it again, I’ve
said it like 50 times already. Now lets show you the actual exercise. Here I am in here. Also, I like to put my
feet up it helps me lock in and keep my back flat. I’m gonna do eight repetitions. But on the sixth rep, we’re
gonna chuck in another little surprise for you, which I
have really found it helps to give me a nice pump and
again, some real growth for the upper chest region. So lets give it eight reps. Note how it’s on a very
light weight, I’m not trying to lift this, I’ve
already worked out today. It’s to show you guys
how I do it, alright? Lets give you eight reps. So one… Note how the bar is coming right on the top of my pecs. If you’re finding it’s coming down lower, then that’s because the
bench is too far back. If you’re finding that
you’re hitting you’re chin, boom, boom, every time,
that’s just too far forward. So one… Two… Bring it right down, three. I don’t wanna hit my microphone
cause it’s worth 500 quid. So I’m just gonna be delicate with it. Four… Five. When we get to rep six,
were gonna chuck in a little naughty surprise. Six. Now I’m gonna give it a
little blast of mini pumps. One, two, three, four, keep
those elbows right out. Five, six, seven, eight. And now you’ve still got two reps. You’ve gotta rep out your last
two reps of the actual set, that was all one rep. All those pumps were just
getting the blood going. Seven, and eight. You should be just struggling. So I hope you understood that gentlemen. You’re gonna give it eight
full reps, but on your sixth or seventh rep, when you start to tire, you’re gonna get those mini pumps in and then push through
on the last two reps. Its gonna absolutely
destroy your upper chest. I said it again. Alright so I want you to
do between four or six sets of that, depending on how brave you feel, but we’re gonna cut in each
set with a little super set by jumping into some decline push ups. It’s really gonna help
to get the blood going. I find my upper chest responds
massively to the super set and it gives me a little
break from the monotony of just doing the Smith
machine upper press. So, lets go jump in there, legs up here. And one… Two… Three… Four… Five. Alright, you get the idea, your gonna go to failure
on each set for them. Don’t count your rep range
there, you might get 20, you might get three,
depending on how strong and how gymed-out your ass is. So then we’re gonna jump
back in and hit the same upper chest press again and
we’re gonna hit our mini pumps on the sixth or seventh rep
as I showed you initially. And then back in again
to our decline press ups and then back in again four
to six sets of both super set and that is our first
upper chest technique, which not many people use
but works, give it a try. On to the next one. Okay guys so having done
our super set with the Smith machine, mixed in
with the decline press ups. We’re now gonna jump into
a really really high fly, a fly you say, at that angle?! But I’ve never seen
anyone flying like that. I’m not even super bloody man! Right, let’s show you how its done. I find this mega effective
and hardly anybody does a chest fly at this angle. So again look, we’ve got the
bench at this super high angle, the same one we were using before when we were doing the Smith machine. Don’t ask me why I’m holding
these pathetic little weights, because I’m showing
you guys the technique. I’m not trying to show off the gains. Alright so lets go. We’re gonna do it like
a normal fly, like that. And one… Two… Three… and I can feel it already. I’ve actually been working
out chest before I did this video so I’m a bit sore already. And four… and it’s already killing me. Five. And you’re gonna do again,
four sets of these, eight reps. Again, people are gonna ask
yeah but that’s working your shoulders, yes it is
but it’s the same area, its gonna get this area
and the gains in here. I’m just gonna work the
upper chest in fly movement and that is our next upper
chest secret techers. Okay so there we have it
gentlemen that was our three techniques to help you
build the upper chest. We went from the high incline
press to the super set with the decline push up, to
our super high incline flys. Try and mix those techniques
into your chest workout or do them right at the start,
if your really wanna smash that area and get those upper chest gains. Our next video we have
coming in our gym series is again on how to work shoulders
mixed in with upper chest. So that is more or less part
two and that is how I work my chest so check that one out, alright? I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy, it’s the gym, it’s the
church and the gains. Join me for our next video. Be sure to subscribe,
like and leave a comment. Peace.

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  1. Good timing bro, I find my upper chest is seriously lagging in development compared to the rest of my chest. Need to incorporate those decline pushups! Btw do you think military presses are also effective?

  2. I tried out that smith machine chest press, and damn was my upper chest sore the next day! Thanks Ollie, going to incorporate this in my chest routine moving forward.

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