Using Fractional Plates For Strength Gains | Charles R. Poliquin

okay let’s talk about overload the overload
principle is what makes you stronger over time so in order for you to get stronger you
either have to lift heavier weights or put an extra rep on it sometimes it’s really hard
to put an extra rep because on average it’s about a two percent increase in the weight
so I’m really big on the concept of train don’t strain so let’s say if you’re doing
bench presses and you’re in a American gym usually the smallest plates are two and a
half pounds — you had two of those you went up five pounds well if you only benching 70
pounds put five pounds on the bars it’s too much it will get you on out of your rep range also
sometimes when you do a set progression like 12 10 8 6 you’re supposed to increase the
weight between sets but sometimes that increase in weight is far too large there’s a solution
to that it – they’re called fractional plates so typically in North American gym the smallest
plate is two and a half pounds and in the European gyms or Canadian gyms or Aussie gyms
it’s one and a quarter kilos so 2 times 1 and a quarter kilo it’s actually five and
a half pounds so metric increases are typically ten percent higher than imperial increases
on exercises that involve the shoulders and the arms those jobs are often way too high
especially for females or weak males so rogue sells these fractional plates they come in
metric system or in the imperial system so you get that of a quarter pound increase or
0.125 kilo increase I strongly suggest you get a kit of those whether it’s Imperial or
metric where to get them is here in this book and it’s quite valuable because one of the
most important principles to get strong is what they call the Kaizen principle which
is Japanese word which means constant and never-ending improvement — so do the math if
you do a half a kilo a week increase that would be about 25 kilos a year of course nobody
increases that fast but the point is is that — it’s much easier to do small jumps than
to try to take a big jump even when the world’s strongest man in the 50s and 70s was Doug
Hepburn and he used to look at two and a half pound plates and stare at them and say you
know you guys are so small you know I can put that on weight but of course he was bench
pressing over 500 pounds so to put 2.5 pounds on the bar was a small increment what a one percent
increment but if you are putting five pounds on the bar and you can only bench 100 that’s
a five percent increment five times more so the key point is get yourself a set of these
fractional plates and you’ll make more progress the other things that the athletes who come to
train in my house love is that I can increase the weigth point .1 pound on any exercise in
my gym so it’s important that you coax muscle into growth not force muscle into growth thank
you for listening

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