Vegan Crossfit Workout – Bali Vegan Vlog Episode 9

I was invited to come to this CrossFit
studio to try out the gym in the classes it’s called s2s CrossFit as you can tell
it pretty much has very much the basic stuff I’ll show you around
but it’s got the Olympic bars a lot of freeway it’s good music water it’s very
simple small it’s got a little extra room over here some boxes that I really
like I’m not a huge fan of doing Crossfit it
seems to be pretty popular out here though
and I’m gonna just give it a try because I’m not here to explore the fitness and
wellness and vegan diet and Bali here with Who am I here with Chris right
Chrissy you go bye Chrissy right and he’s your husband over there Hawaiian
are you Balinese I’ve done it he cleans for a while feels good I feel kind of
weak I mean look at the size can’t keep up with oh wait he just called that a
bicep curl it’s a lot pressure on the wrist and I used to but Matt skew with
keeping the elbows up and letting it fall back like a front squat was really
helpful my twin I appreciate it I’ll be in touch
the next time I come in no no Korea this is from Korea this is from Japan this is
California this is this is this is Philly right here this is native Philly
see you bet mom I’m on TV you too yes go on man
oops sorry I hope you guys on my Oh I’m really the reason I chose this CrossFit
gym over the other ones even though I went to some others is that this is like
Balinese this is made from people who have been in Bali for a while and it’s
not commercialized or corporate and it was such a great workout I really needed
that and it was different it was a fast pace today actually I’m used to well you
still I only take away a couple part CrossFit classes but they’re a little
bit slower paced I feel like the competition was really high in there and
everybody kept up and it was supportive collaborative and it was just fun so
much fun this time so if you’re ever in Bali I totally recommend it I’m not
endorsed for this it was just something that I came across and really want to
share some of the beautiful parts about Bali they were saying that they started
off when it was just rice paddies and there was no other things around at the
time and now there’s houses and lots of tourists here so they caught out a great
time I am very happy with the CrossFit workout I did with being a vegan I felt
like my endurance is really good I didn’t feel like I was
it’s like a smoker’s platino when you start smoking too much and you I didn’t
have that at all unlike last times I’ve been doing Crossfit I felt like I had to
pause stop and do all the stuff and we still did the cleans I’ve been ring dips
for the first time for it and so far so good my energies up in Bali I hope you
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6 Replies to “Vegan Crossfit Workout – Bali Vegan Vlog Episode 9”

  1. Haha that's funny, I've just started crossfit 5 days ago an I'm loving it. It's so much different from standard body-building an powerlifting workout, but im now addicted. Done 3 workouts already an the 4th today. So sore all over lol, but I recover so fast eating vegan, has to be the extra micro nutrients I'm getting from all the fruit an veg. I'm probably not even getting 100g protein per day an I'm a 100kg guy, an I'm getting stronger an leaner week by week. Great vlog mate 💪💪💪

  2. Kevin i have 16to18% belly fat i have no fat on other area of my body plz tell me what should i do cardio or weight training?

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