Video of the Day Recap January 1-6

Last week I made a video announcing and explaining
a new playlist that I would be maintaining on my channel called “Video of the Day.” Everyday in 2018 so far I have added a video
to this playlist that I enjoyed. Before I go over why I chose these videos,
I would like to announce a few “upgrades” to my set up here that should hopefully make
watching my crap a little more enjoyable. Upgrade number one: New mic! I’m using a different mic now so this video’s
sound quality should be less likely to make you want to go jump off a bridge. The last video’s sound quality was so bad
I’m surprised it even broke… uh… twenty views, but then again I watch my own videos
so many times that it probably has far less than that. Upgrade number two: music. I found some royalty-free stuff that should
hopefully make listening to my squeaker voice more tolerable. And the last upgrade? EDITING. Much more thought is going into this video
than the turd I released last week. Alright, that’s it for the changes, now
let’s talk about the Video of the Day playlist and the videos I chose to put in them. On January 1st, New Year’s Day, I put TechAltar’s
“Why Doesn’t Apple Use Social Media?” in the playlist. I found this video really interesting because
it shows what it takes for one of the biggest companies in the world to advertise successfully. TechAltar does an excellent job giving viewers
an inside look into why Apple chooses the advertising methods they choose, and explains
why Apple controls their products’ image so strictly. If you couple this video with PolyMatter’s
“The Grand Theory of Apple,” Apple’s marketing strategies appear much more tactful
than somebody might originally think. If Apple or advertising interests you at all,
I recommend watching “Why Doesn’t Apple Use Social Media?” There was also one other video I watched that
day that I considered making the first video in the playlist but was ultimately never chosen. This video was PewDiePie’s “VINERS WELCOME!” I found this video pretty humorous, however
there were a couple reasons why TechAltar’s video was chosen over it. One reason PewDiePie’s video was not chosen
for Video of the Day was the fact that his video repeated much of the same things that
other YouTubers had already discussed about the people PewDiePie was reacting to. For example, Cody Ko talked a year earlier about Piques in his video “Instagram ‘Comedians’” and Pyrocynical talked about Lele Pons in
his video “Lele Pons has hit a new low.” However, PewDiePie’s video is still very
funny and he does make original jokes within the video so I still recommend giving the
video a watch. I also just feel that TechAltar’s video
is a little more worthwhile than PewDiePie’s video because TechAltar’s video is more
formal and interesting than PewDiePie’s comedic video. If any of these videos I’ve listed seem
interesting to you, I’ll have links to every video mentioned in this video down in the
description. I recommend giving all of them a watch as
they are all really good in their own ways. On January 2nd, I put the video “John Carpenter,
Coolest Million Dollar winner” in the playlist. To be honest, I didn’t really watch anything
that day that really stood out to me, so this video sort of won by default. I found this video on /r/videos, and you’ve
probably already seen this video at one point or another seeing as this was a huge deal
when it first came out in 1999. John Carpenter was the first million dollar
winner on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and he did something special right before he won
the one million dollars that made this clip stick with people all over the world. If you still haven’t seen the clip and want
to see what he does before winning, I’ll have a link to the video in the description. The only other video that was considered to
be put in the playlist for that day was Vox’s “How Trump makes extreme things look normal.” The video itself is very interesting and educational
and it explains a concept called the Overton Window and how Trump’s proposed policies
as well as media coverage on him affect the Overton Window. If political theory bores you or just isn’t
your thing, I would avoid this video, but otherwise it’s a really good video that
I recommend watching. One reason the video wasn’t included in
the playlist is the fact that I found some of the jokes in the video a little cringe-worthy,
and I think John Carpenter’s moment is just a little bit cooler than Vox’s video. Side note: the John Carpenter who won Who
Wants to Be a Millionaire isn’t the movie director John Carpenter, although both people
have their own Wikipedia pages. On January 3rd, I watched a ton of great videos,
however the one that made the playlist was jacksfilms’s “i’m super sorry.” This parody of Logan Paul’s apology video
was really well done as jacksfilms keeps apologizing to his fanbase about more and more outrageous
things. At least one thing said in this video should
make you chuckle, especially if you have seen Logan Paul’s “So Sorry.” Some other videos I watched that day that
I really enjoyed include: Dolan Dark’s “Memes V,” Company Man’s “Planet Fitness – Gym
on the Rise,” Weegee Plays’ “Responding to Polygon’s Hit Piece on Me,” Wendover
Productions’ “How Airlines Price Flights,” and 2kliksphillip’s three videos on sleep
disruption. All of these videos were exceptional in quality,
however I can only put one video in the playlist, and the one I chose ended up being jacksfilms’s
video. I highly recommend watching all of the videos
I just listed as these were some of the best videos I watched all week this week. For January 4th, the video I chose to put
in the playlist was Weest’s “They’re coming.” Ever since YouTube took down Weest’s first
channel, Weest’s content has been getting better and better and I think his commentary
on furries is one of his best videos that he’s made on his new channel so far. The video is really funny and if you’ve
ever wanted a documentary on the furry problem, Weest’s video is the video for you. Some honorable mentions for this day include
CNET’s “The tech that died in 2017,” CollegeHumor’s “The CH Cast’s Favorite
Sketches of 2017,” and Marques Brownlee’s “iMac Pro Setup Tour 2018!” CNET’s video
was short and to the point, however it did a good job reminding me just how many things
were discontinued in 2017. I liked the CollegeHumor video because of
the cast’s reflections on the different videos that I had watched throughout last
year. If you watched CollegeHumor last year, you
should watch this video as it’s interesting to see what the people working on the videos
thought of the videos they made. Lastly, Marques Brownlee’s new setup tour
was cool to see, because of how high-tech his setup is and how mine will never even
come close to that. Out of all of these videos though, Weest’s
video was definitely an obvious pick for me as I thought that his video stood out among
the few I listed. On January 5th, I didn’t watch very many
videos, however I still watched enough to put Gus Johnson’s “Every Episode of the
Office” in the playlist. This video is comedy gold if you’ve watched
The Office for any amount of time, and after watching this video, I went through some of
his videos on his channel, and he actually makes some really cool stuff that I recommend watching. I recommend watching some of Gus Johnson’s
most popular videos as well as The Office sketch I put in the playlist. For this day, I didn’t watch enough videos
to warrant any honorable mentions. Lastly, we have the video I added to the playlist
yesterday, January 6th: Sir Swag’s “Sernandoe and everything wrong with YouTube.” This video is really well made, with it describing
some problems with YouTube such as increased ad revenue from longer videos as well as clickbait. Once again, I didn’t find any other videos
worth mentioning for this day. Overall, I watched some really high-quality
videos from some of my favorite creators and the videos that are in the playlist are just
the best of the best. If you’re looking for something to watch,
I highly recommend watching some of the videos that I have linked in the description. All of the videos that I have listed in this
video are in the description to help you find them easier. I may or may not do a video similar to this
one for next week’s videos, it really depends on if I have time seeing as school is starting up next
week. If you want to support the growth my channel,
please consider subscribing, and I hope to see you watching the next video I make. Goodbye!

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