Videos have surfaced online showing the destruction caused by a deadly tornado that touched down in Texas on Saturday morning.

The tornado developed around 2 a.m. local time in Laguna Heights, a neighborhood on the Gulf Coast of South Texas located just northeast of Brownsville and on the border with Mexico. As a result of the storm, officials in the neighboring city of Port Isabel have so far reported around 10 injuries and two deaths.

Significant property damage was also reported from the storm, and has been documented in various videos shared on Twitter. A video, taken by resident Griselda Mendoza and shared on the social media platform by KRGV News, shows a large amount of debris littering patios and destroyed buildings in a residential area. Several vehicles also appear to have been displaced and damaged by the tornado.

“Devastating images captured this morning by Griselda Mendoza in Laguna Heights,” KRGV News wrote. “The Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator has reported tornado damage in the area. Highway 100 is closed between Laguna Vista and Pt Isabel.”

Another video of the scene of the damage was shared by KRGV reporter Stefany Rosales. In it, you can see rubble, damage, and displaced cars similar to the first clip, as well as vandalized fences and crews working to clean up the area.

An official account from the Texas Department of Transportation reported the closure of State Highway 100 between Laguna Heights and Port Isabel due to damage from the storm. Along with the announcement, he shared a photo of what appeared to be some sort of large plastic debris placed on top of a power line pole on the side of a road.

Multiple agencies from the regions are now participating in search and rescue efforts to find the missing people in the wake of the tornado, according to AccuWeather. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are also reportedly offering shelter to residents made homeless by the damage.

Other parts of Texas have been dealing with severe storms recently, with flash flood warnings issued near San Antonio and Victoria, and winds of up to 73 mph near Doyle.

texas tornado damage
Damage from a tornado is seen in Texas. At least two people were killed Saturday morning by a tornado that formed in a Gulf Coast neighborhood in South Texas.
Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images

“Despite how dry much of Texas has been, rain can fall hard enough in a short period of time to cause flash flooding and rapid surges of water in small streams, creeks and dangerous flooding on streets and highways. said AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Dan. Pydynowski explained, according to the company’s website.

Outside of the Lone Star state, about a dozen tornadoes also touched down in states including Oklahoma and Kansas on Thursday.

news week The Texas Division of Emergency Management was reached by email for comment.

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