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Vir, I am going to village for 2-3 days. To meet my special friend. You take care of the house. Grandfather you don’t worry. You go ahead with your plan. My G2 robots. Save these two enemies photos in your memory. Whenever you see them. Do destroy immediately. Boss! Grandfather is going to his village for 3 days. Oh! So, Dr.Prem Sahay has gone to village. Very good. In my mad brain, I am getting bad idea . Haha!! Ok Timbaktoon. You go out. Come in after 5 min. Ok boss. Boss!! Grandfather has come here. What are you doing? I am Mad Max. Now made a voice like my boss. Boss!! Come fast. I caught grandfather. Hey! It’s me . Grandfather has gone to village. Boss, it’s you. Sorry boss. I will go in grandfather’s disguise. And get the entire data of making humanoid robot from Vir house. Then I will make my own humanoid robot. Meow! You are genius. She is right boss . Timbaktoon, you too come along with me. You will have to change your look. Super duper genius. Vir, I’m coming. Hey! Grandfather you come back. Yes the friend whom I was going to meet. He himself is coming to meet me. What a coincidence. After many days we are meeting each other. Let’s sit down and have a cup of tea. Far away. You are doing over acting. Grandfather, what happened? After many years he is meeting . Showing the affection. If I don’t show my affection towards you what else can I show. Come on my friend give me hug. First we need to search where is Dr.Prem Sahey’s lab . Vir, get my laptop from the lab. Wait a min. Oh! Vir leave it. I will take it . Let me show my lab to my friend. My donkey sense is saying something is wrong. The grandfather’s smell is not the right one. And the friend’s smell is known one. Chulbul nothing to worry. You go and eat carrot. Hey, where did the doctor kept the hard disk? Search quickly before Vir arrives here. Searching boss. Imli, something is wrong . Why grandfather is behaving so strange in his lab? X-ray vision on. X-ray vision on. Hmm. So Mad Max is here in grandfather’s disguise . And Timbaktoon as his friend. Let’s teach them a good lesson. No! Not now. Since they have come here . We will teach a lesson in such way that later they won’t return. Grandfather, what are you looking for? Can I help you.? No! I’m getting old . I forget the things . Where have I kept all the hard disk. I don’t remember. Grandfather search it later. You don’t need to go as usual. Yes!! I have to go. But where do I go daily? What grandfather? You are forgetting everything after you friend has arrive. You have been jogging for many years with me. 20km without fail. 20km jogging. Agadam bagadam aalam phalam ikadam tikadum dum dumadum . How this road has changed? It was like so. You would be leading all the time. Come on grandfather. Grandfather come on, You can do it. Yes grandfather, you can do it. Grandfather, be careful. Oh! My friend apply body pain balm on me. My entire body is aching. Hey! Grandfather, you were always fit. Why is your body aching today? Today I ‘m unwell. Nothing else. Hey! What did you apply? The entire body is burning. Ah ah!! What happened? Grandfather. Nothing. Don’t know what spray my friend applied instead of balm. Look the spray is correct. With this never it has been so burning. Grandfather, don’t worry . You will be alright . You are fit and strong. Well jogging has done. Now it’s time to eat . Alright. Let me get food for you all. What are you making? Grandfather, again you have forgotten. Grandfather after 20km of jogging, you take 20 chilly pancakes. And 20 glass of bitter ground juice . This is the secret of your fitness. What? 20 chillies’ pancake And 20 glass of bitter groud juice. I have already made it. Let’s come. No!! I won’t be able to have more. Come on have it. I am not feeling good. Grandfather, you had told me whenever you refuse I must force you. Because such food keep you brainy. Come let’s make some more pancake. Yes let’s move. Timbaktoon, where have I got stucked. He will take my life. What boss this is your mad brain with bad idea. Grandfather ,here is your cocktail juice. That’s orange and lemon ? No, grandfather those are bad for your health. This is mixture of bitter ground and chillies. What? No!! Come on grandfather have it. Grandfather, you had told me whenever you refuse I must force you. Boss! It’s better to run away from here. Mad Max is mad, very very mad. Now my special robots will come and finish Vir. I am done with grandfather’s role. Grandfather are you fine? I am fine and now you won’t be fine. Vir. Haha!! Attack the enemy. I have feed the enemies ‘s photos in you. Finish them. Enemy in front attack. Enemy in front attack. My whole plan is failed. Hey! You fool I’m Mad Max. Boss. Your face is like Dr. Prem Sahay. That’s why they are attacking you. Drilling suit on. Drilling suit on. Vir, save me. Hey! Grandfather stop. Where are you going ? I am going to village, to drop my friend.

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