VLOG 13 – Just show up!

hi gang I just want to say this week’s
vlog is a bit basic but at the start of the week I had some bad news that you’ll
find out about one day I’m sure but I wasn’t really feeling me but I’m
training still and I’m working hard but it’s less chatty but I think you’ll
enjoy it anyway I hope, here you go right then push press building in fives
now apparently if you’re feeling good you’ll be able to a 5rm if not you’re gonna
perform five sets at a similar weight if you haven’t done in a while then we’ll
look to build heavy etc etc push press is good movement it teaches us good hip extension and send connected through the bars as we press, haven’t said it once yet, it’s a good all-round movement got it
then the conditioning, four rounds for time the ten minute cap and I want to
talk about this this is good yeah ten handstand pushups, 30 jumping lunges, thirty kettlebell snatch if we’re doing ones we’re just not going to get very
far through the workout and it’s only ten minutes okay
I’d like everyone to finish so um that is what we’re gonna do got it? you’re gonna do a kettlebell push press and bring it back down, not just a
coach but a cameraman okay in plank position and I’m gonna be doing some
shoulder taps nice and slow just hanging, just chilling out as we bring our knees up and do a tuck hold or we could or we can bring our feet out and do an L sit but as long as the bar is sat on your shoulders, not on your wrists, got it? we need to make a good area of support and then come down into a good headstand like this or a frog knees to elbows rock it out down you’re feeling good you want to work on the the kip okay now flip a
push press on its head what do you get? it’s a handstand push up you want to try to kick up and get your feet to touch the wall I feel dizzy how was that for you yeah sore back yeah
you just need to work on your strengths right sort of mini test week
with a six week block this is like mini tests what we’ve been doing gymnastics
wise the last few weeks – max effort wall facing handstand hold or free
standing if you can do it your nose and toes should be the
only thing that’s touching the wall rest three to four minutes then we’ve got max set strict handstand push-ups
everyone else you’ll be scaling it to box pike handstand push-ups that’s fine rest
and again a max set of push-ups or press ups the chest has to touch the
floor even if you’re going off your knees if not we’re gonna go off box push-ups
alright then conditioning, 15-minute EMOM minute 1 – 15 or 11 cal bike minute 2 – 15 sit ups minute 3 – 20 air squats minute 4 – max burpees over the box well done Ruth god speed

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