VLOG 5 – CrossFit & LUSH Liverpool

the new addition we’re gonna call him – Mooney! that’s the perpetrator so they’ve come to inspect the Bullpen what’s happened Ruth? the lights went ‘pop’ a bit of mist came out and everyone’s stressing mist? not smoke? dust three, two, one, go! I’m maintaining my bulk sofa anyone? it’s nice spotless that Oh Oh chintz and it looks like a free nightie ok I can film it now largest LUSH shop in the world where’s Steph? I’ve just planted myself here leaf it out the jokes will grow on you yeah I’m out this store is stunning it says “hi Steph, one can never have too many socks love Daniel Radcliffe” I’m dying in French
sorry short unclogging okay I’m a senior so we just did a wonderful word that
consisted of 15 thrusters 15 kettlebell swings all the way up and five hands
down war box can stand walks horrid shoulders burnt why don’t you being it say why it’s
Sunday we’re off to the bullpen we’re after the bullpen and it’s even Sunday
hey let’s play Rage my eyebrows seven over considering the conditions of
having to rush or they’d end up like grumpy eyebrows she’s so kind to me we’ve wanted to film some cool sounds

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