Vlog3 – Crunch Fitness

Hey ! How are you guys? welcome again Today I would like to show you my workout routine we will film different exercises of my weekly plan. We are gonna visit a famous Gym call Crunch Fitness in WeHo in Los Angeles but before we need a boost so we will get a pre workout to wake up! Lets go! Well guys, this place is called body factory where you can normally get your customized protein shake mixed with some different fruits or vegetables or whatever you want And you can find some different pre workouts, we are kinda tired today, Sunday so we bought this new one call BANG and this one seems to be a bit strong product since it has 400mg of caffeine…. Let’s go and hit the gym! Alright guys! We are on fire now!!!!, that pre workout was really strong. Time to hit the gym! We visit today Crunch fitness gym and we love this place because all the equipment is new, all the staff woking here are really kind the schedule is super flexible, Let’s check out the gym and of course the workout. Well guys… I just finished the warm up and we are gonna do a full body training so I hope you guys enjoy it go!! All right guys, all done! As you can see, we don’t need that much equipment to do a complete full body workout! Around 850 Kcal today burned, not bad! We did abs, chest, shoulders, biceps at the TRX, back, pull ups, chin ups, what else? we did jumps squats and push ups. and well… We are gonna jump in the shower and ready to grab a bite because I am starving! After the training, time to fill the stomach! Gonna drink my protein Shake, always necessary and I will try this peanut butter protein bar Thanks guys for being there, I really really love you all, love your support and I will see you next week with the new Vlog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Ciao….

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