I’m not super late today but isolate today’s freezing is three cells right now really really cool i’m saying really a lot but it’s really really cold I’ve been living in alameda for two years and it was never so cold but he had the day’s amazing really sunny so today’s money time to go to work just another regular week this is Christmas week so yeah I’m too much work [Music] [Music] enough busy day-to-day basis so I’m grabbing i’m grabbing a solid it’s pretty convenient because it’s really close so i order online and all i have to do it is pretty cool just something that probably will never work in visio would never work with you because I ordered online and the bag is sitting there will have to be speaking [Music] walk here every day but I never show you this is the new your Salesforce tower their beauty will be the biggest tallest building seven cisco take a look at the size of the [Music] [Music] when I first started to float this log the main idea we should talk about triathlon sport it’s being the first week and I never did anything in any sports at all the main reasons i say this because it’s winter right now it’s hard to go out for a run or bike your things like this and I really really hate the treadmills one month ago I started to do this Orangetheory it’s a group class business the spiritual classes who have a thread meals and the floor that they eat every places like 15 minutes and today I’m doing it less just leaving this to your right now pretty tired crazy your cart so if I really really like this it’s really cool it’s studies it’s great to push your limits and well that’s it for today don’t forget to Like subscribe liking is really important i just realized this so if you like it just don’t forget to press that button if you subscribe it and they’re not getting to the education make sure that you click on the little bell somewhere here i guess or the other side so let’s see tomorrow [Music]

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