Vom Bierbauch zum Waschbrettbauch – Freeletics in München. High Intensive Workouts im Maßmannpark

Work until your own limit and pass your limits. 50 Pullups, 100 Situps and 150 Squats, than you start from beginning. The new sport trend named freeletics and hunt you over your own limits. Anyway there a lot of fitness freaks which meet together on a regulary basis for a high intensive workout. Meeting point: Maßmannpark in munich at a saturday morning. The biggest freeletics group session worldwide. Around 75 fitnesslovers are coming together for a group workout. A short welcome, pleasant anticipation for the next hours together, three rounds of smart jogging and stretching for warming up. Than the freeletics coaches Patrick and Magdalena gives the signal to start the workout rounds. “All has started this winter in January. Patrick and mayself started to train together. We were alone and we were the only guys here, surrounded by snow. But we thought about group workouts on a regulary basis. So we started to meet twice a week and started to spread the message in the Freeletics munich facebook group. During the time the group expanded very well”. Freeletics, its a sport really everyone can do it. There is no previous knowledge necessary. Pushups, Pullups, Squats, Situps and jumping jacks as well as burpees. Many different excercises you have to get used to it. “You have to be aware that it will be exhausting. Of course we will take care of new beginners and have a look that you start with a smaller workout to get the right entry to freeletics. At the beginning its all just about to start”. “Everybody is really active and fit here,” more active than somewhere else”. The experience tells that the minor people stopp working out, most of the others become addicted. The time you need for the workouts are not that important at the beginning, but from time to time you get stronger and faster. The athletes are in different “workout weeks”. For example there are different workout plans for week 2 than for week 8. But one thing you need for all weeks: Self-discipline and stamina. “You can do freeletics everywhere, in the hotel, at your home, at your court. When we meet together outside and train together than we accomplish more. Much more as we would train alone at home or in the gym.” “There is a cardio coach for all persons who wanna loose weight and would like to concentrate on their endurance. On the other hand we have a strength plan for the men´s. Of course, also for women, no question at all :). With the strength coach you build up muscles.”. Going into dark gyms? That was yesterday. Freeletics is performed outside and in groups. As you can see here during a saturday morning workout in the Maßmannpark. From beer-belly to sixpacks. A young group from munich started freeletics in spring 2012. “We trained with 10 people at the Roter Bolzer in Groß-hadern and we did not thought about growing that sport. Than i remember the second summer when i came back to the Roter Bolzer and suddenly there were 30 people training, instead of just 10. I thought: Wow, how comes that so fast? I was very suprised that it growed up so fast and now freeletics is a sport which is performed worldwide. Each town i visit, there is a freeletics group. Next week i am in Barcelona for example. I will train there with athletes, or in Vienna, there is another huge group”. Freeletics: It´s the desire for high intensity sport in a shorter amount of time and as a collective experience.

5 Replies to “Vom Bierbauch zum Waschbrettbauch – Freeletics in München. High Intensive Workouts im Maßmannpark”

  1. Freeletics ist schon lange bekannt,das sind einfache Bodyweight Übungen.

    Diese können auch schädlich sein,wenn die Personen die Übungen falsch ausführen.

    Zum Fettabbau eignet sich Freeletics gut,aber für einen bemerkenswerten Muskelaufbau keineswegs!

  2. Freeletics ist ja auch einfach ein toller Sport und die community wird sicher noch weiter wachsen.

    Nach nur wenigen Wochen war ich absolut süchtig und die fühlbaren und sichtbaren Resultate motivieren gleich noch mehr 😉

  3. nennt sich "modern", aber macht situps statt crunches und trainiert damit vor allem den m. iliopsoas anstatt den m. rectus abdominis; "dehnt" sich zum aufwärmen und reduziert damit den Effekt des anschließenden Trainings ohne das Verletzungsrisiko zu mindern. Das sind alles 70-er-Jahre-Philosophien a la Trimmdichpfad.

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