WAG Cooking Show: Father’s Day Israeli Salad

[Rory] Hey guys Rory Mckernan here
[Tommy] Tommy Marquez here as well [Gus] This week for Father’s Day we’re gonna make
[Coco] Israeli salad [Rory] close enough we’re making Israeli salad as you can see we’ve got some very special guests to me this is Gus and Coco and they’re my heart and soul man these are my kids and we thought it’d be appropriate because this
Father’s Day coming up we’re gonna do the chopping they’re gonna do the salad into the bowl
[Tommy] it’s an easy way to get your kids involved in cooking with you in the kitchen [Rory] act like you’ve been there before alright goodness gracious couple of rookies what do onions do to your eyes
[Coco] water
[Rory] they make you water from your eyes so that happened to me and Tommy earlier and it looked like
Tommy was crying the whole time [Tommy] No that’s not true [Rory] Tell Coco your secret for not making onions do your eyes like they’re doing to hers right now [Tommy] Oh Coco you know what you’re supposed to do supposed to take a piece of bread and hold it in your mouth it actually works [Rory] We experiment with cooking a lot in our house but probably not as much as we could so this is a fun one for us my kids’ll love these things as much
as I say they don’t love salad they actually she loves salad he’s not as
much into the salad all right so Tommy talk about the
protein out here there’s actually no protein in the salad [Tommy] yeah so that’s one of the nice things about something like this with the fresh salad you can kind of customize it as you see fit so say if you want some chicken some
cottage cheese cottage cheese is a really good high protein dairy source
and then we have some tuna as well [Rory] what do you guys know when you think about nutrition and eating healthy what comes to mind for you guys [Coco] I would say like maybe cucumbers and maybe like bell peppers and veggies [Rory] so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna squeeze the lemon on it here after we get these last
peppers in just hold tight for a second hey do you guys know what you call a fairy that doesn’t take a bath – Stinker Bell all right so when you’re squeezing just so you always wanna use your other hand to kind of
cover it up so it doesn’t squirt in people’s eyes So there was a quantity associated with the lemon or with the lemon juice but we’re basically just going nuts here what was it a
tablespoon I think it was a tablespoon or two we’ll obviously put that on the the
official docket but I think in this situation I’m stoked that these guys are even involved so I’m just gonna let them go the more they stay involved the better for me [Tommy] you got kids veggies cooking all mixed together [Rory] solid solid solid solid bang good solid activity I would be stoked if we could replicate this on Father’s
Day so I don’t know man an enjoyable one for me you can tell this is gonna deteriorate rapidly give me this give it a try tell us how it is lemony delicious [Tommy] happy Father’s Day [Rory] happy Father’s Day to my dad as well and then what do you guys want to say to all the daddies out there [Gus] bon appetit
[Rory] bon appetit I love it [Coco] happy Father’s Day and also you have braces [Rory] happy Father’s Day and you have braces thanks for watching

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