WAG Stories Cole Sager, Episode 2: Accountability in Goals

I actually had a friend that I was
talking to recently kind of asked me do you feel like you’re missing out on things do you feel like you’re so you’re so in tune with everything that you’re doing as far as you know competing you don’t get to go hunting you don’t get to
go travel out you know and see friends on a weekend you don’t get to fly places
because travel bugs you like don’t you feel like you’re missing out a little bit and I looked at him and I was like no I am so content where I’m at it feels
good to wake up every day and to chase this dream because I know again I have
that sense of purpose that person that I can see in the future and know that I’m
going to influence down the road so I’m content I’m totally content waking up every day and chasing this dream and dialing in as many areas as I need to in order to do it because it is gonna take
a whole lot more work than I have ever realized to this day to be able to
achieve what I want to achieve As a competitor the amount of people
that have been willing to support me throughout the years is just amazing and
the kind of the close the inner circle that I have now is so amazing whether it be Ben Bergeron as a coach and Genasee as my wife Adee working with me from Working Against Gravity with you know for nutrition and just good counsel [Ben Bergeron] Yeah I put in two 30-minute EMOM’s for tomorrow so the same thing we talked about yesterday is the idea if you wanted to do nothing today I’m kind of cool with you doing nothing use it as a catch-up day week two-days whatever it is don’t feel like you’re lazy if that’s the case you have like carte blanche you have total exoneree to do whatever you want to do for these next couple days [Cole] I do have some like some of my joints like my hips and what not are a little tight so would you maybe just stay away from like heavy like not heavy but like just squatting loaded squats or anything like that I mean [Ben] Yeah I would feel it out I didn’t put anything heavy in there I wouldn’t throw anything above a 225# bar around at all at all at all for anything I mean I wouldn’t go above a 135-155 pound bar just get some fitness and movement in I think you squatting with that might actually help you move through some junkiness [Cole] Whoa almost passed out okay all right photos done One of the biggest things for my
nutrition that I’ve seen I guess raise the level of me as an
athlete me as a person even is the accountability that I’ve had from WAG
and everything I do nutrition related it’s kind of opened my eyes very much to
how important accountability is in a lot of areas and facets of our lives I struggled with nutrition and I had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food for a lot of years and I even of the first few years
of competing in CrossFit I struggled with I struggled with food and just kind
of having a good healthy relationship on how I approached it and how I thought of
it big cheat meals were a very common occurrence when they shouldn’t have been and it’s a really unhealthy way to look at food If we don’t have accountability it’s really easy to let the things that we want to
be disciplined in just kind of fall to the wayside and just having the eyes of Adee constantly check-in and working with WAG has allowed me to just keep
things dialed in keep me disciplined keep me on track with things and it’s made a huge difference and it’s really just again opened my eyes to
other areas of my life that I feel like I can give to other people whether it be
Ben coaching or Genasee helping me out with things just in my in my everyday
life and how I can rely on accountability partners to help me kind
of get through maybe it whether it be a lull or I’m starting to have you know
struggle with a certain area have them kind of call some areas out and say hey
well here’s a place that you could make a change here’s where you could make a
benefit and grow in this direction and working with WAG has been awesome and Adee has been great with that she has been such a
wonderful accountability partner for my nutrition and even my mindset checking
in with her weekly has been phenomenal because she always has nice little
tidbits and insights little pieces of wisdom that she can
give that just kind of keep you on track keep you encouraged and just kind of
keeping you helping you stay the course which has been been great [Genasee] Over the years it’s been really easy to support him and whatever venture he wanted to go down because he’s that dedicated and giving a hundred and ten percent
to whatever he’s doing why I do it I mean the main thing is just so I can see my husband if I didn’t do it Cole and I would have way less time together and we really value the time that we do get together so it’s just an easy way for us
to both spend time together doing something healthy building each other up
supporting each other and then it just it makes it easier for him when he has a
grueling long day that he doesn’t want to do he doesn’t want to get through it
just makes it easier having somebody else there going through it with you somebody to talk to being there being there just to support him [Cole] How patient she is with me how much she supports me in athletics and everything I do when I
started WAG she started WAG just because it made my life easier
[Genasee] he was raving about it right from the beginning just giving him more peace of
mind freedom in results was I guess the main thing he really encouraged me to
start it’s just easier on him if I guess if we’re both in it together we’re more
in sync I guess when we’re going to the grocery store even choosing what foods
we need to be buying and then coming home when preparing them it’s for some
reason it’s just easier for us to both be measuring stuff out then when one is
and one wasn’t and then he also knew that I mean I had fitness and health
goals and he thought that working with WAG would just be beneficial to me as well completely aside from the fact that it would be supporting him [Cole] everything that I have done she has backed me in such a profound way it has made life so
enjoyable to get to just attack everything with with my partner and with
my spouse it’s often hard for me to completely like articulate how much I
appreciated Genasee how much she does for me and just she’s always there
supporting me in so many ways I mean I just love her to death and one of the greatest traits about her is just her willingness and openness to help and to serve she cares so much about people
and seeing their life come together so she’s always finding ways to
support me whether it be at the gym coming to my massages just talk and have a lot of time together or just you know kind of planning life out so I’d absolutely love to be able to do something special for her I’m kind of
thinking it’d be fun to surprise her with kind of a stay at home
date night maybe make some food together and bring her one of her favorite treats or something like that she just always lights up when she
gets a cute little gift or something you can tell that somebody’s thinking about her it just kind of lights her up so it’d be cool to
do that I’d love to do that for her [Cole] I’m surprising Genasee with some of her favorite cupcakes as well as we’re gonna make pizza together so it’d
be a fun little stay-at-home date night make food together and then just get to
hang out and enjoy time together it’s one of my favorite things just to get to
have quality time with her we keep ourselves pretty busy we’re pretty busy
minded individuals so always have something going on and it’s just nice to
be able to slow down sometimes and enjoy each other so she has no idea she
thinks that I’m completely in the dark about this [Cole] surprise
[Genasee] what is this
[Cole] we are having a stay-at-home date night [Genasee] Wooooo
[Cole] with cupcakes and pizza so figured we would make pizza together and just kind of enjoy the evening at home me and you [Genasee] sounds good thank you do we know how to make pizza though
[Cole] do we know how to pizza we have never made pizza together before [Genasee] oh no like we don’t have like a pre-made like pizza crust like we have to make our own crust
[Cole] like we’re going in it
[Genasee] oh no [Cole] this is like yeah I found a recipe I just figured it’d be funny just give it a shot let’s try I have no idea how to do it how’d that happen five six so 24 pieces of pepperoni and then the green pepper I mean we’re at a half a pepper that’s roughly 100 grams of
pepper I like to surprise Genasee with sweets
because she has the world’s biggest sweet tooth we keep things dialed in
really really closely throughout the season throughout training especially
the competition season and everything is just dialed in we weigh and measure just
about every single thing that gets put in our mouth but when there’s a
break in the season or right after the Games and we have just a chance to have
a little bit of downtime we just kind of like to enjoy life kind of unwind a
little bit so that’s why I thought it would be fun
to surprise Genasee with cupcakes she does so much for me all the time and it’s you know I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you
because salted caramel is your favorite flavor we got two salted caramel chocolate cupcakes and your other regular salted caramel cupcake I say we try cheers what’s up high five [Genasee] that’s good there is no Cole the handyman he tries [Cole] ah right in the knot dangit grrr

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