WAG Stories Cole Sager, Episode 3: Love Story

It’s it’s really I think it’s really
funny listening to Genasee tell the story of us like how we met and how we got
together how we started dating because it is like hot and cold black and white and
like the way that we tell the story [Genasee] I had a mutual friend in high school I went to high school with him Cole played football with him the U-dub and they
were roommates and he introduced us that is the short story you ask Cole that
will be like an hour and a half long story was how long it took him the last time he told that story [Cole] I like I see all these like extravagant details about it and the way that it played out and you know she can
tell it in two minutes like how do you do that I don’t even know my roommate actually went to school with Genasee in high school and he knew this about me he knew that I was just a hopeless romantic a sappy individual and he eventually after you
know I kind of had some ups and downs in relationships early in college like
okay look you gotta meet this girl Genasee she’s perfect for you she’s a goody-goody you’re a goody-goody you guys can be goody-goodies together
I’d be perfect I went to I came over to Spokane I was going to school in Seattle
I drove across the state over in Spokane to visit my roommate and Genasee happened to be home from school for the summer so my roommate took that as like perfect
like we’re gonna spend the whole weekend hanging out and I’m gonna I’m gonna
invite her everywhere and they’re gonna get together and it’s gonna be wonderful
and sparks are gonna fly and I was like David please don’t do that
he of course it had already had he’d already invited her to come hang out so
it was kind of a moot point like I can’t tell you how many things we did that
weekend like I spent three days here and it feels like I spent a month it was
amazing how many things we packed in just a few days so we get back from
grabbing food and we’re hanging out and Genasee and I decided to go out and
throw the football and so we’re starting to like throw the ball back and forth
and we’re probably 10 yards away and I’m just kind of tossing it and catching and
toss in that catching it and I’m starting to pick up on her footwork and
her movement patterns my god like so I started as like backing up and throwing
a little farther and a little faster and all of a sudden like I’m like full-blown
like 30 yards 40 yards away hucking this thing at this girl and she’s
just like just catching them left and right I like wow you catch and throw
better than most of my guy friends this is incredible like all of a sudden hearts
are just floating around my head you know it’s like haha you were a hard one to gauge right off the bat playing hard to get the way that you threw the ball and
how good you were playing catch was like oh my gosh like I need this girl in my
life but it was really like realizing like at that moment you were kind of
able to open up we got away from like David and it was just you and me and
like that’s we’re really kind of when I felt like we connected the most later
that evening I was driving back to the other side of the state it’s about a
four-hour drive across the state and I was taking off late at night I was gonna
gonna drive through the night and when I went to leave there’s just like this
like unsettling feeling in my heart of like you can’t leave here and not be in
a relationship with this girl and so that was kind of like when we like I
approached her what I think in a very manly way but in reality it was very
like I just kind of stumbled over my words it was super nervous and sweating
all over the place but yeah I just kind of like muttered out like you know
you want to have a relationship haha ya know ha ha Do you remember that one time I cooked what was it what did I cook in the oven was it like a turkey sausage [Genasee] haha he opened the oven I should find that picture I walk around the corner the oven is open and he has a stick with like a hot dog and he’s just like sitting here roasting his hot dog with the oven on high [Cole] it worked I think I also walked in one day it’s a small apartment I open the door and it’s just a burst of heat right in the face Cole went on a run outside or something and his shoes got wet and he wanted
them to dry so he put them over a heater vent turned the heat up as high as it
would go and left the apartment for hours until I got home it was like 90 degrees in there but his shoes were dry You were not the happiest camper you were not you know if I wasn’t doing CrossFit I’m pretty sure I would be the next Top Chef you know I
just I have this innate skill that just kind of came naturally just to make phenomenal food
[Genasee] cooking everything on high and putting salt on everything it does not need that [Cole] my secret would be more butter and more salt and it would taste delicious [Genasee] this one I want that way a little bit [Cole] you’d think that like I could hold these boards up here for longer because I workout so much [Genasee] There is no Cole the handyman he tries [Cole] ah right in the knot dangit grrr we need to find out where nails are in the trim because that’s where the studs are [Genasee] you think we need to put this in a stud Cole
[Cole] no everything needs to be in a stud I’m a natural stud finder
[Genasee] every male ever has made that joke he does put out a pretty good effort but I mean neither of us have much handy skills we do our best like Googling stuff looking things up on YouTube but at the end of
the day it usually just resorts to us calling my dad sounds reasonable to me but I also don’t know what I’m doing
[Cole] neither of us know what we’re doing [Genasee] we just we do things the hard
way everything takes way longer than it should like we we finish it we don’t
leave things undone but like that wall was painted like six times for some
reason house projects we fail like ten times before we finally settle like okay
I guess we can live with this because we’re tired of trying so much
you weren’t close to being straight [Cole] it’s perfect check you out [Genasee] haha Cole why did you choose this one [Cole] don’t put it don’t even
[Genasee] it’s his senior portrait [Cole] that is not cool that is not cool at all why would you hang that there that is not ok [Genasee] we can work with it throughout
[Cole] yeah I like it [Genasee] cool
[Cole] cool [Genasee] favorite ways to spend time together is it’s moments like this sitting and talking [Genasee] yeah well talking in any sense whether it be here by the fire or on a walk even just training
[Cole] yeah how many times have we’ve driven across the state didn’t play a
lick of music just talked the whole time [Genasee] and we do almost everything together where we function very well alone we’re both very independent by ourselves and
can function just fine on our own but we are ten times stronger together and we
much prefer to be together and we do as much together as we can because we’re
just stronger better happier people [Cole] you know what we have not had in a while in a long time is a cinnamon roll I love how serious of a thing that became us and cinnamon rolls

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