Want A Bicep Pump? Make Your Own Fat Gripz

Hey guys, this is a quick video to show you
a cheap alternative to Fat Gripz. It’s really simple, and if you like it you can splash
out on the real thing. Fat Gripz are thick, foam wraps that increase
the diameter of a standard one inch bar. Using a thicker bar increases muscle activation,
working your hands and forearms harder and giving you a really good ‘pump’. Fat Gripz are currently selling for £27,
which is around $40 US. Instead of spending that, get down to your local hardware store
and get yourself some pipe insulation. I’m in the UK so I went to B&Q, in America
you’ve got Home Depot. These cost about 80p each which is around
$1, and while it isn’t identical to Fat Gripz you can get a prety good idea of what it’s
like to use them. If you just want to make Gripz then a 1 metre
section will cut into 8 pieces, which gives you four pairs of Gripz. Just cut it like that, open at the seam, slip
it on, and you’ve got yourself a Fat Grip. I’ve cut one pair to use with my dumbbells,
and then the leftover i use as a bar pad for my barbell. Again just open it at the seam and slip it
around. You can use the bar pad for squats or what
I do is I use them for Barbell Hip Thrusts to make it less uncomfortable

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