Want To Get Back In Shape? | Anna’s 15 Week Freeletics Transformation Motivation

Hello, I’m Anna, 31 years old, married and a mother of two children. I’m about to begin my 3 months training with Freeletics, to try and get rid of the baby weight gained from my second pregnancy, that didn’t disappear like after the first time. For the next 3 months I’m going to train with my local training group. My motivation is to be the best, and to have the best result out of all of them by January! And in 3 months time, hopefully you’ll see a new me! For me it’s awesome that it turned into a routine. Because of that, I am now more aware of the food I eat. The kids are always with me. Every time they see the training mat come out, they start trying to copy the exercises, even before I’m ready to begin. The highlight of the day is now exercise. The 15 weeks with Freeletics are over now. I’m more pleased with myself now. I eat healthier. And even my children had a lot of fun along the way. Every time they see the green training mat, they immediately start copying me. Paul, my oldest son, said at some point “Mum, why is your stomach so much smaller now?” That was pretty nice of him to say. I’m so happy with what I’ve achieved so far, but there is still more room for improvement. I’m excited to see what the future has to offer. But for now, I’m very happy that I did the training.

45 Replies to “Want To Get Back In Shape? | Anna’s 15 Week Freeletics Transformation Motivation”

  1. Bullshit, she was already in shape and take fat only to lose it fast in 2 or 3 month and get paid for the pub, i got more results with a private trainer in 2 month than 1 year with freeletics.

  2. Leute, ihr könnt euch eure Fragen an sie sparen. Sie hat das Video nicht selbst hochgeladen sondern Freeletics.

  3. Super, Freeletics mache ich aus dem Grund, da ich nur aus dem Haus raus muss und nie weid weg von meinen Kids bin. Mach weiter so.

  4. Das war toll:) ich bin 34 Jahre alt und auch Mama zu 2 jungen 🙂 Ich bin gerade an meiner fünften Woche Und hoffe das ich auch so gute Resultate sie sehe 🙏🏻😉

  5. よく頑張ったね!私も今筋トレ中だからテンション上がる動画サンキュ❤️

  6. Meine mom ist dick sie sagt jeden tag sie macht sport und macht es doch nicht😅 irgendwie tut sie mir leid sie war noch vor der Geburt meiner brüder dühner als ich 😂😅😯

  7. Hola! Tengo un sobrepeso de 20kg, y quiero bajarlos con dieta y haciendo ejercicios, ya compré el programa de entrenamiento de freeletics.
    El tema es q después de mis embarazos me ha quedado diastasis de los rectos abdominales, lo cual por lo q he leído tengo la contraindicacion de hacer abdominales, quería saber qué hacer? Porque he leído q tendría que hacer hipopresivos, pero no son ejercicios q vayan con mi entrenamiento. Y desde que empecé el entrenamiento me ha salido una pequeña hernia en el ombligo, no estoy haciendo los.entrenamientos, sugerencias?

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