Water Bottle Workout (by Vitamin Well) / Home Edition

Hell I’m cindy welcome to my channel and this is my new video For today I have something different after all your requests i decided to film a body training you can do it everywhere we will train abs, arms and legs every exercise has a duration of 30 sec i have a surprise for you today we will use an equipment for our exercises not only a mat, as usual, and this is.. two bottles of water I will use a 0,5L bottle, but if you think this is too easy or if you want a harder workout so you can use 1L or 1,5L bottles you will see how many exercises you can do with only two bottles for abs, arms and legs if your’re ready, we can start! our water bottle workout has finished! I hope you had fun and you survived like my video and comment if you want and write me if you have any questions I’m happy to help you see you in the next video!

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