We Did 16 Weeks Of BBG Workouts | Our Results and Struggles!

– After seeing all the
amazing before and after transformations on
Instagram, we are putting BBG to the test. (upbeat dance music) BBG is this workout program designed by Kayla Encinas, and it’s hugely popular, you’ve probably seen
before and after photos on Instagram, it’s always hash tagged, and people just have these amazing results following this program. The program itself is 12 weeks long, so it’s a commitment,
and every week there are three strength training
workouts and then two days of recommended low intensity
steady state exercises, like walking, or maybe
jogging, for 30 to 45 minutes, and then one day of
stretching and rehabbing, and then one rest day, which
she says is very crucial. So that’s kind of the basic layout of BBG. Right now my current level of
fitness is minimal to none. I do yoga once a week,
in the past I’ve done yoga three or four times a week, and felt good about
that, but I’ve never been a gym person, so this is gonna
be very different for me. – So, I think I’m pretty
active, I love Rise Nation, I go four days a week, and I do Pilates. But I haven’t been to
the gym in over a year, so that was a little challenging. So I usually workout
four days a week of Rise, two days of Pilates, and now
I’m doing three days of Rise, and three days of BBG. – I’m just hoping to feel really strong and good in my body, definitely
looking for definition, some tone, I get that kind of with yoga, but obviously these
strength training workouts are a lot more focused on
building specific muscle groups. So, I would love to see some
abs, and have an awesome butt at the end of this, or
I don’t know. (laughter) – Honestly, my goal is
usually just to get stronger, and leaner yeah, I mean,
we all wanna lean down. I don’t have a weight goal,
it’s more overall stronger and a little bit tighter. – The hardest part of this,
I’m sure, is that it’s a long program, so it’s
12 weeks, but there’s also this four week beginner
recommended section, which a lot of the reviews
I’ve read recommend not skipping, especially
if you are someone who doesn’t workout, so
in total I’ll be doing 16 weeks of this, which is a lot. And it’s quite a commitment,
but I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of 30 day
challenges, and it’s cool to see what you can
change even in a month, so I’m excited to see the
changes that come from sticking with something for four whole months. Hopefully the workouts won’t,
there will be a variety, cause I definitely could
get a little bit bored if it’s the same moves, but
I think since she’s asking for 12 weeks, there should
be a good amount of variety. So there’s an app, and an ebook,
I’m going the ebook route, for me, I like having a physical copy, so I had it printed, and I really love that I can read more
about how she designed the program, have more
context, and then it’s also great to just be able to
flip through and anticipate what’s ahead. – So for the workouts I
decided to use the app, because I listen to music while I workout, and the app’s pretty good. So you pick, I think I
could pick my workout and then just follow it, have my music, have my wireless headphones in and just go through my 40 minute workout. – All right, so wish us
luck guys, BBG, here we go. Scared, I’m so scared. Workout one, done. (panting) This is gonna be so hard, it’s already. So it’s day one still,
and I can already feel that my quads are so fatigued, my butt is already feeling sore, I
think tomorrow is gonna be really painful, (chuckles) honestly. BBG beginner is no freakin’ joke. – I definitely feel like
I’m stronger, I did chin ups the other day, which my
challenge is to try and do a chin up every time I finish at the gym. – It is week three of
BBG, and I just wanted to impart this advice; do
your workouts in the morning. I usually do, and it’s
great, but today I thought, oh, I’ll wait till the afternoon, and then thought, oh,
I’ll wait till tonight, and now it’s seven o’clock, and
I really don’t wanna do this but, here we go. – I’m feeling really good
about it, the workouts are getting a little challenging. Yesterday’s was a little,
I skipped a couple things on yesterday’s actually. – So, I am four weeks into my BBG journey, I’ve completed the
beginner series, and now I’m about to start the official
12 week program. (exhales) How’s it going so far? I actually really like BBG. I really didn’t think I
was going to, I was super intimidated and not sure if I could do it, but I think the 30 minute workouts make it really manageable, and now
it’s actually something I really look forward
to starting my day with. – While on BBG I definitely
know that I need to, after my workout, eat
breakfast, cause if I don’t then I’m a little hangry,
and I do make an effort to think about my
breakfast having protein, whether that be a
smoothie, or like oatmeal, or something, hemp seeds, with oatmeal. While I workout I need to
listen to very upbeat music, so it’s a mixture of Cardi
B, and I think DJ Khaled, right now, I basically
need someone yelling at me for 30 minutes. – I have this very scary
chart of all the BBG workouts I have to do, that you can
see I’m through week two of the real deal program, I
did full body this morning and I’m so sore that
it hurts when I cough. It is week 12 of BBG, and
I am all caught up somehow, I don’t know how, I’ve done every single strength training workout,
I’ve done every single cardio workout, including
the two weeks I was traveling in Asia with my family on vacation. – Okay, so BBG done and done. So while doing BBG I wasn’t really worried about injuring myself,
there was the few moves that I thought looked a
little odd when there was twisting involved, with cables,
cable pulls and twisting, and so I just didn’t do
those, so thankfully I did not have any injuries while on BBG. Can’t say the same for Zena. – Aww.
– Aww. – I was doing burpee broad jumps today in my workout, which
is like you do a squat and then you jump forward,
and then you kick back and do a burpee, and on
my third one I landed and my knee just kind
of crumpled beneath me, and I fell over. I don’t know if I just landed on it wrong, or something was off
with my form, but I fully fell over and had to get
assistance leaving the gym, had my friend pick me up
and take me to urgent care to check it out, and
they are now referring me to an orthopedist to see
if I tore my ACL again. (grunting) So frustrating. Moral of the story guys, BBG moves, seriously, be very easy, I
was just talking about this. Be easy with yourself, be gentle. If something feels like
it’s kind of shaky, just don’t do it, do something
else instead, who cares? Don’t tear your ACL, I really
hope my ACL isn’t torn, this is so bad. I did see the orthopedist,
not only was my ACL torn but it was actually
completely missing in my MRI, which I’m still trying
to wrap my head around, so I have a surgery scheduled next week for a ACL replacement. The thing I will say
about this injury is that I actually tore my ACL and
had it replaced 10 years ago, so I’ve already had knee
surgery, this is not new to me, I’ve always felt
like it was a little bit of a sensitive, wonky
knee, ever since then. So I don’t totally blame
BBG for this injury, I think a lot of people make it through their program just fine. I do think it is a hard
workout, and there’s some difficult moves
there, especially towards the final weeks, which I was in, so sadly it was the thing that re-tore my ACL while I was attempting, but I think this also could have
happened if I was doing any number of activities in the future, so, eh, it happened while I was doing BBG, is it BBG’s fault? It probably would have
been something else. – So now that I have my results from BBG, I feel good about them, especially since everything has decreased a little bit. And I think more
importantly I feel stronger. So that’s, really at the end of the day, the number doesn’t matter, but I do feel stronger, so, it’s good, 17
weeks of BBG has worked out. – For reference, I injured
myself about three weeks ago and I haven’t been very
active, as you can imagine since then, I also haven’t been eating the most clean diet since injuring myself. It’s weird how an ACL
injury will really make you crave ice cream. My numbers didn’t show a huge result, probably because there’s been
a three week lapse of laziness but I pretty much stayed the
same in all of my measurements. I do feel like you can
kind of see a difference, but it’s slight at this point. The pros of BBG, I do
still think there are pros, even with an injury from it. I like that the workouts
were only 30 minutes, that was really convenient
for me, it was really easy just to fold into my morning
routine, they go by fast, it also, in the printed guide version didn’t require too much equipment. Usually it was just a bench, a jump rope, and maybe some weights or a medicine ball. So, that was great,
especially for traveling, when I was using different
gyms I was usually able to manage with what they had there. – So some of the pros of BBG
were, one, it’s on an app, so much easier, you just
pick a day, I’m sorry, you pick a workout,
whether it be arms, legs, full body, it’s timed,
so it’s 28 minutes total. The timer goes through
it, finishes it for you, you move onto the next, you can still play your music, every workout
was different, so I really never got bored. And it tracked it all for me. So, and it was super
convenient, so it was really just a win, win. – Cons of BBG, I mean, (laughter). I do think regardless
of whether I had injured myself or not, the workouts are very hard, and they had the beginner
BBG four week program, which Sara and I both did to build up to the regular, but towards
the end the workouts really are hard, they have
you doing these squat jumps off double benches, and
it’s a lot more plyometrics, I don’t think that’s to
say any of that’s bad, and some people can probably handle it, and get great results from
it, but if you’re someone who’s not used to working
out, or if you’re someone who had a prior injury, I
would probably go through it maybe just with a personal trainer, or maybe a physical
therapist, if you have one, just to go over the
movements and make sure that they’re safe for your
body, or just that you even have the correct form
as you’re doing them, to make sure that you don’t get injured, or just for safety, safety first, folks. – Some moves that were,
I don’t like doing things where it’s twisting, or
some of the cable pulls, I would just find a
modification, but I think because I’m a little bit
more savvy in the gym space where I knew I could do something else, but some of the moves I did think, like if you were your
first time working out, they were a little
difficult towards the end. So that would be a con,
if you weren’t comfortable on a gym floor to modify,
or if you didn’t have that certain machine. – Okay, this might sound crazy, but I probably would revisit BBG. I would just probably,
personally, stick to beginner BBG and maybe the
first four to eight weeks of the regular BBG program. I just felt like the
workouts then were manageable but still gave me a really
good sweat and made me feel like I was getting stronger,
and I think you can see really good results even just continuing with cycling through those workouts. The workouts at the end, just personally, plyometrics, obviously,
don’t work great for me with my bad knee, so it
is something I’d revisit I would just probably modify
the way that I approach it. – I would recommend BBG
to anyone that likes working out in a gym, but
isn’t necessarily comfortable about what to do in a gym. So, cause she’s basically
gonna show you what to do. But if you need more direction as far as, more motivation, or someone
yelling and guiding you, then not so much. That’s like a studio,
actually like a group fitness class, but if
you’re comfortable in a gym and you can follow directions on an app then I think it’s perfect for you. – So that’s it guys, that is
the end of our BBG challenge. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see more challenges, and comment below if there’s anything
specifically you wanna see. We will see you back soon guys; bye. (upbeat new age music) – We’ve all seen the before and after transformations on
Instagram, but, ah, okay. (mumbling) Okay, sorry, I’m having a day.

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