We Drove Across America (44 hours) to See a Concert || Denver Road Trip video

Hi guys, my name is Taylor. Thank you so much for visiting my channel I feel like peak soccer mom with this visor on but I’m deep conditioning my hair and I really wanted to film this right now So recently, I’m on a road trip 22 hours pretty ambitious (one way) I left from the city in upstate New York that I live in to go to Denver, Colorado It was the longest road trip that I personally have taken and I did not do it alone. I Have a special guest So when we were in Denver It was my first time going. I’ve never been before I only fell off of one glacier Mountain thing so the purpose of us going to Denver was to see a group a music group of musicians band Called snarky puppy and they were performing in this amphitheater. Okay, let’s just go see them in Denver. He wanted to fly. I wanted to drive so of course, we compromised and we drove. The concert was great. By the way, it was like really pretty there’s a lightning storm I’m sure it rained elsewhere. B ut we could see the Lightning over the whole area Cuz you’re like elevated in like a mountain, I guess and the music was wonderful It was like a Michael Franti concert. I never heard of Michael Franti before but He was cool, too. We left during that we didn’t stay and that’s for the food I’m only mentioning this because I Really liked it, and I need to go back and try at least one more time before I die There’s this cafe called Stella’s that we were at pretty frequently we went at least three times and I have this hot tea called the dream tea it is so Good. It’s like mango black tea. I use steamed oat milk and I think maybe honey But I don’t know what else is in there because it tastes really good I’ve never had tea like that before and I drink tea all the time in that tea was really good this trip Very much convinced me that I’m 100% ready to pursue my career as a van lifer That’s all I have to say for this video if you liked it Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and join my travel adventure and normally make fashion videos But I do on occasion travel so I make travel videos, too I have a whole bunch of stock footage But I’m going to edit together to montage all the outdoorsy stuff that I did in Denver which I thought was beautiful. Views and mountains and everything that I have so stay tuned to watch that I Love Wham

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