We Tried Extreme Climbing • The Test Friends

(hip hop music) – Today we, The Test
Friends, are at Rise Nation which means which means climbing ladders. – I don’t know what’s gonna happen today but one thing I’m sure
of is, I’m gonna hustle. – I’ve heard that this is really intense but I’m hoping that because
I still exercise regularly it won’t be too bad. – Not really, I don’t
really know much about this. I saw a picture of it,
it kinda look like hell. – I’m not someone that exercises at all but everyone here has like
very great, 100% smiles and that’s very reassuring. – So I really hope Ryan will spare us all his groaning. – I make noise when I work out because I’m an expressive dude. (laughs) – A half hour here, hitting these machines. Yeah, I think I got it. – [Jen] So what is Rise Nation? – Rise Nation is a 30 minute cardio class that incorporates full body
and we spend the whole thing on the Versaclimber, so pretty
much you’re fighting gravity. It’s like an endless ladder, if you wanna think of it that way. – I hear Bradley Cooper does this. (laughs) He’s pretty ripped, so. – He’s ripped, he’s a handsome guy. (laughs) – Ryan is obsessed with Bradley Cooper. – He’s a big Coop-head,
he’s a big Cooper head. – I would like to have
his muscles, if I could. (deep bass music) – We’re gonna hold on to both handles. Yep, hips are gonna go back, right. – Devin, the superhuman, was telling us to do these moves where
you would have to like, we’d change up the speed,
sometimes you do these like really intense rip through motions. – If you think of going full-length, and just using a little bit more energy. – Kay. – Looks kinda like this, so. – [Ryan] Oh, shit! (laughs) – You know what I’m talking ’bout. – Devin, I’m pretty sure is a Na’vi from the motion picture, Avatar. – Look guys, y’all know I’m a big homo but Devin was the most
beautiful man I have ever seen. – Aw, it’s gonna suck man. – [Devin] We’re going full reaches, hips down and back. Use that tempo with one, two, one, two. Keep it going, yep. – After a couple minutes,
just flatlined, I thought, well, only 28 more minutes of this. So I’m going to die. (Ryan grunts) – [Devin] Nice and small,
let’s skip to the beat. (Ryan grunts) – This motherfucker is always grunting. – The unifying theme of
all the things we’ve done are the strange, very unique
noises that are produced by Ryan Bergara. (Ryan grunts) (laughs) – This is the warm up, right? – Exercise just maintains you, uncomfortable resistance will change you. (laughs) – Devin was great, I
was really made at him because at one point, it looked
like that he wasn’t sweating and I was like, how fucking dare you. – At least look like
you’re a little tired. (laughs) Don’t be a dick. – A few minutes into the workout, it started like changing colors and I felt like I was in a club. Oh, shit the ceiling! – Gonna take it back, full length, in four, three, two, one, stretch. Two, stretch, two. Hips down and back, Ryan. – Okay. – There you go. – It’s a dark room where you’re just doing interval training, climbing a ladder forever. It’s literally hell. – I shut my eyes when I was exercising ’cause I was like, if I just
shut out all external stimuli maybe there’s a part of me
that can pretend that I’m, that this isn’t happening. – I think the squats
were my favorite part. We were doing like a little ladder twerk. It’s like your dancing, guys. – No, it’s not. (laughs) – [Devin] Stretch two yeah. – Hell yeah! – [Voiceover] We’re dancing — (Shane grunts) – [Devin] There you go, Shane. Two, yep. – They’re waiting for you
to turn around. (laughs) I’m not in high school, he can’t fail me. But I was just like, he’s not
looking, he’s not looking. (sighs) – Nice, you guys do better when
I’m down here, huh. (claps) Let’s go and get in a nice
sprint down in squat position. Moving as fast as you can, squat position. (high intensity music) – I really like Rise Nation in the moment. And now, I still like it
so, I think I’ll go back. – It was one of those things
where I really feel like it was targeting areas of my body that I’ve always wanted to target. – If I hate a workout, it’s
because it’s a good workout. And I hated it. – There were definitely times where it… really got strenuous and I didn’t know if I was gonna make it. – There was a moment where
I was utterly defeated. I felt like I was gonna throw up and then I just reached inside and I thought, what would Kobe do? – Did get the most steps, ’cause I’ve got big, dumb, giant legs. – I don’t know how I
miraculously came in last, but I did, I’ll own it. But I think it was just
because I was checking out my butt so much in the mirror. (laughs) – I like skateboarding and I like walking, but I don’t like any
other form of exercise. – I think everyone had a crush on Devin. Daysha, for sure had a
crush on Devin. (laughs) – He’s a buff, beefcake,
black Fabio prince. – I’m not Bradley Cooper, I never will be but that day I went the extra mile and I feel better for it, so. – At the end of the day, it’s about hustle. And if you’re not here to
hustle, then why are you here? – Yeah, hell yeah, I feel that hustle. Hustle manics. Addicted to hustle. (laughs) (sighs)

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  1. I hate every single person in this video. The machine is the only cool interesting part. The rest is just total unthinking mediocrity.

  2. He is Handsome. Everyone would have taken Devin's (Sp?) D.Shane Especially Lol I love how adorable Jen is. Tone down the need to say You're a Dyke in every video. I LOVE These videos. The Try Guys especially.

  3. Just in the beginning by the way Jen was looking at Devon, she was coming back to the south side. 😭

  4. Shane is in my three favorite buzzfeed shows, this, unsolved, and when they live in odd circumstances (don't remember what it's called

  5. I though they all had a crush on Devon when I saw them looking at him at the beginning of the vid and then later Shane's like "..we all had a crush on him" lol I knew it

  6. “Look Guys, y’all know Ima big homo but Devin was the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen”

  7. Is Jen single, because I'd very much would love to date her. She is so damn adorable. Started watching Test Friends for Ryan and Shane, but I keep watching for Jen (and Daysha).

  8. “The unifying theme of all the things we’ve done is the strange, very unique noises by Ryan Bergara.”

    What? Like his Wheeze?

  9. Thats the west Hollywood guy from jpees video
    Im not gay
    Likeeee ahhhhh i recognized him cause i had such a hard crush on him

  10. How is Shane’s scared of the ceiling changing colors but not of actual demon houses that could literally kill him

  11. Jen:look guys you all know I'm a big homo
    but Devan was the most beautiful guy is ever seen

    honestly same Jen same

  12. this literally looks like fuckin hell, i'd be done after 5 minutes and just leave that's it i'm outta this goddamn NIGHTMARE

  13. I'm the exact same as Ryan tho. I can't do anything without moaning about it and then I'm like "let's do it again"

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