Week 2 Day 3 // Total Body Workout with Weights

what’s up guys today’s total body
workout is made up of six different exercises that we’re gonna repeat for
three sets total these multiple sets are going to help you build strength build
muscular endurance and ultimately burn fat faster so if you’re ready guys
grab those weights and get ready we’re starting with our warmup right now that’s it guys another full-body workout
is complete awesome work I hope you feel amazing if
you guys are loving this 12-week workout plan don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up and share it with your friends have an awesome day guys and I will be
back tomorrow with a brand new workout

100 Replies to “Week 2 Day 3 // Total Body Workout with Weights”

  1. Done! Loving how the exercises in found difficult on week one are now much stronger (let’s not say easier!!) and I’m loving the challenge of the new ones…. sweating like a sweaty thing 😘

  2. I'm just trying to type this after completing day 3, managed to finish it as, woken up with my Grandson cold and sore throat but I didn't want to miss it as I'm determined to complete your whole 12 weeks
    Loved this workout always love it when adding weights with
    Thank you for another great workout today

  3. this one was killer! Loved it so much. Still need to work on my push ups and form they're the most challenging for me

  4. Day 2 – holy shiznet! Day 3 – damn! Two great workouts! Heather, these are just awesome, thanks for all of it. Love all the workouts, it just keeps getting better… Much luv to the HR team around the world! PS Heather, Loved the behind the scenes on IG. Just good stuff!

  5. You will need your Lillian Vanderzalm headband today folks. I am sweaty mess. Those kneeling squats were killer. Sorry for the spoiler.

  6. I have just completed this workout….I am feeling soooo fresh…Amazing workout sequence… Waiting eagerly for next videos…Thank you soo much dear.. :-))

  7. Great workout 🙂 I'm just seeing this… so trying to decide if i should start from beginning or move forward from here??? Thank you!

  8. Heather, thank you again!💖
    It would be nice if in warm-up and cool down you would show how you change poses. Because i don't catch up sometimes. Thanks

  9. Also it's soooo good to see your face in the beginning of the workout! I missed this with your new workouts last year❤️

  10. I almost didn’t workout this morning. As I was making excuses in my head, my body started getting dressed for the workout and I’m glad it did.
    I have a lot to work on but after every workout, I have zero regrets. Thanks Heather!

  11. Thank you Heather! It made my day 🙂 I love that cardio and strenght combo, much more effective with burning fat not carbo. 250kcal for that one and your set of 40 in 40' with total 680kcal for my session today 🙂

  12. wop wop wop week 2 day 3 done…..i feel my arms…..it feels so good to made my better me…..thanks Heather Robertson

  13. Love your workouts, Heather! Very effective, not a lot of time wasting talk. You just get to it. Like that. And love the music. Keeps me in it. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Enjoyed this workout so much. I can feel myself getting stronger every day. You are great Heather! Really loved today's workout 🙂

  15. Another great workout! I really love that you have added the weights but that you are still mixing in the body weight exercises, such a great combination! Thank you!

  16. Oh my gosh those fist bumps totally tricked me…not as easy or as awesome as I initially assumed lol but felt soooo good to complete another workout in this amazing program.

  17. So excited! Keeping up with this program is making my workout time so enjoyable – thank you, Heather! Getting me through the winter blues!

  18. 1st off I want to say I am truly enjoying your workouts. They are so good, easy to follow and at the perfect pace so my form is always good. It might just be me but I get a little dizzy with the camera moving more than usual. I don't remember that in your other videos. I love your music and the sounds to move to the next excercise just wondering how you choose to do that instead of you speaking. I only ask because you have a very soothing voice 😊 Please keep making amazing workouts. You are awesome!!

  19. Terrific! I was tired today but I got through it well and feel more energized and ready to take on dinner time!! Ohhh the upper body! Thank you, Heather! Hoping tomorrow has more lower body and booty!

  20. Loved this one!! Featuring my all time favorite moove: deadlift & row! Did those with 25 lbs and felt the 🔥 i have tried the rest of the upper body exercices with 10 lbs, will see how my arms are doing tomorrow!! Thanks for those workouts i’m having a blast so far! 💪

  21. Loved this Thankyou Heather Love upper body weights I had a body scan this week it said I have a bit too much body fat 😬😫😩🥺hoping at the end of the 12 week challenge that will change it I eat well enough and keep very active However I won’t give up 👏🏻👍🏻😁♥️

  22. Yeah, Heather this was definitely a fun one. Love the music and the workouts. And per my Apple watch I had 325 calorie burn!

  23. Just completed Week 2 Day 3 workout. I had to trade out my 10lb weights for 8lbs a couple of times but I’d rather do proper techniques then to get sloppy. Heather is a Beast! I’m feeling stronger each day. Completed my fist workout without having to press pause! Yay!!!! We can do this guys! One day at a time! Until tomorrow…. 🤸🏽‍♀️

  24. Another workout complete and I am feeling so strong. Thank you, Thank you, thank you Heather for doing this for us! 🙏🏽 I’m so blessed to have found you

  25. I LOVE the weighted exercises. For some reason it makes the workout go by so fast! Thank you for doing this!! Excited for the weeks to come 🙂

  26. Very nice workouts dear….but plzzz do mention the calories burnt in your workouts so that we can be more sure for the exact calories we r burning too….thanx😍😍🙏🙏

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