– This one just finished a Tour de Unit here at Unit 27, Phuket, Thailand. I did absolutely nothing
except push buttons, and I still sweat like crazy. (upbeat music) (man yelling) (man yelling) Good morning world, it is Monday. It is the fourth week of
our training adventures on Fitness Street. Waking up in a new resort here, Coco Retreat,
(camera clicking) which is one street away
from Fitness Street. It’s about 9:30 a.m. in the morning, the fourth of November, 2019. Miss Whale in the house. – Hi everyone. – Just waking up and just taking it easy this morning. It’s been a crazy three weeks of training, and so therefore our morning
today is slower than usual which is okay. This one’s getting her
Pilates stuff together, we’re getting ready to film some Pilates. Of course, you know, she’s
an online Pilates instructor, she’s adding to the courses, and if you have any interest in Pilates and learning online check her out, she’s amazing. Tomorrow we’re going to AKA, so if you are looking at
training in and around Phuket, Muay Thai, whether it’s for
fitness or to learn technique, check out the other videos in the series. But, also tomorrows video will be on AKA. I just called up the guy over the phone. Robs, I haven’t told you just yet, just got off the phone to a guy, from two o’clock ’til three, and three ’til four we’ll
have private sessions with the trainers at AKA Thailand, an amazing gym we trained
at last year in Muay Thai. Highly recommend that place. I’ll link up the old video from last year, but tomorrows videos will be
brand new private sessions. I think they’re 700 Baht each. Anyway, this morning I’m going to hang around Fitness Street, I’ll bring you along. I’ll take you to some
places, we’ll go exploring, but no training this morning. We’re tired, we’re exhausted, it’s been a crazy three weeks. And then I’m going to drop into Top Team, another gym on Fitness
Street, Muay Thai MMA, and have a chat to them about
doing some privates there. All right guys, I’ll see you very soon. I’m going to have a coffee and then I’ll see you on Fitness Street. See you soon. (chill music) (birds chirping) Here we are guys, Mama’s
Cafe, Mama’s Restaurant. – Look what I’ve got here. I’ve got a coconut to drink for hydration, a must-do here in Thailand. And look how amazing this
tuna Nicoise salad is. It looks absolutely delicious. I am so, so excited to eat this thing. Brad, on the other hand, has his what? – [Brad] Breakfast of Champion. – And that’s totally his sort of dish ’cause he loves his eggs, he’s got a little bit of carb there, he’s got his veg, he’s
got everything he needs. All his macros, awesome. – [Brad] And where are we? (camera clicks) Mama’s– – [Robin] Oh, we’re at Mama’s Cafe. You’ve guys have got to come here. It’s got air con on these hot
days when you need a break. And it’s cool, I’m actually
working here at the moment. Power Points, everything you need. So, it’s a really cool place to come work if you’re working on the road. – [Brad] Enjoy, Robs.
– Thanks. (chill music) – Okay, we’re back at our little resort. About to jump in the pool for a swim. Get a bit of sunshine. Coco Retreat here off Fitness Street. This next street from Fitness Street. This is one of our swimming– we should just jump in this one, I think. – A beautiful lap pool, it’s so nice. – [Brad] Yeah. It’s quite, quite stunning. And there’s nobody here. – [Robyn] Dive in!
– Yeah. – Two chairs just for us.
– Perfect. – All right, we’re gonna jump in the pool, and then Robyn has a class. A nice relaxing Monday. – [Robyn] Look at you! – I want to show everybody the views here. Someone’s happy today. Hey, you’re super happy, look at you. – I am happy, look where we are. How could you not be happy? – [Brad] Let me show everyone our views, ’cause yesterday it was raining. Look at that, guys. Some clouds in the sky, but the big border is just there. So we wake up with that
big boarder right there. I’m sure if you guys request it you can get a boarder-facing
room here at Coco Retreat. All right, it’s time to
get ready for the pool. (upbeat tropical music) (splash) – Good afternoon world. Fourth of November 2019,
Unit 27, here we are. 5:00 until 6:00 p.m. class. This one’s about to rock
the assault bikes here and whatever else they’ve got. Box jumps or whatever the
heck they got planned here. Look at this. – [Robyn] Tour de Unit, guys. – Yeah, it’s called Tour de
Unit, like Tour de France. Yeah, so we’re gonna give you
the highlights of this class. It’s really warm here in Thailand. Open air facility. Look for the location of this
place (camera shutter clicks) on Google Maps. But, we’ll give you the
highlights of Tour de Unit. (Robin laughs) – This one is doing it, I’m filming. This is gonna be fun. – Sorry, I’m just looking at those bikes. You know, they’re not the
normal spinning bikes. – [Brad] Assault bikes. – They’re assault bikes. Which are so hard core.
– Insulting. – So hard core, so it isn’t
even a normal spinning class. It’s like, a spinning class on frickin’– – Steroids.
– Yeah. (hip hop music) – [Woman] Thank you! – [Brad] Thank you, say
goodbye, say goodbye. – Bye! – Say goodbye. – (laughs) Bye! – One of the coaches
here at Unit 27, guys. This one just finished a Tour de Unit here at Unit 27, Phuket Thailand. I did absolutely nothing
except push buttons, and I still sweat like crazy. – I know, it’s hot. – I don’t know how you feel, but I feel for you. – Well, you know, it was a hectic class, but you have amazing trainers
– Oh, yeah! and they are so encouraging. – Tamika Killed it. – Plus you do it in a team, and so you’re spurring each other on. – [Brad] The team
atmosphere is incredible. – [Robyn] Yeah, and it gets
you through the three rounds that you have to get through.
– I can see that. – And afterwards it just
feels like a massive sense of achievement. I’m pretty tired today, and it’s hot. It’s hot, hot, hot, today. So yeah, that was really fun. It was a really good class. You don’t always have great classes, it’s really challenging. – Yeah, Tour de Unit is this class. And I hope you enjoyed
the highlights, guys. That’s what the class looks like. And that’s what you’ll look like too after you finish. (laughs) – (laughs) That you will. – Anyway, we’re finished for the day. I mean, I didn’t train
today, so. (clicks tongue) But tomorrow, I’m training, am I? – You’re training twice tomorrow. He’s actually got three hours of training. – I’ve got a big session, big day. – Two hours in the morning and then one private in the afternoon. – That’s why I didn’t train today ’cause I’m pacing myself, you know? I practise what I preach here. – How about one tomorrow? – Anyways, so tomorrow morning I’m doing a two hour Muay Thai class at CMT Muay Thai just off Fitness Street. And, what am I doing in the afternoon? – AKA, it’s the first time. – [Brad] Oh, that’s right. – We both have a private there. I’ve longed, like last year, Brad did one, and it is the most beautiful place. You’re surrounded by trees.
– [Brad] Amazing. – It’s like you’re in a Muay Thai forest. That’s what it feels like. The jungle. – It’s not Unit. These guys are watching it
for the Unit experience. It’s not CrossFit, it’s Muay Thai, but for me it’s fitness,
it’s just fitness. – You can also treat the
Muay Thai as fitness as well. – As fitness.
– Like I do. – That’s what we do. If you’re interested in those classes or the details about them, stick around for tomorrows videos. In the meantime– – You know what Muay Thai is really great for is obliques. The kicking and all the rotation really strengthens you up
in the sides of your body. – For guys, it opens up your hips too. I have very bad hip flexors. And I guess most guys
have bad flexibility. – Yeah, normally. – And I find that after Muay Thai my hip flexors are much, much better. My hip rotation’s incredible. – And we’ve learned a couple
of really good warm up sessions we’ll show you tomorrow before the class. – She’ll show you, she’s the expert. – To open up the hips. Remember,Evolve–
– She’s an expert. – Showed us that. – We learn some really cool things. Anyway, that’s tomorrows videos guys. I hope you enjoyed this one. And if you have any questions
let me know, or Robs. Otherwise, have an amazing day. – See you tomorrow. – Amazing day, amazing night. – Goodbye.
– Goodbye. (chill hip hop music)


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