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Weight Loss Transformations today so today I’m gonna go over some
remarkable transformations BEST Personal Trainer in NJ I’m just gonna go alphabetical order a
minister with Brett this is her before Weight Loss Transformations and this is her after picture now I
believe it’s been a couple months since she’s taken this after picture and
I’ve noticed even more results on next up is Chelsea now even though
everyone knows a Chelsea likes to talk a lot and likes
to pull around a lot clearly the results are still there so I
gotta give it to this girl she’s doing a Greek transformations weight loss great job Christina has had an insane transformation she wanted to
compete for a bikini competition and unlike most people she actually went
all the way through with her goals and she did compete this last April very proud to Christina and I know she’s proud of urself Meeker was won over other the key competitors
that did GRI she started off as a gymnast already in great shape but you want to
take your body fat percentage even lower and complete her first bikini
competition and as you can see over the weeks she
did lose over five percent of her body fat she
got outstanding results miles I love this guy miles is a great
guy he started off fifty pounds heavier and you lost a lot of weight and even
though he does not live transformations weight loss close enough to go to our gym anymore he
still comes in every couple weeks to get his workout BEST Personal Trainer in NJ bridger miles nicolette definitely had
one of our greatest transformations a gravity she had only had an incredible
transformation but she went on to be a trainer for us and she has
helped multiple clients transform their bodies and their lives
penny penny is a beast penny not only lost we
but she managed to pull through any surgery and
even though she had the knee surgery she didn’t give up Weight Loss Transformations kept going and she continued losing
weight penny continues to come to a gym and continue seeing results Sammy degree
transformation he lost a lot only Sam was the winner over last summer
transformation challenge her results speak for themselves Sandra or sandy as a call her is one of the
happiest members at our gym I’ve only seen her in a bad
mood one day and that day she had a very very
low carb day so I don’t blame her she always brings
about a lot of positive energy transformations weight loss and obviously she losing a lot of weight
training with us Scott works really hard he’s up for any
challenge and never shies away from the
heavyweight his hard work has really paid off great job Skype
share in is another miraculous transformation as
you can see from her after picture we could probably fit BEST Personal Trainer in NJ two of her and her all dress chance
transformation was so amazing that she has a whole video Weight Loss Transformations dedicated just her transformation that
you can check out here going a little bit at about the medical order now Marie how could I forget Marie she was
our last skinny jeans Challenge winner as you can see she got some really good
results she fit into a pair of jeans that she hasn’t been able to fit into an
for ever and you could just tell that her whole
body has made a few transformation Steph is one of my in home clients a
contar house and train her in her home four times a
week Steph has lost a lotta we she now has a flat stomach because she
has three kids to take care of she trains at six in the morning and doesn’t make any excuses another
Stephanie in my opinion in retrospect Steph
probably should’ve won first place in the skinny jeans challenge a result in my opinion were by far the
most impressive as you can see she could barely fit into
her jeans before the challenge started and third ended Weight Loss Transformations she had plenty of space the third Steph Stephanie K she did great in the 909
challenge that we’re in this last january BEST Personal Trainer in NJ should have been having a little bit of
a tummy to a flat stomach I think everybody but Steph realizes how great
her transformation looks she’s humble about it and doesn’t take
the compliment to our head and last but not least I did not get
permission to give out her name so we will call her no-name a
little embarrassed for people that she knows Weight Loss Transformations to see her pictures which I don’t
understand why because I think transformations weight loss she looks incredible now her result it
is clear but year no-name you doing great that about wraps
it up stay tuned for more before and after
pictures and subscribe to get my best tips and tricks BEST Personal Trainer in NJ that I share only with these clients and
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