Weightlifting: High Hang Snatch

Yeah, stand. There you go. Relax. How do you guys feel? You guys feel better about this? Why do you think we’re focusing so much on the high
hang snatch? Less to go wrong, yes, pulling from the floor, there’s a lot
of variables. But also what we want you to do is to focus on two things. Number
one, we want you to learn how to create vertical momentum on the bar. This is the
position you need to get to from the floor. This down position. And what tends
to happen is people come from the ground, then they do this and then they just get
to here. And then where does the barbell go? That way. Watch my hip
extension, OK? Guys stand on this side of me, so you can see what I’m talking about. So if I’m coming from here and I get to here, then if I just do this, the bar goes
that way. But if I go from here to here and then I come to here, when I extend my hips, where’s the bar gonna go? Up. Casey Burgener says imagine hands on your hips here, and the hips are pushing the bar up. So we want the bar to come this
way and not this way. Right? The idea here is we’re elevating the bar with our legs.
Once the bar gets to as high as it could go, we’re just moving our body down and
around it, instead of us trying to manipulate the bar. So think about
getting the hips going up and that’s why you practice the high hang snatch. We
want to teach you how to create that vertical momentum with the
leg drive, punching yourself up, I’m sorry, pushing yourself up and then
pulling yourself under.

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