What Actually Happens In Your Body With Light Therapy?

What’s really going on in your body when
you get a light therapy treatment? How does it all work? Let’s start with the
basics. Can you name the one thing that keeps everything in our bodies going
is it protein how about carbs maybe water the answer is actually something
called adenosine triphosphate or ATP ATP is often referred to as the energy
currency of life why well think of it as the gas that keeps the engines of your
cells working and the interesting thing is that when you absorb certain
wavelengths of light your body uses that energy to produce more ATP it sounds
great right who wouldn’t want more energy but understand this your body
won’t produce more energy with just any type of light only very specific
wavelengths particularly those in the mid 600 and mid 800 nanometer range will
work effectively now these wavelengths have been proven
across hundreds of clinical studies to provide a wide range of benefits to the
body now let’s take time to go a bit deeper a resident biologist and Juve
co-founder Scott is here to give you some deeper insights into the specifics
of how light therapy provides benefits to the body
all right this short clip is only for the nerves that really dig the science
but if you want to go deeper with light therapy let’s dig in as Troy mentioned
not all light is created equal in fact photo medicine researchers have
discovered that certain wavelengths of light have unique ability to activate an
enzyme called cytochrome C oxidase or C Co during the fourth phase of cellular
respiration you see when our cells are under stress one byproduct is excess
nitric oxide which has a tendency to bind a CCO halting the normal production
of ATP and this is where light therapy comes into play during that last phase
of cellular respiration specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared
light break that bond between nitric oxide and CCO this allows oxygen to then
bind with NADH restoring the normal pathway for hydrogen ions to create the
electrochemical potential that produces ATP a simple way to think of this
process is that tons of light essentially charge your
cellular batteries which leads to a number of amazing benefits all right did
you get all that great now you’re ready to learn more click right here and I’ll
show you the real benefits of light therapy talk to you there

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  1. Hey, I’m just wondering about the reflexion of the light. I’m familiar with Bioflex laser and K-Laser which states from the studies that for the light to be absorbed, it has to be on the skin. How far are you from the light? Are you able to go right up against it or would there be an issue with the LED’s breaking.

  2. Great video! Exactly the kind of succinct description of red light and the mechanisms by which it operates that I was searching for!

  3. Plant Fitness employees said it makes your body produce more collagen and other skin improvements. True or false?

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