What Are the Best Machines for Chest, Arms, and Abs? | Ask A Trainer | LA Fitness

Hi and welcome back to another episode of ‘Ask A Trainer’! I’m your host, Candice Currie joined here today by Master Trainer, Stone Thomas. How ya doing? Alright, Stone, today’s question comes to us from Glen who asks, “What are the best machines to use for my chest, arms and abs?” Chest, arms and abs… well we have pressing machines that do all that. All the muscles groups that press the chest, the shoulder, and the triceps. Unfortunately, we don’t also have a machine that also incorporates the abs – Ok. -but any free weights, whether it’s dumbbells or barbells, you’re going to incorporate your core. So that will engage the abs and it’s going to work a little bit more on your stabilization during these motions. What you can do is utilize both machines that do the support and stability for you, like the chest press machine, whether it’s incline, decline, or just standard, or then you can go free weight variations on a bench or on a barbell. Awesome, and so then that would incorporate both the chest, the abs and arms? Exactly, any pressing motion you’re going to incorporate the chest, arms, and shoulders. For the abs, if you’re incorporating free weights, you will be engaging your core which are more deep stabilizing muscles, but to engage those external stabilizing muscles you want to do crunch variations like leg raises, crunch machines, or planks. OK, awesome. Well, thank you so much. There you have it Glen. Go ahead and send us your fitness related questions to [email protected] and we’ll see you next time.

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