What Are You and Your Body Choosing? – Access Consciousness Body Processes

Okay, I’ve got the weekend coming up. Now what would I like to do? I could go out to dinner with
a bunch of people I mildly enjoy, and sit in an uncomfortable chair and fight back wanting to choke them while they blabber on and on
about their boring lives, which TV shows and movies
they’ve seen lately. Or I could sleep in and lounge around all day in my robe a spend long hours
watching my cat stare at me while I binge watch shows on Netflix. Or I could go shopping and spend way too much money
that I don’t have on things that will make me happy
for about five minutes, before I realize that I’m still bored
and now deeper in debt. Or isn’t there a body process class going on, where I could learn a hands-on body process that unlocks different energies in my body and it would make my body and me
way happier and more nurtured. Well that one doesn’t
sound very normal or boring. I better choose one of my first three options.

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