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(soft music) – Hey everyone, welcome back to the You Need
a Budget YouTube channel. My name is Ashley and today I wanted to do
a different kind of video. For the past couple weeks, every time I’ve logged onto YouTube, in my recommendations
has been a video called, How Much I Spend In A Week. It must be making the rounds because I’ve watched probably
half a dozen at this point but I think they are fascinating. You get to hear from
people of different ages in different parts of the country and how much they’re
spending and I love it. Each one that I’ve watched so far has been a single person though, so I was trying to think
through how I could do it and not bring Jeremy into it since he didn’t sign up
to be on the internet. So, this past week is
great, is a great example, because he’s overseas still
for work so it’s mostly just me and I’m gonna share
everywhere I spent money and then I’ll share totals
of any discretionary spending and any bills that effect only me. So, my birthday’s coming up, I think by the time this video goes up I will officially be 33. And we live in Northern Virginia in a suburb of a suburb of
a suburb of Washington, D.C. So I’m gonna go ahead and rewind back to Sunday, January 5th. I met my lifelong friend
who’s name is also Ashley at a Korean fried chicken place. We ended up sharing a meal and then I think we got
an order of truffle fries and our total was around $22 or $23. And then after lunch we
went to an early showing of Little Women and I loved it. And our early bird ticket was $7.25. So I had brought cash because
I was planning on paying for my half of everything, but since it was my birthday, she ended up paying for
everything which was really nice. But the lunch would’ve come
out of my dining out category. And then I usually pay for movies out of my fun money category. One thing I forgot to mention in the intro is that I work from home and before YNAB, I had quite the commute so that’s wear and tear on my car and a lot of money in gas. So when after like my
first few weeks at YNAB, I was like I half to get
out of the house more. So I decided to repurpose my gas money and I started going to
Orange Theory fitness. So I spend, I think it
costs about $100 a month for eight classes, so that comes out to about $12.50. So I took one of those
classes Monday morning so I’m just gonna count that as $12.50. If you all watched my first video, you saw that we’re currently
saving for a trip to Italy but my passport is
expiring later this year and it’s one of those nagging tasks. I know I need to take care of
it and I kept putting it off. One of my sisters texted my
to say that a local library was having a passport pop up, so late morning I drove over
there to get it taken care of. It was I believe $15 for my picture and then $110 for the renewal fee and when I setup my budget
a year and a half ago, never thought to put a savings
category in for the passport so I had to use rule three
which is roll with punches. I ended up pulling the money
out of my vacation fund and that kind of worked out well. I don’t wanna clutter up my
budget with too many categories, especially for something
that’s paid so infrequently but I would love to know what you do and maybe if you forgot
about your passport too this’ll be the reminder to go
check to see when it expires. Since I was already out for the day, got ready, got dressed, I decided to stop at a coffee shop. My latte plus tip came out to $5.90 and I just worked there
for a couple hours. Tuesday was a snow day. I use that term so liberally in this area. If we get more than a couple
inches everything shuts down. I think school was closed both Tuesday and Wednesday last week. So I never left the house
but I did buy two things. A video editing plugin for $29.95 and then I also paid my
bill to the chiropractor. My insurance covers some of it and that was them sending me an invoice to say that that was
the balance that I owed. By Wednesday most of the snow had melted but I was getting a
little bit of cabin fever so I used my lunch break to
drive to the next county over where I get Bo’s food. Bo is my cat. I mentioned before he
has very expensive taste. So my total was $42.38 and I spend that about
every two to three weeks. And then on my way home
I stopped at target and I kept my receipt. I bought things like dishwasher detergent, snack bars, coffee, toilet
paper and cat treats for a total of $39.76. And it’s trips to target like this, that’s what made me lump together my grocery and household
spending into one category, so I don’t have to worry about
doing a split transaction. On Wednesday, I also placed
an online order at ulta.com. I got acne stickers because
life’s unfair sometimes and I also got a bronzer stick. My total would’ve been $64.66 but my in-laws gave me an
Ulta gift card for Christmas so it was really nice and it
covered that entire total. Thursday, I started off the
morning at Orange Theory for another $12.50 and I worked all day. I didn’t leave the house until
going to Giant in the evening and I am gonna try Aldi. I think I’ll do a separate video of like my first experience trying Aldi. Giant’s just super convenient and I mostly needed produce
and meat, rice and pasta. I usually do a pretty big
Vitacost order once a month and I get the fun snacky
things like chips and crackers, chocolate, specialty teas. I had done that at the
beginning of January so I didn’t need to buy
any snacks on this trip. So, $50.93, that’s about right and remember, Jeremy’s gone this week so food and leftovers last a lot longer. I started out Friday so hopeful. I really wanted to have one day where I could tell you all that
I spent absolutely nothing. So, I never left the house. I edited all day. I was feeling so good until
I went to check the mail. Open the little box and I saw
these letters sitting in there and I just knew, my stomach dropped. I was like personal property tax. Completely forgot all about it. Before YNAB, this would’ve
sent me spiraling. How am I gonna cover it? Do I have enough? Am I able to pay other bills? But I walked in the house, I set the letters down on the island and I whipped out my phone, scrolled down to personal property tax and the money was there. And I just, I don’t know how long I’m gonna have to be using the app before that doesn’t
just shock and amaze me but that is the best feeling to be able to sit right
down at my computer pay that bill and not have to worry about if I’m pulling from another bill or having to take money
away from something cool that I had been saving for. So that, that is the power of budgeting. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. Saturday, I had to do a terrible thing. So I mentioned my birthday’s coming up and my drivers license is expiring and it needs a new picture, so I had to go to the DMV and I just told myself,
have a good attitude, know it’s probably gonna take two hours but just come prepared. So, I brought a book. Oh my sister got me the
coolest glasses for Christmas. They’re Bose. I think they were technically sunglasses but she got me clear lenses so they pop in and they act as headphones. And the person next to you can’t hear it. I just think that’s so cool. So I read for a little bit and then I also watched
pretty much an entire episode of a Netflix show before my name got called. So I spent $42 and I got the new drivers
license with the Real ID, I think that’s why it was a
little bit more expensive. So since I was such an adult and I went and did that terrible thing, I treated myself with Taco Bell afterwards and that was $6.43. Because Sunday, January 5th, I ended up spending no money
since my friend treated me, I will end this video on
this last most recent Sunday. I went to my grandma’s who I call Gammy and she’s so much fun so
we ended up playing Yahtzee and grandmothers are also
wonderful because they feed you. So I ended up having to spend no matter, I didn’t have to use my own groceries and she fed me pretty much all day. It was a really warm January day. It was almost 70 degrees. My cousin was there and
offered to wash my car for $20. It was filthy. It hadn’t been washed since
we got back from Charleston so even the interior was full of sand. So that was $20 very well spent. And then after leaving her house, I stopped at Starbucks and spent $17.28 to get drinks for me, my
parents, and my little sister. And I took them to Starbucks
and spent some time with them. If you wanna guess my total
spending for the week, go ahead and get your guesses going. Remember this is discretionary and things that effected only me. So my passport and drivers license, this is not including
personal property tax. Do you have your guess? I will go ahead and I will put the total, the actual total on the screen. And I would love to tell you, well this isn’t a normal week, I don’t normally have to renew my passport and renew my drivers license. But there’s one thing
that YNAB has taught me is that there’s no such thing as a normal week or a normal month. When I used to fall off
the budgeting bandwagon, that’s what I’d tell myself. Well, this was a weird month, I’ll start fresh next month
and it’ll be a lot better, but a normal month never came around. So by rolling with the punches and really embracing rule three, I think that’s what makes
budgeting work in the longterm. And while yes, I don’t always
have to renew a passport and a drivers license, most of the time Jeremy’s home
and we eat out so much more and our grocery budget
is two or three times what I spent this week, so there is no such thing as a normal week but I hope this was fun. A look back into my
budget over the past week. It was actually a lot of fun to film. But thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, you can always leave those down below and I’ll talk to you again very soon. (soft music)

17 Replies to “What I Spend in a Week | 33-Year-Old Living in Northern Virginia | YNAB”

  1. Passport just snuck up on us too! I have a Licenses and Passports category. It doesn't get funded monthly and it's more for reporting because I didn't want to put them elsewhere. Thanks for the fun video!

  2. Love it! For me and my husband, it is the best going into YNAB and knowing the sinking funds are there for personal property, car insurance, real estate taxes and house insurance. Our real estate taxes have increased so much for the last few years so it is a big dent in the those months but YNAB makes it so much easier. Money is there and budgeted!

  3. Ashley, this is such a great video. In 2018, we managed to get all the money together for our property taxes, but it is definitely one of those expenses that can really surprise you and create stress. In 2019, we had YNAB and you are absolutely right. It is such a relief to "know" the money is already there because you planned, set a goal, and followed your plan. We have a section in YNAB for annual expense items such as property taxes, licenses, HOA Dues, Amazon Prime, estimated escrow increase, our passports, and YNAB. I set this up after taking a workshop where the trainer mentioned passports. It reminded me of all the things that sneak up on us, so I set them all up. I like having them individually because I can set goals for each and planning small amounts seems more manageable than one huge sum.

  4. "No such thing as a normal week." SO TRUE, and really makes me feel better. Since starting YNAB that has been my number one gut-punch realization…it's good to hear you say it out loud! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow, we must be almost neighbors based on all the locations you mentioned. My wife and I currently do most of our shopping at Giant as well, and I'll be super curious to see how well the switch to Aldi goes, as we try and rein in the grocery category. Oh and we just sent off her passport renewal on Monday due to a name change!

  6. You are a wonderful addition to the YNAB YouTube channel!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your videos!

    What is the name of the app youโ€™re using that keeps track of your errands?

  7. Great video! Which grocery list app do you use? I'm having trouble finding a good one, and the Apple Notes app just isn't doing it for me anymore, haha.

  8. Ashley, I used to follow your old channel and I'm a dedicated YNAB-er. So cool to see you here! I just got to have the excitement today of paying off our 48-month car loan in 24 months! All thanks to YNAB.

  9. Shopping at the grocery store for all my cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and toiletries has saved me so much time and money. I used to make separate trips to Target for those things and would end up buying extra things that I didn't need!

  10. Great video! I'm considering consolidating some of my categories to simplify my budget. Would love to see an example of your setup ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I purchase apps very infrequently, so when I purchased a 4.99 app I wasnโ€™t quite sure where to categorize this purchase. Where do you categorize your software downloads?

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