What Is F45?

– [Narrator] Here is F45 Training. The F stands for functional training. A mix of circuit and hit style workouts, geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of
time for sweat-dripping and heart-pumping fun. With over 4,000 exercises in our database and an infinite amount of combinations, you’ll never do the same workout twice. Put that all together and F45 Training is here to bring you the
world’s most innovative workout. Now let’s take a class. Find your local F45
studio from our locations all round the globe. Once inside, our trainers
will be there to greet you and check you in. First we’ll demo each exercise, while you watch from the blue track. A warm-up will follow, then
it’s time to find your station. Want a play-by-play? Track your heart rate with F45 Lionheart. Ready in three, two, one. It’s go time. F45 t.v. will guide you. F45 FM will move you. And our trainers will support
you every step of the way. This is team training. This is life changing. This is F45. (upbeat music)

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