What Is Ultimate Portion Fix? Need a Nutrition Plan that works?

hey friends and Stacey I wanted to pop
in really quick and wish you a happy Wednesday and before I go upstairs and
get the family dinner and we’re making Jude’s cupcakes for his half birthday at
school tomorrow cuz he’s an August birthday I wanted to show you what came
in my box I’m unboxing something really special it’s actually a nutritional
program that I’m thrilled about because I don’t know if you’re like me at all
but I need structure with my nutrition otherwise if I am left to my own devices
I will end up eating cheese and peanut butter for the rest of my life not
really but kind of um so I wanted to unbox this hey Sara and let you see what
is in the brand new program that is really seen by one of my favorite
trainers she is incredible on the fitness side but also on the nutrition
side because she had that epiphany like however many years ago when she was
training her clients in the gym oh thanks girl
I know I got a little clip in extensions in and they feel really good too okay
I’m getting distracted but thank you and um she would train her clients so maybe
it maybe you go to the gym maybe you love Orangetheory maybe you love to
train harder you’re a runner but you can’t seem to get your goals in line
because you don’t know enough about the macro nutrients and the micronutrients
and all of the things that you could balance out to get better results with
what you want or you just maybe you want more energy for your training or you
want less blow in your stomach or whatever it is you may want but she was
working with her clients and you know she they be like yeah I’m just eating
salad I’m eating like they would tell her what she was eating and then she’d
be like okay well it sounds like you shouldn’t be like gaining losing 5
pounds and never seeing better results like what is going on so she went to
lunch with one of her clients and they ordered the same exact salad it had
pasta in it had broccoli in it and they were sick you know she looked over at
the portions was a pretty big salad cuz obviously we
all know salads can be deceiving we know that they can have just as many calories
as a burger and fries or whatever and she realized that her client ate the
entire salad almost all of it and she just had a little portion and it clicked
in her head she’s like portions that is what people are missing that is what
people need to learn so she set out to do this portion program and our company
got wind of it and they did thirty-one like test rounds of it before they even
released it to do like a coach test group and now this is like a it’s like a
deeper dive into why because I don’t know if you’ve seen that and I’ll just
pull start unboxing if you’ve seen those color-coded containers that people use
that you’re like what like that looks like I’m going to starve
they look really small when you get them and I thought that I was like crap this
is so small this is so unrealistic I cannot eat out of these containers but
what I have found is is that when I fill up this cup of purple which is a fruit
when I fill it with raspberries or blueberries I’m super pumped because
it’s a lot of fruit and I get X amount of containers per my plan and my goals
on you know I get to eat it which is awesome so anyway she set out to kind of
figure out and do all the back science all the back work for us and we get to
now just thinking colors I’m like a kindergarten teacher like I’m literally
just thinking colors when it comes to my food I’m like thank you Jesus cuz if I
had to track numbers and percentages and all the stuff I wouldn’t do it I
wouldn’t do it I would just stick to my normal thing I would just hope that I
would see better results and it this is just science in beautiful mom brain
Colorforms okay so these are the containers and each container has a food
group and there’s little stickers you put on it so like healthy fats fruits
veggies meats all of that what else I love to is that you get a workbook and
the workbook has am I gonna have so many things so all of
this like say you’re gonna look up your veggies right you’re gonna look and see
at the very top of the list the most nutrient dense veggie on that can go in
that container and then it’ll go just down so like turkey bacon ‘he’s like one
of the last on the red container which is kind of a bummer because when I first
started I was like turkey bacon that’s all I want to eat and now I’m over it
but anyway so you get look at me I have my little pins I’m getting certified to
be a master coach in this tree in this nutritional program so I can help you if
you have goals that you’re like I just can’t seem to get a handle on it so she
kind of goes over like you know the different path of what you can do there
is vegan plans vegetarian plans there’s the psychology of food which I’m super
pumped about because it really talks about you know do we reward ourselves
with food did our parents say oh my goodness you got all A’s on your report
card let’s go eat ice cream and a pizza and run the TV all night you know or
what I was like that a reward for you or you know whatever we do with the
psychology of why we do what we do when we do tend to binge or we are maybe
addicted to sugar and we’re in a really bad pattern like being more aware and
learning the the why of the nutrition and the science behind like the labels
and how we’re being marketed to and different things it’s just teaching you
how to eat Whole Foods in a good portion and she talks about – how like the salt
in the sugar gives our brain that dopamine response to where that’s why we
want to eat a whole bag of chips you know like she kind of just goes over all
of that which I love so she breaks down like I said the macronutrients and
you’ve got all this entire workbook and the different plans and then also how to
grocery shop how to meal plan she has all these worksheets for us she has
advanced meal planning she has meal prep being on grocery shopping with her kiddo
so a couple quick things about what you’re gonna get in this besides just
going through all of the things there’s 30 over 30 videos that you get on this
nutrition app on your phone you get 75 Healthy Kids lunch recipes you get even
like a grocery shopping like I said grocery shopping with her kiddo you get
to have free workouts there is a 21 day workout challenge where the workouts are
30 minutes each so you get to have those as a free gift when you purchase this
nutrition plan because we all know that nutrition is like 80 to 85% of our issue
you cannot out train a bad diet you just can’t I tried for a long time I
know so I am like the worst of the worst I need this more than anyone so it’s a
30-day program but you can take it you can go through it really quickly or go
through it slowly or whatever but it’s designed to be 30 days and then just a
lifestyle so it’s something where you’re allowed to have bread on it you’re
allowed to have cheese and wine and chocolate and that’s awesome you know
what I mean like it’s not restrictive it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle I think
that’s the coolest part about it so you get a daily log book and she really
talks to you about water and sleep and reflections and being mindful and your
healthy habits and tracking your containers like it’s all here to track
because I don’t know if you ever get tired have you noticed this when I have
not had enough water which I need to drink a lot more today actually I drink
out of a 32 ounce bottle so that I know how many ounces I’ve had because you
need half your body weight in ounces of water I know you know this and if I
don’t get proper sleep or proper water hydration I my cravings go through the
frickin roof like I can’t even keep myself from wanting to snack like I
better just put myself to bed you don’t even like I I can’t so you learn that as
you go and then you’ll also learn like today even I ran out of chicken breasts
that I had prepped and so I took some deli turkey meat that I usually like my
husband and my daughter like and I put some in my egg whites in my power greens
mix and I kind of made my tummy blow so it’s those types of things that I’m like
oh maybe that I know that turkey breast meat or turkey meat said it was healthy
but my body didn’t like it because I’ve been eating super clean so that my body
will tell me okay that wasn’t good you know the other thing that’s really
cool is you’re gonna cookbook so this is fun because it’s the trainer and her
brother and they come from an Italian family this is the second cookbook so
they have the first one that I have and there are tons of recipes and it’s all
categorized and the girls in the group are making the muffins and some people
have already made some of the recipes and they’re like that’s so good you guys
you have to make these muffins like we’re all talking about it in our
private group which you get to be included in when you join but you get
the cookbook and you get a cooking show so over 300 recipes so you will never
have to wonder again you will have all the container breakdowns to know what
goes in each recipe and there is a lot of science behind it and that’s why I
love they’re just doing the hard work for us and we get to enjoy it so I’m
super pumped to use this cookbook to watch the cooking show again and I’ve
already made some of her recipes and I love them I have made the brownies the
black bean brownies magical brownies and they’re really good for like using beans
in brownies she teaches you how to transition so
like instead of using the refined sugar she’s telling you know what let’s use
honey let’s use something that’s not going to spike our insulin levels and
tell our body to store fat because that is one of the coolest things I heard
yesterday on I was listening to the certification and listening to this
program was and I’ll just give you a spoiler cuz it’s awesome she’s like you
know what when I look at a food before I put it in my body I think to myself what
is this going to tell my body to do is it gonna tell my is it you know protein
where it’s gonna tell my muscles to heal is it going is it going to help my body
detox is it gonna help my cells regenerate really well is it going to
give me energy or is it gonna make me feel lethargic and tired
is it gonna tell my body just a store fat you know like it’s all those things
that you’re like oh well what do you think of it that way it’s easier to like
look the food in the eye and the more knowledge we have the more power we have
for our willpower and she also breaks down like the why
you know like well why because I want to lose ten pounds well that’s not good
enough let’s that’s that’s very hit-or-miss in
the way of sure that’s a goal but what’s your why and so my job as a coach is to
help as many women as I can get a handle on their nutrition so that you’re not
feeling lost or alone and you are knowing what and why and how and when
you should eat certain foods so she’ll even she even goes through like time
nutrition so if you are training for a marathon if you are training really hard
you know when to eat your fruits and your carbs to get the most out of your
workout right she also goes to like a carb depletion if you want to get ready
for a wedding or a vacation there is a three-week depletion thing yeah and I
won’t give you too much info on that’s really cool that you can use to your
advantage and then there’s just there’s the lifestyle so she’s kind of just
going through everything and again it’s a balance theory that’s gonna let you
just do your thing and live your life and eat your bread you know or whatever
you want so hit me up if you want info on this we are if you joined before the
end of the month and you get the free workout gift that comes with it and you
have a little sale price so just hit me up I will answer any questions you have
I will send you info and I will make sure that you are well taken care of so
I’m gonna go hang out with the fam but we’re having a good night bye

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