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And we’re back with another episode of ‘Ask A Trainer’, I’m your host, Candice Currie, joined here today by LA Fitness Master Trainer, Stone Thomas. How you doin? Stone, I’ve got another question for you. Are you ready for it? Please. Alright, so this question is actually for the members that have lost the weight, but they’re dealing with issues now like sagging skin and toning issues and this one question actually stood out, it’s from a Charles S. and Charles shares he recently lost 100 pounds. First of all, great job, Charles! Incredible! And he wants to know which machines would best tone his body? Well, first of all, Charles, great job on that 100-pound loss! The concept of toning though is a pretty big misconception that we have in our industry. Basically, there is no such thing as toning the body. Ok. You can reduce body fat that sits on top of the muscle and then you can grow the muscle which would promote hypertrophy, but you can’t really shape the muscle, the muscle can just grow. So, if you are focused on toning, you need to continue to reduce body fat, focus on your nutrition, and keep the cardio up. That’s awesome. Hopefully that helps you, Charles! Go ahead and email us your questions and we’ll see you next time!

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  1. Yeah was gonna say from the title lol. "Toning" is a myth, indeed. It's all about losing fat, AND building muscle. No, you won't get "bulky", that either takes years or less time WITH steroids lol

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