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hello hello hello guys welcome to this
live broadcast welcome to workouts for older men live I am Skip La Cour I’m so glad
you’re here I know it’s almost like the number one challenge for most men is
finding the right information for you especially when you’re a little bit
older and you look in that mirror and you’re uncertain of how to change that
physique to build that muscle to lose that body fat is it your training
routine you do you need to switch that up
is it your diet alright and there’s a lot of uncertainty and I know you guys
want this badly I know you want it badly and I know you’re looking all over the
internet and it’s getting more and more confusing let me tell you about the
information that’s out there whether it’s it’s geared for younger guys or the
younger fitness experts are explaining to you you know it’s not so much that
the diet or the training routine or the amount of days or the amount of reps
it’s not so much that it’s not suited for an older man all right there are no
necessarily any different exercises or different combination of exercises or
different rep schemes that are specifically designed for older men all
right what it is is our body’s just not going to respond as if we were younger
but we can do that same routine younger older and it will produce results you
know what what I bring to you all right it is a little bit more effectiveness
and efficiency with all of that information alright so you could use all
that information that from the you know the younger passionate Fitness X’s you
could use it all but many times and here’s the distinction that I want you
to understand many times when you’re younger and maybe this was true of you
when you were younger and you spent all that time in the gym whatever it was
five six days a week a couple hours then just loved it it’s part of your identity
it was really important to you right in and you did all those sets all that time
you just did whatever it took it was a big part of your life right and now
you’re a little bit old and you’re saying I can’t do all that but in your
mind you’re thinking that’s the only way to do it so if I can’t do all that when
I all that brain space available when I
was younger and all that time that’s what it you might believe that that’s
what it takes and then you can’t allocate all that willpower focus energy
time but now you’re older and you want to get in shape and you’re thinking
that’s the only way to do it or maybe you never got into your
training because took care of your family in your business in the first
part of your life and now you’re looking at all the videos out there and it’s all
this that all of this this time an energy that you have to invest when you
see it from the younger guys who aren’t your age right and you’re saying well I
can’t do all that and then maybe you pick and choose and you don’t do a
really good job of picking and choosing what you should take and what you should
throw away all right and you’re not getting the results that you want right
so it’s not so much about that the training routines aren’t designed to our
physical body as we’re older it’s just there’s usually a lot of excess that
when you’re younger and you’re just full of testosterone and just full of energy
then you have less going on in your mind you have fewer responsibilities right
maybe again that’s how you were when you were younger and so you’re more than
willing to do all that so it’s more that it’s a lot of excess all right
the things that don’t matter may give you 1% difference that’s tacked on to
all this time and all this energy and all this stress all this excess alright
it’s it’s it’s just sapping your willpower focus energy time and it’s not
something that’s really going to give you the results all right that’s what I
do for you here is I make it effective and efficient again I always say that
8020 rule right there’s a hundred things that you’re being told and there’s only
20 that are gonna make the biggest impact as we’re older again so we are
more effective than efficient with their willpower focus energy time and you
can’t just arbitrarily you know pick well I’ll just take this this and this
and this because you may not have the priority right that’s right
maybe from all the videos that you get from the younger guys they’re not doing
a good job of narrowing down the most important things because they’re willing
to do all the all those hundred things all right and so what you’re doing is
you’re just picking and choosing out of all hundred you’re doing a poor job all
right you’re missing key things that really matter and you’re adding a lot of
excess all right so that’s probably the biggest distinction you know from the
strategies that there why they don’t fit you it’s more about your lifestyle more
than your physical body and chemistry and everything that happens when you’re
older I hope that makes sense to you here’s one good thing you stick around
long enough with me one thing I promise you is I am the great sinful flyer all
right where everything seems so complex it’s fun it’s exciting I’m gonna
simplify it so you know what really matters right you yourself will be able
to look at all of the information that you’ve gathered in the past that was so
confusing so overwhelming and you’ll be able to get credit for all that time all
that energy you spent watching those videos doing those trading programs that
that may have got you confused you know you spend enough time with me you’ll get
credit for all that because it all of a sudden you’ll go okay I get what their
meaning by doing it that way now you may go your other path you might join me and
my more effective and efficient ways of approaching it but directionally aware
all that information was going you’ll get it whereas before it was all so
confusing you may not adopt it but you’ll understand it see here’s the
thing I want for you see when I look at all those strategies that get you so
confused right I see it as 95% directionally going the right direction
all right I see the 5% various I may not necessarily agree I certainly may not
agree that that’s the more efficient way to do it I may think it’s excess it’s
not needed doing this for 30 years and then 16 years removed from my
competitive bodybuilding stage right now I have a life like you it’s busy I don’t
have all that time but I still want to look great all right see I see it as all
95% the same whereas a lot of men out there trying to get through all the
information I get it it’s really not your fault it’s really tough you know
through a video for you to get the interpretation if you’ve never been to
the other sigh they see it as 95% confusing so if
you stick around with me enough you get my simple and effective that great
simple fire perspective you’ll get credit for all that time you spent
watching all those videos they’ll make sense to you and analogy like to give is
like if you’ve ever you know read a book and you really are into the book and you
heard it was great you’re ready you’re willing to budget the time to read it
you go through a patch like you’re reading like four chapters and you’re
just not getting anything the author is trying to communicate at all and it’s
really confusing really overwhelming and you’re thinking well should I go back
and reread these chapters I don’t think I understood anything that was going on
all right and then you just persist and then maybe in that fifth chapter all of
a sudden okay you get it you get it it’s all of a sudden all in context for you
all right you don’t need to go back and reread those chapters because now in the
bigger context because you kept on going and in that fifth chapter it brought
more clarity right now okay I get what that what the author was saying and
those four chapters before where I thought I couldn’t understand it now I
get it and you can move on if you stick with me long enough that’s what’s going
to happen I hope it happens for your month from now two months around three
months now I don’t know but you stick with me that’s what that’s what I
guarantee will happen all of a sudden you’ll just have this big epiphany and
again what you saw is all this confusion frustration overwhelmed it’s all gonna
make sense so analysis amount of you doing the work getting in touch with you
next three days it’s going to be easy as one two three he texts me nine to five
three five to four three six six if you’re outside of the US what’s at plus
one nine to five three five to four three six six say hello I’ll text you
back right now you’re in my personal phone now we can go back and forth all
right I’m going to send you a link to a questionnaire I want you to tell me what
you’ve been doing up into this point what your challenges are all right so I
get a lot of background on you and again I’ve helped out so many men just like
you so that information would be really helpful text me a picture all right a
picture tells me a thousand words you know how you
we’re perceiving what you need to do or what your challenges are I can see it
I’ve helped out so many men like you and then with all that information you take
the time to think that out we talk for 10 or 15 minutes I can tell you I can
give you some distinctions and strategies go on probably did that with
five gentlemen just yesterday five minute just yesterday I kind of got him
a focus on what they need to do what there was their training or nutrition
had them figure a couple of things out text me back and then I I’ll just head
them down the next path the right to again create that clarity for you have a
great day have an outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think
bigger than getting bigger

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