What NOT To Do In The Gym

hey muscle & strength
this is Steve & Amanda Kuclo and today we’re going to talk to you about proper
gym etiquette you know being in the fitness industry
for pretty much half our lives we train not only all over the country
but all over the world and one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see
improper spotting it’s usually done by a trainer that wants to get with a girl get lost buddy all right another thing we’re
going to talk about gym etiquette here is being clean or cleaning up after
yourself now we all sweat but when you come up to a machine and it kind of
looks like this clean up after yourself another thing
improper gym etiquette is excessive grunting now of course we all grunt we’re
lifting heavy weights we’re going to make some noise but you know what I’m
talking about excessive grunting it’s usually not even necessary hey buddy what’re you curling 10’s one of the things we really need to
touch on is proper gym etiquette on allowing people to work in or sharing a
machine I guess I mean I got three more all right at least remember but at the end the day
allow people to work in be considerate but don’t be that person so there you are
guys tips and tricks on some proper gym etiquette I hope to helps someone out
thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe below

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