What’s on my Apple Watch!

– Hey, guys! How’s it going? It’s Justine, and today I
am doing a very, very, very highly requested video. I’ve been avoiding doing this, but every time I post
a video about anything, you guys want me to do a
what’s on my apple watch video. I never really thought about doing it because I feel like I don’t
really use that many apps on here, so I’m gonna split this into kind of two different categories. First part is gonna be
the apps that I use most, and number two will be just
all of the apps that I have on my watch currently. This is usually the watch face that I use. The number one thing that
I use this for, surprise, is to tell the time. I also use it for scheduling, because I can just do
a quick little glance, and I can see what my day looks like, if I have a call or a meeting. Everything is right there
and easily accessible. I also really like this watch layout because it gives me a lot of information all in one screen. I have news, I have my workouts,
I can also see a photo. It’ll tell me when I have to breathe, and it’ll tell me tomorrow’s events plus the current weather. Another thing that I really
use my Apple watch for is the fitness tracking. If I’m on a hike, even
though I don’t watchOS 5, so I can’t really track that yet. I love being able to
track my fitness activity because it also sometimes
then turns into a competition with my sister or my friends. So if you’ve allowed some of your friends to view your activity,
they can give you comments anytime you complete something. So it’s definitely fun and encouraging if you are one of those
competitive type people. Looks like Adam has
completed his goal 113%. My sister’s husband, Bryan, Bres Bryan. I haven’t changed that since
before they got married. He had clearly stopped wearing his. Ed, 70%. Jenna, 99%. She’s so close. Matt, he must’ve lost his. Me, oh yeah, I am 133%. Nathan, 78. Nick, 96. Great job, guys. Seems like all my friends are on track. I also really love the
notifications on this because sometimes I’ll
have my phone in my pocket or in my purse. So I don’t always need
to get my phone out. I can take a quick glance. I feel like I’m selling you
guys on the Apple watch, but, really, this is what everybody does, so this is all not new information. I’m just telling you how I use it, which, I’m sure a lot of you
guys use it very, very similar, and if you don’t, please, tell me. What do you guys use your Apple watch for? I love being able to
just glance very quickly, see if it’s something that
I should get my phone out, especially if I’m on set
and I’m not really supposed to have my phone, or if you’re anywhere, working a job where they
make you put your phone away, this basically doubles as a phone. So recently I’ve been doing a
lot more fitness activities, and I’ve been hiking a lot,
and now that it’s the summer, the weather has been fantastic,
but during the summer, I do feel so much more motivated to go outside and do things. So in the past couple of
months, I have been hiking, and I like to keep my phone in my pocket, so if I don’t have access to it, I can control my music or
my podcast or my audiobooks right from my watch. This is the last audiobook
that I listened to, so you guys know what is about to come up, but let me just tell you. If you have never got an audible book off of my promo code before, this
is the time to do it now. Even if you already have, I
definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re a creative person. You can go to audible.com/iJustine or text iJustine to 500500
to get a 30 day free trial and also a free book. This book is called Big Magic:
Creative Living Beyond Fear. Now I feel like this is one of those books that I was desperately
needing to listen to. This whole past year has been
a little bit of a struggle, creatively and personally and
just so many different things, and I found out about this
book because Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of this book who
also wrote Eat, Pray, Love, which is crazy. I’ve never read, I’ve
never seen the movie, and I didn’t even know anything about it. But Elizabeth came and
spoke to us in New York when we were at the creator summit, and she had so many wise and
inspirational things to say. So I just recently finished
this book while I was on a hike, and I love listening to audiobooks, especially now that it’s in the summer, just going out, hiking, being alone, and listening to a book,
especially this one. Elizabeth reads it. It’s only a five hour listen,
so it is fairly quick. So Elizabeth says in
the book, this is by far one of my most favorite quotes,
I’m kind of summarizing it. “The older that I get,
the less impressed I am “with originality and more
impressed with authenticity.” I feel like this quote is so powerful, especially to a lot of
people here on YouTube. We lose ourselves in that vicious cycle of just making more videos
and not being ourselves. So hearing that quote and
having that just, sort of, reiterate everything that I’ve
been doing the past couple of years was so powerful
and so meaningful, and I just really hope that
if you guys do get this book, it also has an impact
on you as it has on me. So Elizabeth, if you’re watching this, which you probably aren’t, I
just wanna say, I love you. You’re incredible, and thank
you so much for inspiring me and inspiring so many other people. Next on my listening
list is Eat, Pray, Love. Again, if you wanna get a free
book and a 30 day free trial, go to audible.com/iJustine
or text iJustine to 500500. So now I’m gonna go through
the rest of these apps that I have on here, and this is something that I just recently learned,
I didn’t even realize that you could do this. I feel so silly because this
is something that I feel like I should know. I’m iJustine and I didn’t know this? I know. I’m shook. Here’s all my apps. If you do a hard press,
it’ll change to list view. So here in list view, you can
go through all of your apps. So going through these,
we have Activity, Airbnb, Alarms, American
Airlines, the Apple Store, British Airlines Flights,
Breathe, Calendar, Camera, Fandango, Find Friends, Fly Delta, GoPro, Headspace, Health
Mate, Heart Rate, Home, Hue, JetBlue, Lufthansa, I always
mispronounce that airline. Mail, Maps. So one of the things that
I do like about Apple Maps is if you are driving,
it’ll kind of give you that little extra notification
of, hey, you’re gonna be turning now, make sure you do that. Messages, Facebook Messenger,
Music, MyFitnessPal, which I haven’t used in quite a while. News, Phone, Photos, Radio, Realtor.com, which I don’t even remember
ever downloading that. Reminders, Remote, Settings,
Starbucks, Stocks, Stopwatch, Swarm, Timer, Tweetbot, Uber,
United, Wallet, Weather, Workout. I’m extremely excited, if I
haven’t mentioned it already, for it to be able to track yoga and hikes. Ugh, I can’t wait! World Clock, Yelp, and Zillow. So those are all the
apps that I have on here. There’s only been a few
moments where I actually forgot my Apple watch at home,
and it’s always just, I just feel like something’s missing. I get so used to doing this. Being able to just look
at my notifications and know everything that’s
going on with my day, and it’s also very strange
because I start getting phantom taps on my wrist when I don’t have it, and I wear this thing so tight, I’ve got a permanent
indentation and a tan line. I really need to maybe switch
up my wrists a little bit, so that I can get this
tan line evened out. I’ve been looking at a
bunch of mock-up designs that people are saying that this could be the next Apple watch. I definitely think that they are probably gonna make it a little bit thinner because this is kind of, I
mean it is a little bit thick. It really hasn’t changed
in size for quite a while. Thankfully, this year, I
realized that I should not be wearing a 42 millimeter watch. It always felt a little bit big, but I thought that I
wanted a bigger screen, and when I switched to the
38, it was honestly shocking what a difference it made. I really love my Apple watch,
and I honestly just feel like it is such an extension of me now. I’m very excited about
the future of Apple watch, and I can’t wait until
they announce something new because I am just patiently waiting. I’m also still patiently
waiting for AirPower. I just wanna be able to
charge all of my devices at the same time on one
beautiful little mat. I need this. I need this in my life. Let me know if there’s any
other video you guys would like to see me make here. I have been taking a
lot of your suggestions, and you guys have so
many incredible ideas, and I love being able to make those videos come to life for you. And again, if you guys do decide
to get the book, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, please let me know what you think about it after you read it or listen, have her read it to you. I’ve been packing and
getting ready for VidCon, which is happening right now. I should be packing, but
I’m shooting a video, and now I’m gonna go edit
this, and then I’m gonna pack. So I will see you guys there, and I think this is probably a good time to maybe start Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth, you’re the best. You guys are the best. I will see you in my next video. Bye. Oh, Apple watch is the best. (calm music)

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  1. I always try to hate Apple for the 'restriction' they put but you in particular make me wanna switch to Apple products 😭
    I might get the Series 1 if it gets a price cut upon 4's release

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  4. I like to use my Apple Watch at school because the clocks are always to far to see and they don’t allow phones but they don’t care about Apple watches

  5. I have the series 3 and I work in the ER as a tech. So I can’t use my cellphone I have to put it away. So I use my watch all the time. I love it 🥰

  6. I don’t do this personally but I do you have friends and they use there Apple Watch to text class .witch I would never do

  7. I was at the mall and my mom let me pick one of my Christmas presents and I picked a series 3 Apple Watch. I can only open it on Christmas tho.. but tomorrow is thanksgiving so I am giving 100% in the thanksgiving to family and god! 😁👍🏻🦃

  8. 6:49 I feel like she’s the type of person who walks around staring at her phone, and eventually walks into ongoing traffic

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  10. What shoukd i do im 12 and i really want a apple watch (my dad might get me one shen their hack in stock) but i dont know if i would use it that much since im only 12 and dont workout and i feel like its all about that
    My question
    Can you have insta or snapchat on apple watch
    Does it have a camera
    Can you have games on it??

  11. I just love mine cause at work I'm not supposed to use my phone. I love being able to see my notifications on my watch and being able to respond to it so nonchalantly on my watch is sick in my opinion.

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  15. I think YouTubers think they're alone with having to fake happiness for the people who see them but millions struggle and have the same issues, mine is not on a massive scale however I always have to be happy, smiling as a cashier I get so many customers compliment me on my smile, on my bubbly personality and how kind I am but it's all a persona, I suffer depression and everyone thinks I'm this bubbly girl with a great life loving her job, YouTubers however have it worse due to there being thousands to millions seeing them however they get the option of taking a break from their platform and some don't even have that as they need to work for money, life is hard 😔

  16. I use my watch when I’m in my summer classes so I can see the camera on my phone and make sure no one takes it out of the box we have to put our phones in

  17. I am getting a Apple Watch ⌚️ I’ve been waiting for a long time now I convinced my parents to get me one for school so I am going to use it for my middle school schedule because I going to have 7 classes and I do not to get detention and phones aren’t allowed and I don’t have a locker so I have to look around and try to remember all my classes for thank god I am going to get one so I am not stressed all the time

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