What’s The Orange Theory?

& It’s a New Year’s resolution people make each year: get in shape.So we decided to test a few workouts for the month of January to show you what they’re all about.We started with Orange Theory Fitness. Head trainer Mike Calawerts took us through the one-hour workout that has continued to gain in popularity. – & People can try a & complimentary Orange Theory class. We went to the location on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown. There are 14 locations across the state. You need to sign up online ahead of time.We have the way to do that at wcco.com/links.Next week we’re trying out The Bar Method.

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  1. Sheesh, I thought this was going to be about trump eating cheeseburgers and Cheetos. BTW, the president says exercise is bad for you. He also says he's very smart…

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