When Women Crossfit

there is no justice when so few have so
much and so many have what’s up anchor I do CrossFit for those who didn’t know
now you know but that’s not what I want to talk about today I sure want to talk
about a heart-to-heart a real heart-to-heart that I had was one of my
crossett lady friends um so I love crosses and I go to the gym and I
getting ripped right and I look so sexy and the females the girls who go to my
CrossFit gym are planning and doing the same exact thing I’m doing trying to get
healthy trying to get fit cotton be an athlete right but I had no idea that the
amount of shit they dealt with outside of the cost of gym see it didn’t hit me
until I just tried to remember when I started first and across them and I
walked into the German I saw muscular woman I was intimidated that was the
truth that’s the truth I was intimidated but being around them to love him it
doesn’t it doesn’t faze me it’s nothing like I don’t even think twice about
the bitch she was explaining to me she feels so comfortable at the gym but
whenever she leaves the gym she she is insecure by wearing a tanktop outside or
when she’s at work where I’m shortly or sleeveless shirt across or whatever
because a lot of people are just not used to being fit muscular would and I’d
intimidate some and people are just out were doing on the shame of saying really
negative things about her and about woman like her so just a shout out to
all my cross and learning all be uneven this cross with ladies of the woman in
the world that are dedicated to work out and we
look amazing good for you fuck everyone continues shit you guys awesome you guys
are my heroes have a good night how are we supposed to look no other place have
they focused on helping women to understand their full capacity helping
redefine our cultural concept of beauty I feel beautiful in my body no matter
what it takes my wife in a very positive way

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