Where Did CrossFit’s Facebook Go? Answers, Finally

– Hey folks, Armen Hammer here, and we finally have an answer as to why CrossFit shut down all of its Facebook and Instagram pages. Let’s get to it. In an exclusive interview
with Morning Chalk Up, Greg Glassman essentially pointed to his concerns with Facebook’s
data and privacy issues as the main reason why he’s
moving off of platforms that Facebook owns, mainly
Facebook and Instagram. And you can read that
article for Morning Chalk Up by hitting the link in the
description of this video. Now, the thing is that privacy
and data breach issues, those are very timely concerns, I mean we’ve seen many,
many hundreds of millions of people’s personal
information be sort of just let out into the wild or compromised in some way, shape, or
form through platforms like Facebook and Instagram several times just in the past year, year and a half. And we really are just at
the tip of this iceberg. Truth be told, my guess
is that we’re never going to have any solution to any of those privacy issues, to any
of those data concerns and just based off of
regular people’s behavior on social media alone, we’re generally a less private, less
secure society than we ever have been in the past. Now, while CrossFit’s pages
weren’t particularly small I mean, between all of
the pages that they ran and the different platforms
of Facebook and Instagram, they probably had somewhere between 10 to 12 million followers
among all of those accounts. But Facebook has 2.4ish billion users and Instagram has 1 billion plus users and really in the grand scheme of things, a couple million people,
ten million people, is just a drop in the bucket. And the question remains of
how’s this going to affect CrossFit’s core business. And the core business that CrossFit has is supporting the affiliates and training. One of the biggest roles
that those pages played was, in general, marketing
for CrossFit as a brand and trickling down to CrossFit affiliates. And without that gigantic
footprint, comparatively, I mean if you look at a regular gym might have a thousand or
two thousand followers on Instagram, you compare that to two and a half million
followers on Instagram that is a huge leap. So just like CrossFit’s pages are drops in the bucket for the grand total of what users are present on those platforms, compared to the individual affiliates for whom they are
essentially kind of a larger marketing piece, they could
reach a much bigger audience. I think that is definitely a concern here. Twitter, honestly, when
is the last time you went on Twitter for CrossFit news, right? The fact is, our space
is generally on Instagram and on Facebook, those are
kind of the two platforms that the CrossFit community,
the fitness space, tends to live on. I mean YouTube as well,
but CrossFit is keeping their YouTube because it’s
a video service platform. While each of those things
has their own issues, Twitter and YouTube specifically, the question still remains, what happens to the secondary effects
of the marketing spend being gone for whatever
content that CrossFit was putting out to talk
to the regular people, the gen pop out there of
what generally CrossFit is all about so that
they could be educated and actually show up to a CrossFit gym. Now, when I was an affiliate owner, we didn’t really worry so much about what CrossFit’s regular
Instagram was doing because that wasn’t driving
people to walk into our gym. We had a good location,
we’re surrounded by a bunch of office buildings,
we had local people who saw what we were
doing come into our space, so our marketing was
really on our shoulders. But, there is an argument to be made here that this is not a great move
for the affiliates as a whole. There will be, like I said,
individual exceptions to that, but on the whole, I could
see that there are probably some affiliates who are
rightfully upset about this. And I think the bigger
question to ask here, the different question to ask here, is what happens to something like
the CrossFit Games Season? Well, one of the things
that we saw CrossFit HQ do over the past seven or so
months during the Sanctionals season is, while there
was a Sanctional going on, they would use their
Facebook platform to kind of share that livestream if
that event had a livestream. We saw that as well during
the Open for all the Open announcements that various
events and organizers and gyms were hosting. And now that that platform,
which is something that a lot of CrossFitters
have sort of been trained to participate in, they’ve
been trained to expect, the Games media and the
livestreams and stuff to just be on Facebook, but
now without that giant platform sort of bringing together
all these disparate pieces, it really makes it a lot
harder for the events to get the big number of eyeballs that they would require
in order to justify the spend on livestreams
and it makes it harder on the spectators to find all these places because I don’t know about you, but my experience in trying
to watch all these Sanctional events is that generally
speaking there’s a dozen or two dozen fake pages
offering these scamm-y, “Click this link, give us three dollars and we’ll let you stream
this event” thing. So it just makes it a
little bit more difficult for the average spectator,
the spectator at large, to find, and watch, and enjoy the content that they’re trying to
find, watch, and enjoy. Now there could be some sort
of technological solution to this problem of losing the central hub that was the CrossFit Games Facebook page, but I’m not well aware of it. So if someone knows, please let me know. In my mind, Twitter is a
garbage livestream platform that’s generally just made
for either conversations or screaming something from the rooftops to hope that a bunch of
people agree with you and give you fake Internet points. And YouTube is good for livestreams but doesn’t allow the type
of multiple streaming that we saw Facebook successfully
being able to pull off. So I don’t really know
what the solution is here. I don’t really know how CrossFit
is going to address this or even if they want to address this because remember, this
is ideological reasoning. This is a move completely based off of the problems that
Greg Glassman has seen with Facebook’s treatment of data and the security of that data. Now is this going to be the domino that sets off a vast number of
people leaving these platforms? Probably not. Is Greg Glassman justified in worrying about data security and privacy
issues with these platforms? Absolutely. Is this the best move to take? Also, probably not. This is a very aggressive, very quick move that shuts down kind of the
central communication platform that people have been trained to expect for years and years and years, and yes, there are exceptions to
this, there are plenty of very successful companies that do not have social footprints, but CrossFit is at it’s core, in my
opinion, a social company. A company that is based
around the relationships between people and the
community that it’s fostering and not having a central,
defacto CrossFit social platform makes things a little bit tough on those sides of the argument. With how technology is
changing these days, I think a question that we
should actually be asking ourselves is, what happens
if and when Twitter or YouTube have similar data
breach and security issues as Facebook has in the past? Does CrossFit completely
shut down its media making and hosting on YouTube? Does it completely shut down its footprint on Twitter and solely
exist on CrossFit.com? Are the CrossFitters in the world going to just start
bookmarking CrossFit.com and visiting every day? Maybe. I mean maybe that’s the general play here. Maybe the idea is that it’s
a confluence of feelings. Greg Glassman doesn’t like
Facebook and Instagram’s privacy and security issues, CrossFit.com is becoming
more of a central hub of people to be able to come and have the same types of
experiences and discourse that they would on those platforms, except now it’s all in CrossFit’s control, and making this move
would force a large number of those millions of
people to start visiting and regularly visit CrossFit.com which used to actually
function exactly like that. I mean, CrossFit.com workout of the day and the comments below the
workout of the day were basically the exact same thing
that we were experiencing on Facebook from CrossFit,
just with slightly less amount of content, it
was just once a day as opposed to, I don’t know, fifteen
times a day was being posted of content across all
these different platforms. So, what happens now, right? Is everything going to get
centralized on to CrossFit.com and that’s going to be
the main, new platform? If that’s the case, then how,
or if that is the situation what’s going to happen
with all the livestreams for the Sanction events? Sanction events that are
paying CrossFit a lot of money in order to have access to the
gold standard blue chip name of CrossFit Sanctioned Event
that gives out an invite to the CrossFit Games. If the general population of
people who most care about that cannot be spoken to when it comes time to speak to them about your event, I think maybe those Sanction
events need to start asking about what can be made
up to resolve that issue. So it was clear from the
beginning that this was a purposeful move, well
orchestrated deactivation across the board of CrossFit’s footprints on Facebook and Instagram. When we started hearing rumors
about why that might be, started hearing rumors that they’re going to be moving to exclusively
Twitter and YouTube as their platforms, and those
things panned out, right? Clearly was something
specifically up with the feeling that Greg Glassman has about
Facebook and its platforms and that they are going to
be using Twitter and YouTube now as their main ways of
communicating with people obviously CrossFit.com not withstanding. And we also know now that Greg Glassman turned down millions of
dollars from Facebook for exclusive streaming
rights to CrossFit’s events and shut down what was,
up until that moment, the central hub of communication,
specifically Facebook, Instagram is more of a
consumption based media whereas Facebook can
be not just consumption but also communication based media. And shut down that
central hub of consumption and communication, kind of
scattering what might be considered kind of the keystone of CrossFit’s online community. The question remains
about how are they going to rebuild that keystone,
is it going to be on CrossFit.com, is it
going to be on Twitter? I can answer that one right now: It’s not going to be on Twitter. What are they going to
do to help the affiliates who are now kind of left in the lurch because CrossFit as a global brand is not necessarily doing the
work of doing some marketing for them, even any marketing for them. And then what are the Sanction events that are licensing the name
of CrossFit from CrossFit HQ, what are they going to do and how are they going to make their situations right when it comes to their livestreams and not necessarily having
access to these millions of people that CrossFit
could have broadcasted their event to? Those are really important questions. I don’t have the answers
to those questions. I have thoughts on how those
things can be resolved, but I don’t agree with this decision and this extreme of an action. I kind of see where Greg
Glassman is coming from and his thought process, I
understand the importance of valuing your privacy
and security of your data. But do we expect those
millions and millions of people to just leave these platforms now that CrossFit isn’t on it? And to keep their data safe? I don’t think that’s
going to be happening. Who knows what the answer is. If you have answers to this, let me know, I’m curious to hear what
you guys have to say. Remember folks, there’s a
whole lot going on in our sport and it’s easy to miss some
of the most interesting and exciting stories. It’s going to be even
easier to miss them now that there is no CrossFit
Facebook or Instagram, I guess. And that is what I am here for. So if any of you millions of people who were following
CrossFit or CrossFit Games or anything like that, I’m
on Instagram and Facebook got a new home for you,
got the welcome mat completely set out, door’s
open, tea is on the kettle, or beer’s in the fridge. Both of which are paleo and
gluten free and low carb. So hop on in guys. I’ll
see you guys next time.

100 Replies to “Where Did CrossFit’s Facebook Go? Answers, Finally”

  1. Facebook and Instagram already hit their peak. I'm honestly surprised more companies haven't pulled the plug on those sites, their algorithms are complete trash. Nothing is organic anymore. Stand alone websites are probably the future. Call me crazy but I think Facebook is entering it's MySpace era.

  2. I dont think this even matters. To find out the latest news I get this from yourself or the morning chalk up. It's very rare I even bother going to the crossfit pages

  3. I think they should use their app to stream everything like Rogue did over the weekend. It would all be under one roof and we can watch the games and sanctionals

  4. Greg is literally that crazy uncle at thanksgiving who goes on and on about how the government is watching everything you do.

  5. This has nothing to do with “privacy” or “security.” I trust the Facebook folks as far as I can throw them. Having said that, they say the deletion of the South African low carb high fat group (which is what caused Glassman to delete CF’s pages) was a hack and the group’s page was reinstated on FB within 3 days. Seems like GG was butt hurt enough due to a low carb page being hacked (or removed) that he decided to leave FB and IG for good. He is an absolute madman. Just bc his low carb feelings were hurt he acts impulsively and screws millions of his followers, affiliates, and athletes? If you google the story you’ll find that Glassman contacted the South African group and offered to file a class action lawsuit on their behalf against FB. I wonder how much $$ was in it for him 🤔. I guess his loyalty is to his own pockets and his low carb obsession (when all the top Games athletes eat plenty of carbs, which must kill him!) rather than to CF. The man is quite literally destroying CrossFit.

  6. This smells like BS. Whilst yes there is always going to be a data/privacy concern with Facebook, the same can be said for Google in terms of search engine & owning YouTube. If this was such a major issue other major brands would have done this already. Surely the benefits outweigh the cost, there's surely more to this

  7. This is cover for Glassman getting pissed at Facebook for whatever reason. Maybe he was coming to the defense of the South African diet plan, nevertheless, Facebook won't care too much. Crossfitters will not follow Glassman and leave Facebook and Instagram just because one person threw a hissy fit. Again, this is not how a real sports operate.

  8. Saying CrossFit´s Core Business is to support CrossFit Affiliates and Training: What exactly is CrossFit doing for the Affiliates? I talked to several Box owners, who told me other than the right to use the term "CrossFit" for marketing purposes, there is no further support by CrossFit HQ. I completely agree with Armen saying CrossFit is a social community company and deleting the channels damages this aspect of CrossFit. From my point of view it looks like CrossFit focusses entirely on Health, but neglects their main business – the affiliates who train people and change their lifes. (Also: I think most of the people doing CrossFit got into it because they saw – the games athletes- what the methodology enables people to do.)

  9. Greg is killing CrossFit (from a corporate standpoint). Wish he would sell it to someone more competent.

  10. Bad move. Facebook is how I found out about CrossFit and how I got some folks interested in it. The affiliates should be pissed.

  11. Here's a thorny question. What if an affiliate wants to keep their FB and Instagram presence? Will they be forced to shut down also or else get kicked out of Crossfit. Again, one dictator making rules for the rest. Doesn't this sounds more like a cult?

  12. I think you hit on some valid points. Like Greg said in your interview with him, CrossFit does not want to be in broadcasting and similarly perhaps not on social media. This has created revenue streams for the likes of Morning Chalk, Team Richie, yourself and so many others! From the amazing job done on broadcasting the Rogue Invitational, I think it can be left to the Sanctions to run their own FB/IG accounts and broadcasting and let CrossFit do what CrossFit is meant to do, focus on Health and if someone wants to find out more about CrossFit, go to CrossFit.com and hit up your local affiliate. Keep up the good work mate 👍🏻

  13. Just seems like Greg wants to suffocate the crossfit games I think he needs to go or completely detach cfg and Cf health and leave the games the fuck alone

  14. I've watched countless interviews over the years featuring Glassman. Slowly but surely he seems to be losing his mind. He's grumpy frumpy and unkept. The guy shows up to speaking events like he slept in his clothes and just threw on a hat. Not sure what kind of crusade he's on. But I think those of us who love crossfit need to take the baton and move forward with the sport and methodology but leave "crossfit" behind. Look at the Rouge Invitational. If that event had no "Crossfit" stamp on it, would you care? It had great athlete's with great event's, presentation and coverage. I would watch it if it didn't. Flip the script. Crossfit will be wanting to pay to put their crossfit stamp on events like that.

  15. I bet the last 3 sanctionals’ organizers will be mad. Anyway, it’s time for a governing body for competitive fitness (rules/judging/etc.), with a website where you can find schedules of the events, infos, streams, etc.

  16. Up and coming athletes who are trying to make the jump from amateur to a professional athlete were using the CrossFit Instagram and Facebook to help them get a promotional boost when CrossFit shared content from those athletes

  17. Glassman at heart is anti-establishment. The masses (CF community) is unfortunately herd-following. So the two camp will be at odds – many people have left the platform due to privacy/censorship, and those who need to live in vanity will stay on.

  18. might be moving across to twitch for live streaming. also thought a crossfit media app might be in the works

  19. It's not the best decision for us, the users, but it's something well intended, backed up by something real and with so many alternatives. We shouldn´t be afraid of change, and most important, we shouldn´t be chained to a platform that is not doing the things right.

    It will no cause people to drop FB, just like the whole CF food campaign isn´t making people stop eating sugar, but it will create some awareness for some of us.

    Video Streaming: YouTube (even better platform)

    News: Twitter and CF.com, even IG and FB indirectly with profiles like this, athletes and boxes.

    CF will survive without FB, and FB will survive without CF, both will continue growing, one attached to its values I hope, the other: well, we´ll see

  20. This was another embarrassment to CrossFit HQ… they literally offer nothing to their affiliates and the community. I think we’ll see many gyms unaffiliated by the end of the year.

    Personally I’d like to see Rogue eventually become the “Rogue Fitness Games” and run their own Open/Worldwide qualifiers/regionals.

    The CrossFit community has grown well beyond CrossFit HQ and they are making it easier to jump ship than Jon Jones during his drug rampage days.

  21. I discovered CrossFit and The Games through Instagram. I understand there are ongoing privacy concerns, but i'm not sure it's a wise move to deactivate your social media platforms when you're trying to essentially promote a brand in the digital age and appeal to new customers.

  22. The fans hated the games streaming on Facebook. We don't know how the Games will be streamed (if at all) but I would love to see it streamed on Youtube again.

  23. Rogue just needs to start their own “fittest on earth” next year and also the rogue open and just let the CrossFit games die out… the invitational was great

  24. Glassman has become a kooky old man, my lawyer says a class action lawsuit from affiliates could win, and oust him.

  25. If somebody wants to watch the Games, they better get tickets, because according to Sean Woodland, Crossfit HQ has no plans to broadcast the Games. Without eyeballs, how long can that go on? Glassman is certainly succeeding in his stated attempt to de-emphasize the Games.

  26. Armen, I hope you do another video analyzing the CrossFit.com post. Point number 8 drives home the true intent of the departure. This battle is way bigger then a social media presence.

    “Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease. In this, it follows the practices of Wikipedia and other private platforms that host public content but retain the ability to remove or silence—without the opportunity for real debate or appeal—information and perspectives outside a narrow scope of belief or thought. In this case, the approved perspective has resulted in the deaths of millions through preventable diseases. Facebook is thus complicit in the global chronic disease crisis.

    For these reasons, CrossFit, Inc. has placed Facebook and its associated properties under review and will no longer support or use Facebook’s services until further notice”.

  27. Greg is ruining Crossfit. What the hell is up with all these sudden HUGE snap decisions, the bizarre approach to completely changing the games and this? He's just a loose cannon and he's hurting CrossFit more than anything, which is a damn shame because, as you said it's a community driven sport and his hush hush sudden behavior is sucking that soul right out of it

  28. Facebook is my outlet. If it’s not on Facebook, it doesn’t exist. I already go to an affiliate but I really thing this stupid move will be devastating to CrossFit.

  29. Greg Glassman is a Sociopath obsessed with “changing Crossfit for the better” when in actual fact he is destroying the very elements that made it successful.

  30. I have two observations…..
    1. Greg Glassman doesn’t care about the Ganes. I think he’s said as much. Therefore he’s pulling his businesses focus and spend away from it.
    2. He’s made enough money to do what ever he pleases! Not saying that’s in our interest, but it is the truth!

  31. Facebook / IG are the biggest platforms of communication with billions of users. They couldn‘t care less of CF‘s crusade. This doesn’t change anything for them. People still use these platforms and share data. The only difference is that CF won’t reach these people anymore. But if Greg just wants to reach some twitter nerds, 50.000 elderly people on crossfit.com and visit pensioner residences in person – go for it, he is on the right track.

    And please don‘t come up with the data issue. That‘s completely ridiculous as CF is happily having accounts on other platforms which are just as bad from this perspective + no user will delete their FB/IG account because CF is gone.

  32. I wish some affiliate owners and athletes would speak up… they need the marketing from Facebook and Instagram

  33. don't worry, thank goodness he has maintained the youtube channel so you can learn how to lift your cup of coffee in the comfort of your living room, without putting your back out 🧐🏋️‍♀️

  34. Meme pages are the currently the only reliable source of up to date info in the crossfit world. Think about that.

  35. The bonus of all this is that at least the games won't be streamed on fb anymore. Saying that, maybe they will no longer be streamed.

  36. So now ppl are supposed to go to the main site to see what Crossfit is and they see an old dude doing water jug deadlifts? Oh boy

  37. Greg Glassman did not like what he was reading out his awful decision, so he deleted FB and IG, plain and simple

  38. It looks like he has a problem with Facebook ideologically. As a perceived libertarian (GG), it makes all the sense in the world that if he disagrees with a business model or service he's using (for whatever reason), the only way he can make his voice be heard is by using his wallet. No this won't hurt Facebook's bottom line too much – hardly at all – but this is what capitalism is all about (or at least how I would imagine Greg looking at it) This seems like a pretty simple explanation – you don't like a burger joint's policies on employee wages, smoking sections, or public views on some social justice issue, the only power you have is to not eat there (unless they're breaking the law in some way, in which case legal action can be taken). And yes, of course there are consequences to these actions that will hurt CrossFit financially, but that's not the point. Just like the burger you love from that burger joint will no longer be accessible to you, you have made a personal economic decision to not contribute to that companies bottom line. It's not about putting Facebook out of business, in fact, the whole point is likely to try and draw attention to Facebook and their arguably unethical use of data (at least how Greg sees it.) And by golly we are all talking about it in some way here aren't we?

    I would stop trying to think of this as a purely bottom line (profit line) business decision on Glassman's part. He knows he won't put Facebook out of business , and that CrossFit will likely lose money and viewership in the process. I think he believes CrossFit was always designed to be promoted organically from affiliates on up through their members, and is willing to go through some growing pains in the process. Of course, I could be way off base.:)

  39. You're missing the point. It's not about "privacy" in general. Rather, the CrossFit statement stresses concerns with Facebook deleting the Banting group. Says CF: "Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease." Thus Facebook = junk food = bad health.

  40. Crossfit should contact ESPN and figure out a way to have MAIN STREAM coverage,,,???… OR Bye a satelite (-:

  41. Do you think CrossFit will it’s own CrossFit live . Com like Ironman (WTA ) did with all their Sanctioned event around the world .

  42. Has anyone kept up with the comments on .com? First load of comments were supportive of Glassmans decision. Make of that what you will…

  43. I owned an affiliate from 2012-2017 and they never sent me anything or did anything for me. And you know what? It didn't matter.

  44. The only thing this damages is CrossFit. Facebook losing a page with 15 million follows is irrelevant. The real issue here is decisions made once again out of the blue without any f’ing communication. It’s like Glassman is growing senile already. A spur of the moment decision with no discussion with the fan base, shows a completely irrational company.

  45. Sure it is just a drop in the bucket but this is massive in terms of overall publicity. CrossFit is a powerful brand. And the advertisers were banking on that page.

  46. Glassman seems self destructive or simply isn’t a savvy businessman. He should just spin off/license the games etc. or this opens an opportunity for some others to fill a void left behind by Glassman.

  47. This echo chamber sucks. Facebook, like instagram and twitter are Orwelian sensorious cunts. If Crossfit stands up to that bullshit thats a good thing.

  48. The underlying positions on health etc. are all great, but this feels like yet another "us vs them" paranoia play – which seem to be piling up a lot in the last year. All the research Crossfit posting on the corruption of health studies is making them a target. The concern that the data of crossfitters will be taken by these corporate players to blackball us. Armen's point from other v'log re: Glassman just talks about what he wants to talk about and does only what he wants feels like we're getting lost in tinfoil hat territory.

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