WHY canfitpro’s Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach Certification? | #canfitpro

Hey you. I’m Tammy, a canfitpro PRO TRAINER, and today I’m gonna tell you why you should sign up for canfitpro’s
Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach course. In one day you will learn all the
basic knowledge you need to get started. In addition to that, you will receive an
HWL Toolkit that helps guide you to coach your clients. It shows you what
to do in session 1, session 2, session 3, session 4, and so on.
During the course we learn the “sciency” information on how our body actually
loses weight. You can find all the topics on canfitpro.com. After you
complete the course, you take the exam online in your own home when you’re
ready. You do have to get an 80% or higher to pass the exam and you must complete
it within 6 months after the course. Like any canfitpro certification you
also must have, at minimum, your CPR A. Once you complete the course, you pass
the exam, and all your documentation has been submitted, you will get your
certification and then you can get started. So how can you use this
certification to make money? I’ll tell you a few of my secrets. First of all, I
do customized meal plans. So somebody comes to me, they want a meal plan to
help them lose weight, we sit down together and I design it. They get to
have input, I get to have input, and together we come up with a meal plan
that works for them. I also do group programs. These are usually anywhere
from 2 to 12 weeks long. So I will design a meal plan to match the specific
goals of that group program. Finally, online coaching. There are many people
out there selling meal plans that aren’t certified, but high quality meal plans
take thought, decision-making, education, skill, knowledge. All of these things
you can get the basis for in the HWL course, to be able to make really good
smart meal plans that are effective and your clients actually see results. Things
to consider when you’re designing a meal plan for somebody: are you cutting too
many calories? Are you creating an imbalance in macronutrients and
micronutrients? What kind of lifestyle do they live? Is your meal plan actually
supporting that lifestyle? What kind of exercise do they do or what kind of
fitness goals do they have? Are you helping their performance or are you
hindering it? Whether you’re already a fitness professional or you’re just
getting started we all have a responsibility to make sure we are
properly certified when we are serving our clients. This course gives you the
foundational knowledge to do just that. If you have the passion, and you have the
drive, then you can do it. If you have any questions feel free to comment in the
section below or text me: 902-553-0310 or email: [email protected] So go to canfitpro.com. Click their main menu where it
says “certifications”. Click Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach course and sign up
for one near you today. Hopefully, I’ll see your face in my classroom.

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