Why CrossFit Goals Change | Everyday Hero

so I know you through cross it yeah so
uh how did you Jen get into CrossFit and why did you decide on a long time ago
probably 2008 I’m Congress when i started crossfit nobody really knew what
it was yeah I don’t really know it was I was a personal trainer I actually worked
in coolidge corner the coolidge corner gym and a couple of the guys that were
trainers there would do it for their own workouts on the side and I kind of
looked on curious for a while and it’s like an ass boy stuff like they’re
they’re crazy and I’m not they’re doing I specifically remember the first day
they tried to get me to do a box jump it was like the jump off the cliff like oh
yeah nope Salla took you a little bit yeah so they had me do a couple workouts
with them come on and it was fun you know is all right and then I moved to
North Carolina for probably a year and a half and then there was a CrossFit gym
opening up like a half a mile down the road from my apartment so I said all
right well I’ll go check it out and it I was done sold first first intro class in
the park I was sold and you do like this is what I want anything I was a member
across it for a while and I was like why am i doing personal training any other
way than this way which is so much more fun okay and so that’s so that’s how you
went from being because you were a personal trainer before God coaching
cross it just made sense in the end and you loved cross yeah so are you
competitor like where do you see yourself in the closet Rangers like I’m
going through the games that I’m gonna win vs I don’t want to do a box jump I
you know like I just want to do the fun stuff of process yeah i mean i think my
crafted world has kind of evolved mm-hmm you know in the beginning when I first
met across it probably like everyone you’re super excited you want to talk
about it all the time what up better go to be you and you know you want everyone
to come to grasp it with you and then it you know I did some competitions in the
beginning and they were smaller on smaller scale certainly not what the
prospect games are now and it was fun and
I had a good time and then got more into coaching so the more you coach the last
time you have to work out especially when you’re in PT school full time um so
I ended up working out by myself a lot so that’s when I started doing a lot
more Olympic lifting mm i found that was an easy thing for me to do by myself
just get really focused and centered and not have to have the group around me
certainly can’t do conditioning workouts by myself stuff forget about going
conditioning like a listening instead I

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