Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching {The Truth Behind MLM’s}

hey guys Melissa Blevins with MelissaBlevins.com where I teach practical money and marketing tips to the
free-spirited nerd today I want to talk to you a little bit about why I quit
Beachbody coaching it’s been nearly three years and I could not be happier
about the decision that I made to quit Beachbody coaching I have to talk to you
a little bit about my story I wrote a blog post about this several years ago
and some of the comments that I received were just so supportive and so
encouraging from other coaches that had experienced very similar feelings and so
I just decided to do a video and kind of talk a little bit about it because there
are people out there that are doing multi-level marketing businesses
thinking that they’re just gonna explode and make hundreds of thousands of
dollars doing this and I have to tell you there are a few reasons why I quit
Beachbody coaching and so I just want to share the reasons why alright so when I
first started coaching I approached my ex-sister-in-law okay and she was a
Beachbody Coach and she was blowing up on social media about it and I wanted to
find out more information about it and just kind of actually I was inquiring
about turbo fire so workout program I found it on Craigslist and it was like
30 or 40 dollars on sale and she had ended up with a two hour long
conversation with me about why I should become a discount coach for the
opportunity to save money and to make money from home so I’m like
what the hell why not so I signed up a couple hours later use my credit card
stupidly okay never use a credit card for freaking signup fees for a dang
multi-level marketing company that’s tip number one all right
so I signed up I got my Shakeology challenge pack
with my workout program in the mail a few days later and I drank the dadgum
kool-aid or the Shakeology I drank the kool-aid so much that I was all in I
mean I was let me tell you a little bit about Beachbody
okay so Beachbody has what’s called three vital behaviors
the first one is invite invite invite the second one is be proof that the
products work and the third one is personal development so let me talk a
little bit about those three vital behaviors and how they helped me
actually I’m not gonna say that Beachbody was 100 percent terrible for
me because I actually did learn a lot about different things from the company
and from my experience so number one invite invite invite the absolute worst
thing and the world that I this is this is not a positive okay so Beachbody
wants you to befriend lots of random strangers or say colleagues co-workers
moms group friends your child teachers and their friends I mean anybody and
everybody that you could possibly befriend people you run into at the
grocery store they want you to get out your phone and say hey are you on
Facebook let me add you as a friend so then then they can send you a Facebook
message getting to know you to build value okay so they send you a message
saying hey and give you a compliment hey I noticed that you were wearing some
really cute shoes the other day where’d you get those and then talked for a few
minutes and then you have a conversation and you’re like oh by the way I started
this new opportunity that’s gonna help me get healthy and fit and it’s awesome
and you can make money and they want you to invite invite invite to challenge
groups challenge groups are where Beachbody customers go for encouragement
and support and losing in getting fit okay I’m all behind
having challenge groups encouraging people to get fit the problem I have is
with the invite invite invite part I just think it’s super inauthentic to
befriend people with the idea of just trying to sell them a product and the
entire company business model is based around the product of Shakeology
so Shakeology is the shake that’s a hundred and thirty dollars a month and
you put it on auto-ship so they ship it automatically and you end up with extra
bags because it tastes disgusting and you don’t want to drink it but you force
yourself to just so that you can take a selfie with your Shakeology so raise
your hand if you’re a coach and you’re going oh my gosh that is me I’m so
embarrassed it’s okay been there too so so the
second one is be a product of the product or be proof that the products
work so Beachbody’s moneymaker is Shakeology a protein shake with
superfoods that helps you get healthier and loose lose weight you use it as a
meal replacement and it only costs four dollars and 33 cents per day which is
cheaper than eating out every day well that’s true it is cheaper and unless you
go to the dollar menu at McDonald’s but obviously it’s not sustainable for a
long period of time the second problem I have with Shakeology is that it does not
taste good and the only reason that Beachbody is so successful in my opinion
is because they have the perfect business model instead of paying G&C to
market their products they pay coaches to be independent contractors and be a
product of the product by auto shipping these shakes to themselves so that they
can drink the shakes take selfies with the shakes and show everyone on social
media that they just love this Shakeology and
that you can save money by adding the Shakeology as a meal replacement with a
workout program to your thing to your everyday you know routine and it is a
brilliant business model I have to give kudos to the creator and CEO Carl for
doing that it is a business though it’s obviously set up to make Beachbody a lot
of money and the coaches make a little bit of money off of it but not you know
a ton for the amount of work that they invest in it so that was vital behavior
number to model behavior number three is personal development and this one I got
a ton of help out of its that you 20 to 30 minutes every single day you work on
personal development whether that’s reading your Bible whether that is
reading personal development books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad or Total Money
Makeover or growth hacking different books that will help you grow personally
and professionally and before I started with Beachbody I was not a reader I
really did not know what I enjoyed reading because I never did enjoy
reading and so I have grown a lot in that aspect and I do have to thank
Beachbody for that but those are the three vital behaviors and if I had to
make a fourth vital behavior which that this is unofficial it’s not beach bodies
fourth vital behavior but it is that you have to invest in yourself and so a lot
of your business comes from reinvesting your money back into the company so
going to their success club trips and going to their Beachbody summit in
Nashville Tennessee and just going to all these different events and also
obviously purchasing more products more workout programs so that you can do the
videos so that you can you know share with you
customer base that you’re doing the programs along with them it’s just
reinvesting back into the company so they’re making more money again
brilliant from their perspective but how does that really help you now there have
been some successful six-figure coaches and some that are millionaires now but I
have to say most of them are 20-something fit hot long haired blonde
bombshell’s I mean that’s the only way I can put it and I’m not trying to be
offensive but it’s just the truth you know it’s easy to be influential when
you have a great body and you know are gorgeous and flawless and we’ll put
together 24/7 so anyways you know I went to the Beachbody summit the year I’m
right before I quit Beachbody coaching and when I was there they actually had a
topcoat her name is Melanie Metro and she you know was being honored on stage
for being the top coach number one salesperson out of the entire company
out of over 200,000 coaches and they chose to honor her by saying that she
was a hot mess the entire skit the song that they did they involved her kids and
her husband and it was talking about how she was a hot mess and I really didn’t
get it I missed I’m gonna miss the connection there and after that point I
really just kind of lost a lot of respect you know moving forward with the
company and I have to say I know this is my experience with Beachbody but it’s
probably very similar with lots of the other multi-level marketing companies is
that you have an initial investment and you continue to have to buy every single
month you have what’s called PV or personal volume that you have to buy
just to stay active and to earn an income and then you just have to
continue to just throw yourself at your social media and annoy people and
not all about that I’m about creating value I’m about being there for people
who need me and solving problems and I know for a fact that you can lose weight
and get healthy without Shakeology and even without Beachbody I mean the
workouts are wonderful there are opportunities there I mean you can order
the workout without the Shakeology and if you can’t get out of the house to go
to the gym it’s wonderful it’s a wonderful way for you to potentially
lose weight not knocking the workout programs this was my personal experience
and my personal the way that I felt about things and I hope that this helps
some people who are on the fence about how they’re feeling about their
multi-level marketing company whether that’s Beachbody or some other company
so let me know in the comments how you feel about this if you are a coach or
have been a coach and you quit as well or you’re on the fence and you don’t
want to experience the backlash of the other upline just totally defriending
you and and making you feel bad about your decision I did lose all those
people that I thought were my people my family my you know group they
immediately pretty much disowned me as soon as I quit and so I knew that I did
make the right decision so let me know what you think if you are looking for
personal finance tips ways to make money create a blog and just find your voice
make sure you subscribe to the channel and check out the links down below I
think you’ll find them super helpful I hope you have an awesome day and thanks
for watching

100 Replies to “Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching {The Truth Behind MLM’s}”

  1. You can find just as good quality workouts on youtube like Fitness Blender. I'd rather support this couple that runs FB who work hard to keep their workouts free. They even have very affordable workout plans and eating plans if it's something you need. They are very down to earth and realistic. I have had plenty of facebook friends drink the shakeology and become "coaches". Suddenly people who didn't give 2 figs about me are messaging me about their challenges. A woman from an unrelated group friended me out of the blue. The next thing I know she's, trying to recruit me to be a coach. I gave her excuses and told her no, but it took a few times. I stayed facebook friends because she's actually a really cool person. I highly suspect she quit coaching because she seems quite normal in her posts. All her pages and other social media stuff she promotes about being a coach have ceased. If you need weight loss fitness advice, or emotional help, there's better, more affordable avenues out there. Beachbody is about making money and recruiting people to continue to make money.

  2. Yes! That protein powder is so gross in my opinion. WAY too sweet and clearly has to cover up all the weird ingredient’s taste. I love the on demand and will likely keep buying it yearly but man oh man those shakes are nasty. I would feel sick to my stomach trying to gulp those down. I didn’t cancel my second package in time so now I have a 130$ month supply of protein unopened I’ll never ever ever use. 🤢

  3. Also I don’t not understand why coaches have to buy access for new workout programs/their shakes/ etc. Maybe they get a major discount but I am always shocked about hearing coaching buying access to programs. Like you sell for this company they can’t at least give you free access to the new programs?? So odd

  4. I lost my best friend of over 10 years because of this “company.” She’d been distant for a while and texted me out of the blue one day. Then a day or two later, she drops the whole bb thing on me…and many times again after that. When I finally confronted her on it, she first took 2 days to respond, then when she did and I told her how I felt, she never responded…we haven’t spoken since. It’s been over a year.
    Mind you, at the time I was ready to drop everything to be there for her because her grandmother was dying. But she couldn’t even respond to a text from her best friend since we were 12.

  5. I've heard so many stories like this about beachbody and so many other programmes like these it's ridiculous. I do like the workouts but Jeez louize give it a rest. The last thing we need is another cult! What is it with workout programmes and these cultish followings? Crossfit, TB12, Beachbody, Spartan Challenge. They're all the same! Is this what it takes to motivate people?

  6. I think these are all super valuable and valid points! I am currently a Beachbody coach as well as a Registered Dietitian. When I first became a coach, I did struggle because there were certain aspects I didn't like, but others that I loved. First, I think the workout programs are awesome. I love that they are completely structured from beginning to end and can take you through weeks of workouts and can be done from home. I am a firm believer that they DO NOT take the place of a certified trainer or other fitness professional. I don't have any injuries or anything I am working with and don't have issues with completing the workouts. Someone who is limited or concerned about their safety shouldn't do these workouts from home. I personally do not portray myself as a fitness professional and would never give recommendations outside of my scope. I do give more specific advice about nutrition, but that would be within my scope as a dietitian. I choose to look at myself as more of a facilitator and motivator. I never push the supplements (including Shakeology) as I don't believe they are necessary for success, especially as a RD, but I do think some people may enjoy them. I actually walk my challengers through canceling the shakeolgoy. I also rarely present coaching as an opportunity to others as a 'money-making' opportunity. I actually don't really invite to coaching. My goal isn't to build a great big team underneath me to 'earn me a bunch of money'

    These programs have been awesome for me and I think they could help others. My goal as a coach is not making a ton of money but tap into my passion for weight management. I want to help others when nothing else has stuck. I think Beachbody can do great things for people, as long as the coach themselves is authentic about the experience and not in it just to make a ton of money. Okay, I'll be done! lol Just my thoughts! I do understand that this company isn't for everyone!

  7. Their workouts aren’t even good either. If you include shoulder damaging moves like the upright row, you’ll set yourself up for injury. Internal rotation of the shoulder can damage that muscle. Also putting your knee up to your oblique doesn’t work that muscle group, that’s just an over dominance of the hip flexors and legs. I’m looking at you Lift 4 and Transform 20.

  8. I almost fell for this but the lady trying to get me to become a coach didn’t have a beach body so I figured it was a scam.

  9. Unfortunately companies like these are not about the product but they’re about the business and selling the hype.

  10. This is a great video, i hate, HATE MLMs based around nutrition and fitness (herbalife anyone?) there are better protein powders out there that don't cost $130. Something that always bugs me too is the diet they make people follow, I am not very familiar, but from what I have seen as an outsider, the diet seem to be the same for everyone just so the shake can be included but it doesn't seem to teach people how to eat, i know ppl who got involved in beachbody, lost initially like 25 or 30 lbs then gained right back after quitting the coaching thing.

  11. i know someone who just made it to diamond status? and says she will be getting a 20,000 bonus in july! im like WHAAAAAAT??? after just working less than a year? is that for real?

  12. Wow this was ROUGH. There are very few companies who put any focus on Personal Development and right here you shared Beachbody has it in their Three vital behaviors. The companies main focus is YOU being your best for YOU. As far as coaching, everyone does things different. That is by far my most favorite thing about this business. I make it my own. I am a trainer. I am also a military spouse and had to walk away from a client list of 100+ when we relocated. Beachbody has allowed me to stay connected with my clients and keep them on track no matter where they are or where I am. My favorite comment from people is “I love that you don’t push Beachbody down anyone’s throat” <3 Which means EVERYONE needs to find the right coach, the right workout, the right nutrition plan. Healthy living isn’t cookie cutter.
    I’m sorry you were on a team that made you feel forced to meet random people and tell them about Beachbody right away. That’s normal and that’s why so many people run away from MLMs all around.
    Beachbody PD and programs literally saved my marriage and is the reason I was able to bring my husband home from active duty.
    Each persons experience is unique. Sharing this has discouraged so many. Not even giving them the chance to try. That’s the frustrating part.

  13. Omg I’ve gotten those random Facebook messages from people on fb and IG. They get blocked as soon as they try and “sell me”. I HATE IT. Any friend I’ve ever had that joins into an MLM, they know not to discuss any of it with me. Or they can’t be my friends. I don’t want my friends “selling” me anything. That’s not a friend.

  14. I wonder why they have the shakes taste so bad. I have protein powders I use and they taste great. I would never buy one that didn’t taste good. I use them because I need to get my protein in and hate cooking and making food. But I’d never keep consuming bad tasting ones. And I get ones that are super low sugar and carb but still taste pretty good.

  15. I appreciate this video. I do have to say that I love BB workouts. But, I started with P90X long before all this Shakeology etc. I also didn't mind the Shakeology BUT it didn't agree with my system at all! Like at all! I still do the workouts and I have a coach. If I buy anything through BB I don't mind if she makes some money because I do think their workout programs are solid.

  16. It doesn't taste good? I just ordered a 150$ bag because I remember buying it several years ago as tasting amazing. It's expensive because it has a ton of rare herbs and nutrients, stuff that you can't get in even by eating a plate of veggies.

  17. i think you quit because first you wanted to have your own business and make money with your won company. any business you start is going to cost you no matter what. i was kind of understanding your poing but then I saw that you are charging for your business and that really help me understand why you left bb and talk this way about someone elses company. so here is the deal for me if you did not like the shake you did not have to lie or fake that you like it. all I hear is that you did not want to work hard enough for your vision and that this company no longer serve you because you wanted to make your own and that is ok too. So you really did not gave me anything that I could say oh no let me not get involved or leave it

  18. I really do appreciate you video…I have reason for wanting to do Beachbody….I've worked out at the gym for years and I am 48 and at a point I just want to stay home and work out (so tired or people….lol) and thought I could make money at it too. My coach seems a little dingy….I think I would've already purchased it if I had someone like you speaking instead of someone that is never available to answer my questions and when we do talk everything is "amaaaazing and awesome". And I have very much wondered about "older" people doing it….such as myself. It is very easy for an 20+/- age group to be very attractive. Although I still feel like I can look as good psychically or better than them…lol….may have a few more wrinkles but fortunately I have always worked out and I try to think about older ladies that look fantastic at 50. However, in Beachbody's defense, I currently sell real estate, so it is something you have to live, sleep, eat to survive….you are always asking people if they or anyone they know needs to buy or sell. I've sold real estate for 18 years so I actually have that part down pat and actually have a large sphere of influence already. You did get my attention with the shakes being disgusting and to never let them draft your account. Is it hard to cancel if you want to? I have asked my coach that many times and she promises me it is not…of course. Also, she said it would be like $115.00 a month. Nothing I dislike more than a dishonest person. I am VERY honest to the penny!!! I do not set people up to pay even $15.00 more than what I say. If anything….my people get money back because they didn't have to pay/spend more than I say. And she has to know how much it is because she gets them and has for 5 years and her "tribe" does as well. Anyway thank you so much for your video and if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell ANY real estate please let me know I can help all over the country….I know agents in every state I can refer to them….and you know what they say, "referred is preferred"….lol….just kidding…not really. Thanks again!

  19. Stay away.  This whole thing is a pyramid market scheme.  They try to sell and pressure you to subscribe, buy shake products, and other stuff.  Pure hype.  Run away

  20. people have been eating better and exercising and training long before this marketing scam company existed. Go back to basics, eat better, eat less, exercise more! All this stuff is a fad, a temporary diet that nobody maintains

  21. Shakeology is something you have to make a smoothie with, like actually put in work to add it into your blender, you don't drink it plain or else it will taste bad. Just a tip 😉

  22. I do agree that the aspect of invite invite is too much. I am a hobby coach and I honestly love the program. If you don't get so wrapped up in trying to just make a ton of money off of this then you can be at peace with the business. The workout programs are amazing, hands down you can not get this type of routine anywhere else for the price. The shakes aren't a protein shake first off, they are meant to add the nutritional value to your daily needs that you may not get elsewhere. I think that people get too wrapped up in the fact that it is a multi level marketing and they completely skip the fact that this program is out there to help people change their health for the better. To be in better shape, stronger, and feel more confident in their own skin. You were not in Beachbody for the right reason and that is why you're now salty about it.

  23. This is ridiculous. You are a failure at this because you had no belief in the product and you didint like the product. Why would you recommend a product to someone if you didnt like the product yourself. Im sure you recommend products you use in your household that you think are great, to your family, friends and associates all the time. Network Marketing and MLMs are the same thing. You are just mad because you were recommending a product to people you didnt believe in and the people could sense it. You are the scammer not beachbody. Beachbody knows and believes in the product, you did not. Network marketing is like any sales job. You must believe in the product or opportunity that you are presenting to people. If not you are wasting your time and other peoples time.
    Network marketing is a profession, any profession you choose you have to learn skills and then actually work at it just like any job. In any sales job you have to build a relationship with your prospect whether you are selling educational learning software or vitamins. Stop being naive and blaming the product or the company. Take responsibility and blame yourself. You failed at selling beach body products because you didnt believe in the product, didnt develop any of the necessary sales skills , and didnt put in 100 percent effort and work to be successful. Just a side note Im not involved in any MLM or have any relationship with beach body.

  24. Well I just became a beachbody coach haha I hope to be as honorable as I can without the stress of performing to make money. Wish me luck!

  25. I love the workouts, everything else is crap. I was always pressured to buy shakeology and even shamed when J gave reasons that I did not want to purchase it. It has a lot of iron that interacts with my medication. I shouldn't have to add a lot of extras to make it taste good, making it as expensive as grabbing a salad. I have found protein shakes that I enjoy at about $1 per serving. Way more acceptable when working with the grocery budget.

    The solution is always to become a coach for the discount. Except the monthly fee to be a coach is so expensive so you don't really save money unless you buy a ton of overpriced items……

  26. I was praying about becoming a coach and this was really a video sent to me from God through you. Thank you very much

  27. I was a BB coach for about a year and I quit. I did love the shakes but I NEVER paid for the shakes b/c even with the discount it was too expensive. I personally use 1st Phorm protein, which is way better. But I totally agree with you about the invite, lack of genuine interest etc I couldn't do it.

  28. I’m wondering if You quit Beachbody because it didn’t work for you… did you hit your goal weight, and where are you living the lifestyle that you were supporting people with… I bet if you ask yourself that question honestly you’ll have your answer, because there’s people that make $1 million a year selling lipstick so come on now

  29. I am very against MLM.
    I also liked the BB workout(s). I did 21DayFix and P90.
    The Shakleology stuff was okay, but it seemed like magic because I was losing weight with the workouts.
    HOWEVER. As someone that's a consumer and not a "coach" there's something I HATE about their product that's very scummy.
    The DVDs seems to be layers and layers of copy protection. Strange encryption, strange chaptering, odd programming, and probably some other things that I don't know about.
    If your workout DVD has the tiniest surface scratch, dust, or fingerprint… that DVD is useless and buggy whereas most other DVDs (Even Disney films, which has some pretty weird copy protection measures) would be able to play through because of the error correction built into the DVD system. Typically, this will happen about 6 months into the ownership of the DVD.
    In fact, my Sony BluRay player ended up glitching when I tried to play a faulty DVD. I played the disk, it would stutter like crazy, I would eject the disk, and my Blu-Ray player would stutter and flicker my TV like crazy. I had to totally unplug and re-power my Sony player in order to get it back to "normal."
    My Old DVD player and my XBox? Same thing. Lots of glitching and stuttering, although it didn't corrupt them like the DVD did with my Sony BluRay player.
    And do a Google search. Tons of people have complained about this.

  30. Your full of shit ive been a coach since 2011. Didn’t expand due to people who are not hungry. Beach body doesn’t tell you to befriend strangers. Its about sharing your results. And motivating people. Don’t bash the company cause you didn’t succeed. You send out the wrong vibes. And as for shakeology you must have your taste buds blocked. 108 a month with auto-ship if you have the discount

  31. Love some of the workouts on beach body ie Shaun T, autumn Calabrese and a couple of others. They’re good to do when I’m needing the feeling of working out with others (stay at home mum so can’t use gym!) I’m a qualified PT and did a degree in sports science and just cannot get behind the ethical practice of trying to shill these over priced shakes/bars especially when they’re being sold by people who don’t have the faintest clue about human anatomy or physical exercise 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ but yeah I’ve always loved the insanity workouts and the like so it’s worth my coin to pay for the workouts – everything else? NAH!

  32. My mom works for this company. My family lives in a small town and I’m the oldest of 5 kids who the youngest is only 7.. Uhg….

  33. I don't trust anyone who calls themselves as. Coach no matter what, but that's my opnion, coach =scammer in my book

  34. Ive decided instead of these "busineses" being called MLMs, should be "Manipulation, Lies & Moneygrab. The Dream is a GREAT podcast about these awful MLMs. Love the whole" Were not an MLM, MLMs are illegal!" hahaha Ridiculous

  35. Thank you for ur honesty and integrity, i was about to pull trigger until i ran into ur channel, God bless….

  36. I legit got an ad from Beachbody on this video.🤣
    I am not sure why your video ended up in my recommendations, but I am glad it did. I am a certified personal trainer and even before I became one, I had always frowned upon Beachbody. I received a few recruit invitations and turned them all down. Anyways, I find it despicable that people pry on other people's emotional states to scam them. One thing I noticed from a few of similar companies is they target women, particularly stay-at-home and/or new mothers dealing with postpartum depression and all… So low… I went through a few Beachbody programs (did not pay for them) a few years back just to see what the hype was about, and well, well, well, none of those coaches is qualified to coach anyone whether it is for exercising or nutrition, in my own opinion. And they all target those who are desperate to feel better about themselves and know nothing about fitness. That's really low… Anyways, thank you, Mrs. Blevins, for this video.

  37. Here's what amazes me about the world. That smart people can watch a video of someone killing a product and brand that she clearly was a big part of beachbody and attended a yearly summit that is now 20 years in the making and celebrates coaches, but not wonder why someone would be so bitter. BTW that celebration she went to, to win Top Coach that person is earning high 6 figures most likely starting with a 3. Sounds sustainable to me. Pretty important omission dont you think. She wants to "help you" but offered you no solutions or alternatives. There's more assistance given in the comments LOL I know BB coaches, they dont pretend to be experts and there is no magic loose 100 pound ticket. You have to work out. As with any program it works for some but not all and you have to get off you butt. This woman was clearly wronged in some type of way and is angry but at least offer up a solution. Dont just rob people of what might be a good solution because you felt like posting a video bad review. People choose to follow a "coach" and their fitness journey and yes here is monetary gain OMG!!! terrible people. But yet this video had 4 ads run during it. Guess who got paid AT YOUR EXPENSE and offered you nothing!!! FYI, every post she posts about beachbody shes getting paid off of beachbody LOL. Wise up!!!

  38. That awkward moment when an ad pops up halfway through the video… and it's an ad for Beachbody 🤦‍♀️

  39. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I absolutely DESPISE the MLM tactics that a lot of those companies use.

  40. I'm so glad you quit. These "coaches" are involved in predatory behavior. I tried a Shakeology sampler a few years ago, all the flavors tasted awful!

  41. I have no idea how I found this video but as I was watching you and saying yes ma’am I agree I get an ad …… FOR BEACH BODY wtf

  42. Hold on, shakology taste disgusting to you?!!!! Wow that's the best shake I have ever tried, and this is not only my opinion google it. You could also use other strategies to sell product online through social media to strangers you didn't have to bother your friends. if this is the only od for you why not become coach its ridiculous to me. You said most of the coaches who are millionaires are 20 something blond hair, thats not truth and you are young too, what's wrong with you? so you have some self esteem issue. And one question do you have to go for trips, I am sure you don't have to go if you don't want to spend money.

  43. Pahla B and the Killer B’s here on YouTube has some terrific workouts! Not too long. For various levels. I’m a big fan. She addresses challenges, too.

  44. First off if you are in it solely to make money then you should quit. If you aren’t sharing your own journey and aren’t in it for helping people then please by all means get out! Team Beachbody and Shakeology have changed my life in every wat

  45. It is a wonderful product and it doesn’t take bad at all. I’m glad you aren’t a coach any longer. You fail to tell people that we are independent biz owners. Shakeology is about 3.00 a day. You shouldn’t spew crap about TBB. Your experience was obviously bad and you weren’t committed to it

  46. I love how you said they are brilliant because they truly are. They found a way to get “authentic” user-generated content for FREE!! They literally don’t need sales people because they have free ones by the thousands.

  47. Why weren’t you successful with BB? If it is because of the invite invite ..you really didn’t get that. Relationships are built over time not in one conversation like u r suggesting we are told to do. That’s not how it is. Shakeology isn’t like u said disgusting. Its unfair to say that because your opinion doesn’t make it true. I love it, not all flavours but most. I have tried many as I am a qualified fitness instructor and disagree with your opinion. Its quality hence is expensive.

  48. I didn’t like the HOT MESS skit at all! I also didn’t get it. What a way to honor your top coach by portraying her as a “too much wine drinking hot mess” of a person.

  49. This is my life on Instagram. I admire fit women who workout and are trying to live their best lives. Unfortunately, I think most of them just want to sign me up.

  50. I was "invited" to join Beachbody in a round about way from a girl I met in a group. The FB group was for people who had lost children due to stillbirth. Yup you read that right. She worked me over for weeks and slipped in the whole BB thing in a way I didnt realize what had happened until I joined up (I had lost 100lbs on my own) and as she trained me it hit me. I was prey for her BB business. Holy crap I felt like I was kicked in the gut. I visited her in another state at one point. I thought we were bffs. BB should be ashamed of telling their coaches this is a good practice

  51. Thank you for this. I've been talking with a wellness coach on Instagram about her wellness community, and she asked me randomly if I was interested in coaching. Her group is very spiritual, so I'm very drawn to it, but then she mentioned Beachbody. 160 bucks to start up and get this kit, etc etc. Shakeology is a part of it too. My bf said it sounds like a pyramid scheme so I looked on YouTube and found this video of yours lol now I'm thinking that it is a scheme that wouldnt really benefit me the way this person made it seem. So now I'm sad lol

  52. Having worked for Vitamin World and GNC and been in sales for 25 years I can promise you that every single store you work for has similar tactics. Compliment, become a friend, make a lifelong customer were the keys to success. I made GNC and Vitamin World thousands and thousands of dollars, made a small hourly wage and a very small commission. 25% commission is far more than I ever made working in vitamin sales in a brick and mortar store. The items I sold at GNC and Vitamin World often cost FAR more than Beachbody. I am not a coach but I am thinking about doing this in the most authentic way just as I have worked in sales. We sold memberships at both locations for a discount week as well. This idea that doing MLM is wrong or a mess comes simply from ignorance of what it is like working in any customer service or sales jobs.

  53. Having a problematic situation in MLM is one thing. Saying it's not a legit way of making money is another. MLM is definitely not for everybody, but it's an amazing way to become a successfull entrepreneur.

  54. Every time after I’ve had a baby I’ve had either friends or women on Instagram try to recruit me with their fake niceness. It makes you feel terrible about yourself after you just had a baby. It’s okay for your body to not be “perfect” after giving birth.
    The last time it happened I just cut her off. Forget it!

  55. I just got a new coach who seems pretty awesome. The only thing she has said so far is to let her know when I’m ready to buy (which I’m not since I’m about to move). I plan on doing the Ultimate Portion Fix, but I’m not going to be doing Shakeology. I’ll be making my own shakes. I’ve already got the shaker and portion containers from the 21 Day Fix, so I’ll be getting another set which is fine with me. Motivation is what I lack the most so I’ll keep my coach around for now lol

  56. I can’t tell you how many people over the years that have messaged me to tell me that the thought that I was someone that they could be really good friends with, they noticed how pretty I was, they knew that I would be a great beach body coach, etc. These people could literally care less about being my friend and I’m always slightly annoyed to get these messages. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has encountered this! Thank you for speaking up!

  57. Most coaches post photos of themselves adding stuff to their shakes. ( banana strawberries etc, nut butter, and other supplements). Why would I need to add stuff if it is the perfect meal replacement?

  58. I'm just happy you realized BB is a scammmmm. These MLMs are ruining people's lives while its nearly impossible to succeed in a MLM

  59. I had a bad experience with Beach Body. The woman who was my coach (I signed up online, so I guess i just got assigned to some random person) contacted me, and at first was encouraging me, but very quickly started pressuring me to buy expensive products. I signed up for the workouts, and that was it. I asked her a question about portions, and her answer was to guilt me into buying those stupid colored containers (I can use a measuring cup- I don't need those!) that I'd already told her I didn't want. She said it in SUCH a condescending and shaming way- like "Well, if you're not willing to invest less than $20 into your health – I know that these containers have helped me manage my weightloss for more than four years." I was done.

  60. I actually like the way the shakes taste 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ and the workouts are pretty legit too. Never became a coach but definitely bought it and I actually miss it :/

  61. I've had a lot of people approach me to become approach, not something I really want to get into and this just confirms my feelings and thoughts. Thank you 💚

  62. I'm a self-employed personal trainer with my own studio, and it's refreshing to hear this truth. I get so tired of having to explain this to people. I'm just going to link them to your vid! Thank you for this!

  63. Good for you for making this video!

    I got scammed into signing up for beach body but someone who I thought was going to be my friend when moving overseas with my husband who’s in the military. 😞 Spent hundreds I didn’t have to spend in the first place and lost money.

  64. I did a one month challenge to support a friend…loved the workout but HATED the non-skippable ads on the dvds…I lost weight but the portions were unsustainable to me. I was FAINTING. Hate how carbs are grouped in with legumes and starchy veggies, I'm a cereal girl and the carb portion was so ridiculously tiny that it forced me to choose between my morning Shreddies and an entire category of vegetables, in order to stay within my portions. I'm a small person to start with. I enjoyed the shakes but the price is unjustifiable. Even the most expensive shake I found in the local health store works out to less than half what they want for Shakeology.

  65. I coached for a bit. I’ll be honest. I actually love shakeology. It works for me. That said, coaching should only be approached after a given time and you want to guide people to successfully navigate or provide feedback on Beachbody workouts. What worked for you, what didn’t, etc. Trying to sell a few shakes and make a quick buck should not be the motivation. The coaches that turn me off the most, to be honest, are those that are still out of shape, pushing the hard sell, and have no interest in fitness. Those Facebook selfies of someone drinking a shake. Blech!

  66. You just shared my story. I used to be a coach back in 2011 and only last one year. I got tired of it all and even quit Facebook because of Beachbody. ‘invite invite invite’…. The torture of it all 😩😩. Now I just workout, eat healthy, drink my water and I am happy.

  67. So funny, Shakeology is the only protein powder I've enjoyed. I've been a customer for 3 years, tried all the GNC one/s and this one by far is my fave. This is all opinion, and everyone is going to have different ones…….the business model you're explaining is the exact same as almost all MLM's….instead of paying for advertising, they use they're people who already love the product. It just sounds like you didn't find the right company for you. I've done Younique makeup for years, and their model is the same. Arbonne, R and F, all the same and if you like the product, you get a discount, and share your GENUINE love of a product, then I'm all for it

  68. I know exactly what you talking about. I foolishly got involved with World ventures never again with those schemes. I will never get involved with those companies again. I fully regret it and I feel so bad that I got my mom and sister to try and help me. That's is something that will stay with me forever.

  69. I personally enjoy just being a customer, I enjoy that we can now buy Beachbody on demand without all the extra protein shakes and energizers, however when I choose to share my progress on my social media, I am constantly messaged by women looking to recruit more customers into their next challenge group. And it’s crazy because you’re so spot on about how they must compliment, befriend, and then suck you in. Thank you for being honest and hopefully making people think a little more before becoming a coach just for the “discounts”

  70. I love the Beachbody product so much. I love Beach Body On Demand. I find so much value to it and the challenge groups. I need a vegan shake so I like their vegan option and you can add banana, berries, or almond butter to it to help with the taste. However- I was a coach for about 5 minutes. I thought since I am good on social media I would be a good coach. But I ended up HATING their social media selling strategy. Messaging people who I haven't talked to in 15 years awkwardly to get them to join the group to then buy the shakes. I had so many friends unfriend/unfollow/never speak to me again in just a short amount of time. They really need to come up with a different strategy to generate leads.

  71. What about the program as a way to get healthy and loose weight? Marketing aside, because I don’t want to be a coach, does it work?

  72. did you ever make any money out of it as promised? Did you ever help someone get healthier without having to sell them the coaching program? because for me it sounds that selling the coach program is the only way to make the money. But that's not what I want to do. I don't want to be hunting people down to sell them anything unless they want me to.

  73. For me, I do the Beachbody workouts, but as for products I went with Modere, but only as a customer. With MLM companies its a matter of figuring out which ones you want to be a customer and which ones you want to create additional income with. Yes the opportunity to create income can be lucrative with hard work, but you really have to love the product and the company values.

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