Why Nicole Carroll Does the Open

[Interviewer] Nicole, one last thing, why do you do the Open? [Nicole] Hmmm…. It makes me better. It makes me a better CrossFitter. [Interviewer] I do the Open because… [Nicole] I do the Open because— [Interviewer] But you have to— You can’t say it like that. (Laughing) [Nicole] I can’t? I do the Open because…
(Laughing) I do the Open because—
(Laughing) I don’t know. I like doing the Open because it makes
me better. I train for fun. I train to stay healthy. But uh… I don’t love
competing, but I am sort of a little competitive… And so the Open, it does—
it’s cool, it structures training— my training to a degree that is still fun
for me, and then I get a little, a little bit of the competition side of it. It kind of makes me more interested in honing skills and getting better, working
weaknesses. Even this old bird this late in the game, I have a ton of weaknesses that… You can get away with. But, when you’re trying not to embarrass yourself in the Open, you pay more attention to getting better
at the things you’re not very good at. Or, I do. I also get the fun piece
of doing the tips, which is probably— that’s really the most fun part for me
because I get to in a very— in a very nonspecific, very general way I just get
to— I get to do a little bit of coaching. And that’s awesome for me. That always what I’ve loved most about CrossFit is its capacity to
make people better, make me better and then help others help other people be
better. So uh, and the Open’s just… for me that— just a perfect perfect
expression of that. So that’s why I do the Open.

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