(intense music) – What’s up Elite THENX Athletes. It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another video of Official THENX. Today, I’m gonna be explaining to you guys why you don’t have abs
and how to get them. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) ♫ Listen All right guys, so let’s get started. So today I’m gonna be
explaining the reasons why you don’t have abs. And then I’m gonna be showing
you how to start getting them. Now of course everybody has abs, everyone has abdominals, but a lot of people have
trouble making them visible or just tryin’ to get more aesthetic. So I’ve broken it down
into three main reasons why you may not have visible abs. The first reason being nutrition. You need a low body fat percentage to even make your abdominals visible. So it’s gonna help a lot if you’re on a caloric deficit and
if you’re eating clean. And incorporating diuretic
foods such asperagus. Sometimes you can have a
low body fat percentage but still have a lot of water retention. So make sure that you’re
drinking lots of water but make sure that you’re always sweating during your workouts. If your nutrition is on point and that doesn’t seem to be the problem, the next reason could be you’re not having the proper engagement. You wanna make sure that
you’re really engaging your core, even before you
start to do the exercise. So engage that core
before you start training and while it’s engaged, then
you begin to do your reps. You really wanna feel these movements. You don’t just wanna be moving
through these exercises, moving through the motions because you’re not really engaging,
you’re not really gonna grow and get stronger, the more
aesthetic in that muscle, you’re abdominals. If you’re just moving through the motions of the exercise and you’re not
actually properly engaging, you can actually be
incorporating very little of abdominals in the first place. But if that doesn’t seem to be the issue, it could be the third reason. You need to train harder
and you need a more strategic approach into your training. If the only way you’re
getting your ab training in is at the end of your
workouts for 10 minutes, that’s not enough abdominal training. You need to train your abs just like any other muscle group in your body. If not, even more. That’s the most important muscle group. Look how big it is. Your core is the fundamental
supporter for every lift, every exercise you do,
you engage your abs. So this is the most important
muscle that you have. Which is why you need to
be dedicating at least one full day just like you would
for any other muscle group. One full training day
just for your abdominals. Not 10 minutes at the
end of every workout, which is fine too. But you need one dedicated day every single week just for abs. You also need a strategic
approach to your training. You need to be incorporating all angles, all different styles
of abdominal training. On the ground, hanging,
holding yourself up, high intensity, static holds, et cetera. It’s gonna help a lot
if you are pre-fatiguing your abdominals during your workouts. Focus on the exercises that are really gonna kill your abs first. And then go on to the other
exercises that you may need to support your
weight or hold up from. And continue on your abdominal training. A lot of times when you’re
doing other moves like, hanging for support, or
holding your body up, there’s other muscle
groups or other things that can get in the way
from focusing on your abs. Such as, your grip might give out, or your shoulders aren’t strong enough for that particular move to go
on as long as your abs could. So focus on your strategic training. Now I’m gonna show you guys a workout that’s gonna incorporate everything that we just talked about, and we’re gonna show you how to apply them into your workout regimen. We’re gonna show you how a real ab day, a real abdominal workout should look like. So the first exercise we’re gonna go into is in and outs for 45 seconds. Then we have boat hold for 45 seconds. Next we have Russian
twists for 45 seconds. High knee taps for 45 seconds. High knee raises 15 times. L-sit kicks 12 times. And then we’re gonna finish off with an L-sit hold for 20 seconds. You guys, if you guys cannot keep up during this exercise right here, just go on for as long as you can. Eventually, you’re gonna start
hitting the proper numbers. But don’t give up. If you feel yourself fatiguing, take that little break, but don’t stop until the move is done. First move, in and outs
for 45 seconds, let’s go. (intense music) Make sure you’re jumping all the way out, all the way in guys. Engage that core, hold it tight. Squeeze your core. All right. Next move we have, boat hold. So keep that core tight. Engage the core before you even start. And then, keep it engaged
the whole exercise. Once you feel that core starting to diminish it’s engagement, squeeze it back again. You wanna make sure your core’s
activated the whole time. It’s super important
that you learn to breathe while you’re activating your core. That’s something you can
do, just standing up, not even doing an abdominal exercise. But, once you can learn to breathe while keeping a strong core, a lot of this is gonna get a lot easier. All right guys. Next we’re gonna move
into, Russian twists. Remember, keep that core tight from here. And then, go into the move. Make sure that your core
is already pre-engaged. (intense music) All right. Moving on we have high knee taps, 45 seconds. Bring those knees up guys. Really crunch every time
you bring a knee up. Activate that core. (intense music) All right. So this routine right here guys, you can do in the
comfort of your own home. So keep this up guys, and eventually you’ll
be getting your reps up, you’ll be getting your numbers up. This next move we have
is high knee raises. You can take two chairs together, two boxes, two ledges, whatever you have. And we’re gonna do this
exercise right here. Let’s go for 15 times. When you’re moving into this, make sure that you’ve
already engaged your core and that you’re gonna
keep your body straight. Completely straight aligned
with your arm and your delt. Don’t have your delt’s in front. Don’t be too far back. Try to stay as straight as possible. Here we go. So we have the core engaged. Now let’s go for it. (intense music) Guys, when you’re doing these exercises, don’t try to just rush through them. Like I said before, you wanna make sure that you’re actually engaging while you’re doing these exercises. Make sure you’re actually
contracting you abdominals. And make sure that you’re
going a full range of motion. Doing this as fast as possible, it’s not gonna get you anywhere. You have to feel the movements. You have to engage these reps. So the next move we have is L-sit kicks. We’re gonna go for 12, engage, control. (intense music) If you guys couldn’t
do all 12 right there, just don’t give up. Keep going. If you have to drop down,
go back up and keep going. All right we’re at the
last exercise right now. We have an L-sit hold for 20 seconds. This is the last exercise. So I want you guys to
really make this one count. Squeeze. Pre-engage your abs. Hold, controlled. Do not try to swing. If you feel like your legs are giving out, just go into a tucked L-sit. All right. But I want you guys to try to hold that for as long as you can. Here we go. (intense music) So there you have it guys. That’s the first round. You wanna be able to do this routine four times in total to
complete the workout. But thank you guys so
much for following along. If this workout or any of
the tips helped you at all, definitely leave a like, comment
and share it with someone that may find this video helpful. And if you guys want
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next Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Love you guys. Peace out. (intense music)

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    Boat hold 45 sec
    Russian twist 45 sec
    High knee taps 45 sec
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