Why You Need a Teeter Massage Roller Ball

Hi I’m Riley Teeter and I’m gonna share
with you today one of our newer products this is called the Teeter Massage
Roller Ball and as you can see it is a soft like silicone rubber base here so
that it gives a good grip. It has little hand holds and it has a 360 degree
rotational ball. It comes in a couple of different colors. I’m showing blue but we
also have orange and green. Now what this is, this is something that you can use
on your own great for carpal tunnel, it gives you a
little massage here if if you’re feeling like upping the ante you can use this
with our Teeter Massage Cream which has Arctica and all sorts of other great
things to help relieve muscle tension and alleviate inflammation. It works great
on the neck, it’s a great little travel tool if you ever have to go on trips and
you get tight and tense on the plane take this with you. It also works great
between partners so you can rub this on somebody else’s back but the the motion
of the wheel make sure that you’re getting a nice smooth massage and it’s
helping to move the lymphatic flow release muscle tension of course like
other rollers that you see whether it’s a foam roller which we also sell or the
banded roller the bar roller that’s part of the T3, all of these are designed to
do myofascial release and this is another format of doing this but of
course in a much more compact format that allows you to target specific
trigger points with constant pressure so a great tool for you to use on your own
also a great gift. Enjoy!

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