Will Planet Fitness Kick Me Out

picture take pictures or record and
we’re going to kick you out and I did gym options around here very slim remember when these apartments first got
built me I was like oh my god that’d be so cool to live right there and now like
no one’s to work for you just know this is the attire is this we’re changing
fire sauce really you know at the bank single the money hey guys a long time no
see kinda sorta in a way right now Greg and I are out it’s Saturday and we went
and did a little bit of shopping we went to CBS picked up a few things
wet dry brush and some snacks so we did that Greg’s getting ready to buy a
trailer because we want to use it when we go get the fence for the yard plus
we’re looking at maybe buying some things from auction sites so we’ll see
how that goes I am getting ready to open up my real
estate book and do a little bit of studying so I can be prepared and take
my exam so that I can become a realtor yeah go dawn Boop I’m excited so that’s
gonna be a cool adventure that’s something I’m gonna take you guys along
for the ride and we’ll see how that plays out so let’s just kind of see
where this day takes us so now apparently we are the new owners
of a trailer so go us so all this for some metal that we’re trying to take
home we had this deal this piece of fence and we’re using this dollar store
a rope that I hope holds everything because we’ll say good morning so it’s
Tuesday and I’m getting ready to get dressed and get out of the house goes to
the gym and then I’m gonna come home and Greg and Eric and have breakfast we’re
going to have scrambled eggs and ghost pepper cheese and sausage for breakfast
let’s go all right let me show you all how I have to start up my Jeep so get my
Jeep key put it in hey Betty we have to go home now okay let’s go ahead and
start up yes hey guys I’m back from the gym I had a
really good workout and I’m getting ready to eat breakfast and my battery’s
going dead so I’m not being rude I’m just like in the need of a new battery
quickly okay so now I have a new battery and I can talk so anyway I got my
workout in I did legs and a little bit of cardio this morning and I tried to
record what I could but I’m very funny about taking pictures or video implants
fitness because then I’m afraid they’re gonna say you can’t picture take
pictures or record and we’re gonna kick you out and I did gym options around
here very slim to none and then I did actually contact Planet Fitness and I
asked them I said it doesn’t make any sense you have a app that says take a
picture of the cardio machines and you’re done so it’ll record your
workouts but that means that you have to take your phone out and take a picture
and technically that’s against your rules and they gave me like a very
generic like answer which really doesn’t tell you anything it’s kind of like well
if we decide that we just won’t get rid of you we’re gonna use that excuse it’s
like the Verizon Wireless mentality I don’t get it or whatever so anyway I’m
gonna get ready to eat and then I gotta get ready for work and go get my dog
stay put stay started Ready Set hey guys it’s the end of the night and my legs
are sore on my leg sore dinner yep stop trying to take advantage with me and
stop it anyway my legs are sore why are my legs
for frightening a girl I worked out today
you guys like there good workout now I’m working on editing
it today’s video today’s vlog from Saturday and today I have video from
both days so kind of skipped two days and then stay them going to study my
real estate exam because you know I want to sell real estate this is that
exciting babe isn’t it exciting yes half-naked girl tonight what do you
see how to make a girl for you have me do you want to see me on TV I can be on
YouTube honey are you excited yeah then I’m
gonna be selling real estate tomorrow I give up why does my husband not listen
to me he doesn’t care doesn’t understand how difficult it is am I the only woman
in your life that you ever want to see for the rest of your life
what the heck let me kiss

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